Essay assessment criteria

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Essay assessment criteria

Student’s name Personal identity number

Title of essay

Course/Course module

Grade Date grade was given


Criteria stating the requirements for a pass at all levels

The criteria below must be at least ”Satisfactorily fulfilled” in order for the essay to be given a pass. If one of these criteria is not satisfactorily fulfilled, the essay will not be passed and the student must do further work on it.

Not satisfactorily fulfilled

Satisfactorily fulfilled

Very well fulfilled


The aim is clearly formulated, has a strong scientific grounding, has been fulfilled, and is reflected in the structure and content of the essay.


The problem/issue addressed is distinct, clearly formulated, and of scientific relevance.


The aim, issues, analysis, results and conclusions are coherently interlinked.


The disposition of the essay is adequate.


The methods employed are relevant, clearly described and consistently used.


The essay shows the student’s ability to analyse, reflect over and present well-founded conclusions.


The results are presented and discussed clearly.


The theoretical framework is relevant, clearly described and used in the analysis.1


The essay is clearly related to relevant scientific literature.


Relevant scientific literature is well described.


The language is correct and concise.


The essay is precise and accurate and the formalities of documentation are applied consistently and in accordance with accepted norms.


The student’s opposition of another essay was well performed.


The student’s defence of his/her own essay was well performed.

For Archaeology, History, History of Science and Ideas, and Religious Studies and Theology:


The essay is based on relevant empirical material.


The author adopts a critical position with respect to his/her source material, e.g. concerning reliability, intention, representativeness, selection and relevance.

Bachelor level – additional criterion for a pass


The essay demonstrates the student’s knowledge of different applicable methods.

Master level – additional criteria for a pass


The essay demonstrates the student’s knowledge of different applicable methods.


The essay demonstrates that the student has in-depth knowledge of the methods used in his/her main field.


An essay written in Swedish has an English abstract which clearly summarizes the main content of the essay. An essay written in a language other than Swedish has a Swedish abstract (this requirement may be waived if the writer does not know Swedish).

Criteria for a pass with distinction

In order to gain a pass with distinction, all the criteria for a pass must be at least satisfactorily fulfilled.

In addition, for a pass with distinction, criteria 1-7 above must be very well fulfilled.

Criterion 13 (that the opposition of another essay was well performed) is of high significance when assessing whether the essay merits a pass with distinction.

The general rule is that the more criteria that are very well fulfilled, the stronger the reasons are to give the essay a pass with distinction.

Comments, if any:

1 Not necessary at level B

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