Eschatology: What the Bible Says About the Future Singapore Bible College

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Eschatology: What the Bible Says About the Future

Singapore Bible College

Rick Griffith, ThM, PhD

Eighteenth Edition

© July 2015
1st-39th printings (980 sets; 1st-17th eds., Mar 92-Jan 14)

1st-33rd printings (840 sets; 1st-17th eds., Mar 92-Feb 08)

1st-12th printings (520 sets; 1st-3d ed., Mar 92-Sept 95)

13th-20th printings (140 sets; 4th-10th eds., Feb 97-Oct 00)

21st printing (30 sets; 11th ed., Feb 01)

22nd printing (10 sets; Oct 01)

23rd printing (30 sets; 12th ed. Feb 02)

24th printing (20 sets; March 02)

25th printing (10 sets; Apr 02)

26th printing (30 sets; Aug 02)

27th printing (20 sets; 13th ed. March 03)

28th printing (30 sets; Nov 03)

29th printing (20 sets; 14th ed. Mar 05)

30th printing (30 sets; 15th ed. Mar 06)

31st printing (10 sets; Apr 06)

32nd printing (20 sets; 16th ed. Mar 07)

33rd printing (10 sets; Feb 08)

34th printing (40 sets; 17th ed. Feb 09)

35th printing (10 sets; Jan 11)

36th printing (10 sets; Jan 12)

37th printing (10 sets; Jan 13)

38th printing (60 sets; Nov 13) short edition with 78 pages for Chen Li Presb seminar

39th printing (10 sets; Jan 14)

40th printing (20 sets; 18th ed.; July 15)

“She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads”

(Rev. 12:2-3)
Table of Contents

Syllabus 9

My Biographical Sketch 23

Introduction 11

Individual Eschatology 12

Physical Death 12

The Intermediate State 13

The ëSpirits in Prisoní of 1 Peter 3:18-20 16

Summary: Where Did/Do the Deceased Go? 16

The Transfer of Paradise 16

Covenants 19

Introduction 19

Theological Covenants 19

Covenant Conditions 19

Biblical Covenants 20

Abrahamic Covenant 20

Land Covenant 22

Davidic Covenant 23

New Covenant 24

Views on the New Covenant 27

Contrasting the Abrahamic & Mosaic Covenants 25

Covenant Contrasts in Galatians 4:21-31 25

Signs 25

Kingdom & Covenants Timeline 25

Prophecy Percentages of Each Biblical Book 25

General Eschatology 26

Introduction 26

Contrasting Millennial Views 28

Dispensationalism 29

The Second Coming 32

Introduction 32

Areas of Agreement 32

Signs of the Second Coming 32

Are Any Prophecies Being Fulfilled in Our Day? 35

Chinaís Mid-East Role 35

The Common Market 40

A Brief Chronology of Israel 42

The Location of the Jerusalem Temple 43

Fact of the Rapture 55

Time of the Rapture: Five Tribulational Views 55

Pretribulationalism 58

Fifty Arguments for Pretribulationalism 64

Chart of Christís Comings 68

Opposition to the Pre-Trib Rapture 50

Midtribulationalism 66

The Partial Rapture View 68

Posttribulationalism 69

Pre-Wrath Rapture 73

Contrasting the Rapture Views 77

Other Events at the Rapture 78

The Reception of Resurrected Bodies 78

The Judgment Seat of Christ 78

The Marriage and Wedding Feast of the Lamb (Rev. 19:7-9) 81

Marriage and the Church Timeline 78

Jewish Wedding Customs 78

Revelation 19:1-21óA Time to Rejoice (Tanner) 78

Practical Implications of the Rapture 78

The Antichrist 79

Summary of the Activity of the Future Fuhrer 79

The Length of the Tribulation and Antichristís Rule (Dan. 9:24-27) 80

Danielís Seventy Weeks (Ludwigson) 86

Danielís Seventy Weeks (Hoehner and Pentecost) 87

Danielís Seventy Weeks (Larkin) 88

Daniel and Revelation Compared 86

Summary of Views on Daniel 9:24-27 86

Evaluating Views on Daniel 9:24-27 86

Danielís Seventieth Week 86

Times of the Gentiles 86

The Purposes & Names of the Tribulation 86

The Tribulation in the Book of Revelation 86

of 86

Survey of the Book of Revelation 87

Chronology of Revelation 103

The Letters to the Seven Churches 100

Chronology of the Seventieth Week 101

Judgments of the Seventieth Week 102

Theories of Literary Structures of Revelation 103

Content and Correlation of the Judgments of Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls 104

Outline of End-Time Events Predicted in the Bible 105

Views 106

Chronological Order of Tribulation (Hoehner) 107

The Tribulation in Ezekiel, Matthew, and Zechariah 108

Ezekiel 36ñ39 108

Matthew 24ñ25 110

Is the Church in View in Matthew 24ñ25? 109

Zechariah 12ñ14 110

What is the Babylon of Revelation 17ñ18? 110

Premillennial Catholicism? 111

The Day of the LORD 112

The Six Thousand Year Theory 111

The Eschatological Significance of the Sabbath 116

The Kingdom 117

Biblical Usage 117

Theological Usage 120

The Kingdom Diagrammed 122

The Kingdom in Isaiah 119

Kingdom Timelines 119

Stages of the Kingdom of God 119

The Parables Of Matthew 13 119

The Millennium 120

Introduction 120

Definitions 120

Major Questions Addressed in the Millennial Views 120

Basic Comparisons Between the Millennial Views 120

Chart of Millennial Advocates by Century 122

Dispensational Features in the Patristic Period 121

A History of Millennialism Through the Centuries 121

Premillennialism 123

Covenant and Dispensational Theology Contrasted 133

We Believe in Dispensationalism (DTS) 130

Israel & the Church: Continuity & Discontinuity 131

Gentile Engrafting 131

Israel & the Church in Romans 9ñ11 131

More Contrasts Between Israel and the Church 132

Responses to Dispensational Problem Passages 132

Three Stages of Dispensationalism 132

Ezekielís Temple/Topography & Sacrifices 133

Key OT Passages about the Land a

Who is the Prince in Ezekiel 40-48? b

Ezekielís Prophecies of Restoration 142

Ezekielís Millennial Temple 143

Solomonís & Ezekielís Temples Contrasted 144

Mosaic vs. Millennial Furniture 144

End-Time Battles 145

End-Time Geography 146

The Division of the Land During the Millennium 147

ëThe Rule of Christí Video 148

A Theological Suvey of Asia 149

Postmillennialism 150

Book Review of House Divided 155

Amillennialism 157

Amillennial Chart of Revelation 158

Recapitulation Evaluated 158

Views on Revelation 20:1-6 159

Resurrections & Judgments 161

Chart of Resurrections and Judgments 161

Questions on Resurrections and Judgments 163

The Eternal States 164

What Do You Think of Heaven and Hell? 164

Hell 165

Recent Attacks on the Biblical Doctrine of Hell 165

Annihilationism 167

Purgatory 170

Five Major Views on Hell 172

Biblical Answers to Questions on Hell 176

Traditional 174

Heaven 174

Traditional 174

Terminology 175

New Heavens & New Earth 175

The Consummation of All Things 175

Contrasting Isaiahís and Johnís ëNew Heaven(s) and New Earthí 181

The New Jerusalem 182

Figurative View 182

Literal View 185

Will There Be Degrees of Reward in Heaven? 190

How Will Our Bodies Be Different Than They Are Now? 192

What Will We Do in Heaven? 192

The Size of the New Jerusalem 195

Differences Between the Millennium and Heaven 196

Books About Heaven 198

Supplementary Materials 200

Ancient Map of Israel 200

The Development of Modern Israel 201

British Mandate and Jewish Populations in Europe 202

Arab Independence After WWI 195

Jewish Returns After 1948 195

Maps of Israel (1947, 1949) 196

The History of Jerusalem a

Important Dates in the Modern History of Israel 197

A History of Modern Israel 199

Comparing Luke 19:37 and Zechariah 14:4 211

The Jewish Calendar 212

Eschatology of Israelís Feasts (Leviticus 23) 213

Eschatological Hope and Suffering 215

Comparative Eschatologies 216

Christian versus Hindu Eschatology 216

Christian versus Buddhist Eschatology 217

Christian versus Muslim Eschatology 219

A Muslim View of Christís Second Coming 222

Text of the Palestinian National Covenant 224

Christian versus Jewish Eschatology 228

An Israeli View of the PLO 228

The Uniqueness of Israel 231

If I Forget Thee: Does Jerusalem Really Matter to Islam? 232

Midterm Study Guide 237

Final Exam Study Guide 239

Old Syllabus (see separate file)
I. Course Description
A. CCTE: What does the future hold? Do current events in the Mid-East, EU, China, and Russia relate to biblical prophecy? What happens to people after death? When will Jesus return in relation to the Tribulation? What are heaven and hell like? Answers to these questions about eschatology (study of the future) and how they affect you now will be explored in this two-part course that uses a nearly 400-page book of class notes ($20).
B. Day School: This course covers the biblical doctrine of the return of Christ and the events associated with it. It is divided into two main parts: individual eschatology, dealing with subjects such as the nature of death, the immortality of the soul, and the intermediate state, and general eschatology, including subjects such as the second coming and events preceding it, the resurrection of the dead, and the final judgment. The course will also include a survey of the various millennial views.
This course will follow a blended learning approach with two means of instruction: (1) face-to-face classroom learning via the instructor supplemented by outside reading, as well as (2) web-based individual learning via two websites:

  1. All course PowerPoint and notes can be downloaded free at the Theology course link at

  2. Online quizzes are at If this SBC moodle site says cookies are not enabled, then enable your cookies under “Options.” If it still does not work, try

To get into the SBC website, log on with your normal SBC username and password (or the password sent to you by SBC IT), and then click on the CCTE course name. Read announcements that I have posted, and then take your quiz for that week. For tech issues (e.g., getting online), contact Joshua Tew in the IT department at (ext. 1509 or HP 91376504). He notes, “Based on recent experience, turning off Norton anti-virus is not effective. Somehow Norton still has some residual effect after it has been turned off. You will need to turn off ‘automatic start up of Norton Antivirus during System Startup’ through the Norton Antivirus Options window. After doing that, restart your computer and you should be able to access the quiz after that. You may want to consider Avast antivirus which is free for home use as we have had much better experience with it than Norton.”

II. Course Objectives
By the end of this part of the course the student will be able to…
A. Defend the biblical view of personal eschatology (death, intermediate state, existence of hell, judgments, etc.).
B. Compare and contrast the Church and Israel.
C. Show familiarity with the various eschatological viewpoints concerning the millennium (pre-, a-, and postmillennial) and the rapture (pre-, mid-, and posttribulational), while at the same time holding one of these views (at least temporarily!).
D. Articulate the biblical covenants and their relationship to eschatology.
E. Feel acquainted with eschatology to be able to confidently preach and teach on the subject.
F. See the relevance of eschatology to personal holiness, world mission, contemporary events, and Asian culture and religions.
III. Course Grading
A. Readings (50%) of the next week’s class notes are assigned for each session. On each online quiz, you will report if you did your reading since the last quiz. This includes the reading for the day of the quiz. Students taking this course for credit must buy the class notes or else download them in pdf format at
B. Quizzes (50%) must be taken by midnight the night before the class period for which they are assigned. Half of the quiz grade will ask if you completed the readings since the last quiz (50 points per quiz) and half will generally comprise five questions (10 points each or 50 points total). There are no makeup quizzes. I will put the quizzes on the Moodle site (see page 1) one week before they are due. Each quiz can be taken throughout the week prior to the due date but will expire at midnight the night before class. You should take this quiz by yourself (closed book, closed Bible, closed notes, opened mind). Also, do not wait until just before the quiz closes, as the server cannot handle everyone taking it at the same time. Further, when taking the quizzes, do not let the timer go all the way down to zero. This will delete all of your answers! Instead, click the “submit my answers” button before the time limit so that your answers will be recorded on the database. Finally, do not discuss the quiz with other students as they may not have taken it yet.
C. There will be no midterm exam, no final exam, and no papers. Praise the Lord!
D. Students who hate to take quizzes and/or memorize readings but can translate into another language can substitute translating 50-70 PPT slides for the online quizzes. After getting approval from Dr. Rick on which file to translate, download your English file from the course link for PPT and notes at After the course I will upload the newly translated presentations for all to use. You will be graded based on the PowerPoint Translation Grade Sheet (p. 8) or TBB Script Translation Grade Sheet (p. 9). The files to translate come from either of two sources:
1. Translate 1-2 PPT presentations of the course teaching into your native tongue. After I edit your work, I will upload it at under its language tab for others in your language group to download. This site has teaching in 40 languages—including all the PPT for this and my other courses. Another option is to adapt the course PPT for a certain age group (e.g., primary 3-4 or youth), including a brief syllabus of how this could be taught.
2. Translate one “The Bible…Basically” presentation or script. This 10-hour seminar by Dr. John Fryman brings listeners through the entire Bible six times in 945 PPT slides. We need help in Arabic, Bisaya, Burmese, Chiru, Dutch, French, Hindi, Japanese, Kachin, Khmer, Kiswahili, Malayalam, Mao, Mizo, Nepali, Sinhala, Tagalog, Tamil, Tangkhul, Tenyidie, Thai, Vaiphei, and Vietnamese. Presentations already translated are also at Download the previous presentations before yours under your language group to make sure you are translating concepts consistently. New languages are welcome.

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