English II honors Period 7 Daily Agenda

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English II Honors Period 7 Daily Agenda

-Name games, attendance, summer reading, student survey, class expectations


-summer reading, syllabus, current event podcast, compare/contrast translations, writing prompts, faculty website, Oedipus PowerPoint, begin reading, hw: Read 1-19 and take notes.


-discussion and notes over reading assignment (what kind of ruler is Oedipus, Senator, family tree diagram)


Finish discussion over reading (Tiresias), read a loud, notes on Oedipus/Creon/Tiresias. Soliloquy/Monologue assignment.


Collect vocab HW, any questions over reading?

Hw: finish Oedipus and take notes (light/lightness, truth, dark/darkness), listen to linguistics podcast: what is your relationship with language?

9/16 – Discussion: What is Your Relationship with Language? Questions over the end of Oedipus, veggie movie, finish Oedipus slideshow

9/17 – Continue language discussion and how it relates to vocab words. Vocab quiz on Wednesday, Oedipus Complex notes
9/21 - Notes and discussion over hubris, characters, chronology. Re-visit Soliloquy Assignment (due Monday). Oedipus test review: test on Thursday! NWEA’s!!! Vocab test on Wednesday.

Substitute 9/23 – Vocab Test/Soliloquy assignment work time

9/24 – Oedipus short answer test / NWEA talk

HOMECOMING! – Have fun, be safe

9/28 – NWEA Testing

9/30 – Essay rubric given out (choice of Antigone or Oedipus), Antigone books given out- hw: read 1-10, NWEA discussion and ideas for incentives

10/1 – Soliloquy due/discussion of Antigone/HW: Finish Antigone – be ready for quiz. Work day for essay on Monday

Looking Ahead:

10/5 – Antigone quiz/Essay work day/ Room 203 (Computer Lab)

10/7 – Citation clarification, Parent teacher conference sign up!

10/8 - Rough drafts due of Oedipus or Antigone Essay (final drafts due Oct. 14th) Room 203 Computer Lab

10/14 – PSAT testing (don’t forget about your Oedipus/Antigone Essay!)

10/15 – Essays due! Lesson 2 in vocabulary book assigned for homework. Class discussion on next unit.

10/19 – Vocabulary homework collected. Library trip to find independent reading books…to be in class by Thursday.

10/21 – Clarification on Independent book reading…

10/22 - Discussion for independent book assessment and group work.

10/26 – Packets distributed, lit. circles explained and launched!

10/28 – Literature Circles

10/29 – Literature Circles

11/2 - Literature Circles

11/4 – Library classroom for slideshow research

11/5 – Vocab quiz, Library classroom for slideshow research, final projects due the 12th!

11/9 – Workday for slideshow presentations

11/12 – Workday for slideshow presentations

11/16 – last day for presentations – due Wed!!!

11/18 – Presentations

11/19 – PEP grant survey, presentations

12/2 – Finish presentations tomorrow. Media discussion on World AIDS Day campaign posters.

12/3 – Finish presentations! Pass back papers

12/7 – Finish presentations…feedback on literature circles, discussion on next book – begin! Reflection on first two quarters…

12/10 – Pass back papers and grade reports, final presentation

12/14 – Bridges presentation (guidance)

12/16 – Slideshow grades returned with comments, discussion on Drown, Garcia Girls option…

Looking Ahead:

Monday: library classroom for guidance presentation

Peruse Siddhartha, They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky, Drown

Article in NYtimes

Media: tobacco ads – writing prompt

Reflection on first two quarters

Semester 2 – comp books

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