Egm 180 Take Home Quiz 5: Due Wednesday March 30th

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EGM 180 Take Home Quiz 5: Due Wednesday March 30th

In this assignment, you are asked to help your future profession. Start by viewing the National Academy of Engineering website. As described, our nation may be experiencing a shortage of engineers in the future and the Academy would like to increase participation in Engineering by helping the public to better understand what we do. In this essay, you are invited to help “get the message out.” Look at the messages suggested on the Academy’s website or create your own slogan and write an essay supporting that slogan (i.e., message). For example, if you choose the message (i.e., slogan), “Engineers make a world of difference,” your essay should support that claim.

The focus of this essay is not on “correctness.” Your grade will be based on how well you state and support your message. If you use the material provided on the Academy’s website, be certain to properly paraphrase (or quote), and reference that material; do not plagiarize.
Your essay must exhibit appropriate structure. It should have an introduction and a conclusion, and the introduction should include a thesis statement. In this essay, your slogan will be the basis of your thesis statement.
The building blocks of your essay are paragraphs. A paragraph represents a distinct step within an argument. There's no rule that a topic sentences must come at the beginning of each paragraph, but that's what readers are used to, and that's what they find easiest to follow. In a good essay, each paragraph should have some logical connection to the one before it.
Careful proofreading and revision are crucial parts of the process of completing any essay.

Download 4.28 Kb.

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