Describe one of your family members you spend the most time with

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11-1-20, IELTS-Essay-Masterclass-Feedback

  1. Describe a place full of color

  • Well, first of all, I live in Ahmedabad, which is one of the largest cities in Gujarat that is famous for its tourist attractions and also various kind of food.

  • Right now I would surely talk about a colorful place that I have been visiting every year and it is the Sabarmati riverfront, where is being held the flower show every year.

  • The flower show organized by Ahmedabad corporation and Gujarat tourism every year at Sabarmati riverfront. This event actually happens worldwide. The Ahmedabad flower show becomes in a week during Uttrayan in January. Uttrayan is a famous Indian festival.

  • Last year, I visited that place with my closet friends. We went there by bus. After getting there, we enjoyed a lot of fun. We saw colorful and various types of flowers; created sculptures by flowers, pots, plantation. There are small events for children, food zone, book stall related to plantation and religious and much more are attractions. At night, we watched light show along with blooming flowers. That was too attractive for tourists. Then, we returned to home after enjoying dinner. This year, I must visit that place because this time sculptures are going to be based on the military.

  1. Describe an experience when you were with people

and get bored

  • Well, I am a very outgoing and friendly person who likes to meet people and start a conversation in a group of strangers. Usually, I am the first one to initiate chat in a party, functions at colleges, family gatherings and festivals.

  • But, I vividly remember a time when I was with a lot of people and I got bored. I went to an opening ceremony with my cousin to his friend’s mobile shop. At that time, I was feeling lonely and my cousin asked me to accompany him so I thought that I should go with him. We went there around 8 am. As soon as we reached, I noticed that I could not see any person at the ceremony. I could only see his friend’s father when we asked him the reason why no one has come yet then he told us that the time of opening ceremony is 9 o’clock. So that time I felt a little bored. I kept myself engaged by using my phone and listening music, but it was still boring for me. By the time, the ceremony started at 9 am and everyone gathered at the front. My cousin joined his friend and I felt that I should leave out again as I was far behind the crowd. When the ceremony and lunch were over, I was feeling tired. Those few hours seemed to be the longest period of time for me.

  • That was the time when I got bored for almost 2 hours despite being with a lot of people.

  1. Describe a product made in the region you come from

Or a popular product from your hometown

  • Different places are famous for different products. I belong to Patan which was known as a capital of Gujarat in medieval times. My hometown is famous for various industrial products like cotton fabric, bandhni saree, handicrafts, traditional ghagra-choli as well as traditional Gujarati snacks.

  • Here, I would like to talk about a product because of which patan is famous in all over the world, that is double ikat patola saree of patan. It usually made from silk. The word patola is the plural form; the singular is patolu. They are very expensive, once worn only by those who belonging to royal families and who can afford the high prices. There are only three families in patan that texture these highly priced double ikat sarees. It is said that this technique is taught to no one in the family, but only to the sons. It can take from six months to one year to make one saree due to the long process of dying each separately before weaving them together. It is also highly valued in Indonesia and became part of the local weaving tradition there. The starting price of the product is 7000 to 7500 and range up to 1,15,000.

  • So, this is the product for which my hometown is famous.

  1. Talk about a celebration organized after an

achievement or describe a situation when you

celebrated your achievement

  • Well, I have always been interested to attend parties and celebrate every moment of my life because I think that god gives us only single life and I want to live victory and fulfill any dream I like to celebrate.

  • Here, I am going to talk about a time when I celebrated one of my grand victories. Actually, I am a sports person and also I played in football team. Literally, 4 years ago when I was in 9th standard I joined this team for the very first time and I didn’t get chance in playing eleven. But our team played well in district level and reached the finals. But, in final match, our one player was suffering from leg injury. So instead of that person I got opportunity to play in the team. I did really well in that match and with the blessings of god, I won the man of the match award. For the celebration of this achievement, my friends organized a grand party at my home as a surprise for me. When I went back my home I saw all my friends there and my home was fully decorated and a cake placed on the table. After cutting cake, we went to the restaurant and all of us ate very tasty dishes. Moreover, I had finally made my parents proud and this gave me a sense of satisfaction.

  • That surprise celebration for my own achievement was the happiest moment of my life and also unforgettable.

  1. Describe an advice you received on your subjects or


  • Well, giving and taking advice is quite common in India. I also received free advice from my kith and kin. I personally believe that this is a way to show our love and care towards our near and dear ones.

  • Today, I am going to share an advice which I received from my cousin Abhishek. Actually, after my schooling I was confused about which field should I choose for my further studies, as I didn’t want to do any course like engineering or BSC. At that time, I wanted an opinion which would help me to get a bright future. By the way, I was interested in painting. So, he asked me, why are you looking so lost and depressed? Then, I told my dilemma and asked for his advice. He suggested me to pursue a course in painting as he knew my interest in that field. He also suggested some good institutes for this course and he explained me about the job opportunities. He also told me that spray painting is quite popular these days and there will be huge demand in future for people.

  • Lastly, I would say this was the advice that my cousin gave me on a critical decision of my life.

  1. Describe a time when you first met someone

  • Well, in life we meet many people whom we really like and love to meet again very soon. I consider myself really lucky because I have met many people with whom I enjoyed meeting and the time spent with them became memorable.

  • Here, I would like to talk about Mr. Abhishek patel. I met him first time in my cousin’s birthday party at his home. There my cousin introduced me to his manager Mr. Abhishek.

  • He was very well dressed and looked handsome. I was surprised to see that he became a manager in a bank at such an early age. As he started interacting I could notice that he had great communication skills. Moreover, he was very humorous. He was very polite to me and we got along quite easily. We talked on many topics like finance, politics, and many more. Though he was from banking industry but he had plethora of knowledge on almost every topic. He even gave me few tips on how to save and invest money. Mr. Abhishek was almost of my age but I could feel that he was superior to me in many ways. I loved meeting with him and he left a lasting impression on me. I liked everything about him. Our interaction was so friendly and it did not like we were meeting for the first time. I am really looking forward to meet him pretty soon.

  1. Describe a special day that made you happy

  • Happiest and sad moments both are part of our life. We often notice our happy moments.

  • So, here I would like to talk about a day in my life which was one of the most remarkable happy moments of my life. About four years ago, I have cleared my graduation with 86% marks in the science stream. On that day, my father knew about that from one of my friends. When he got news by my friend, he was In Seventh Heaven. Finally, when I came back to my home, they gave me a box tied with a ribbon and asked me to open it. After opened that box, I was astonished because that was a mobile phone. By the way, it was an I phone XR. I had always wanted that and now I was holding it in my hands. I am just over the moon. I hugged my parents and thanked them. It was indeed a dream comes true for me. I can never forget that day.

  • Now, I have achieved many things in my life, but that day will always be the happiest day of my life.

  1. Describe a picture or photograph in your home

  • Well, I have always been interested in clicking photographs because it excites me a lot and I’m always up for it. At the same time, I love to frame my photos as it keeps our memories fresh. However, in the past few years, the trend of clicking photos has changed significantly because people usually save photographs in their mobile phone or laptop.

  • Here, I’m going to describe about my favorite picture in my home. This picture is related to my school time. I vividly remember, about one year ago, It was the last day of my school life because I was about to enter to college after that. At that day, we clicked various pictures with each other but our teacher suggested us to click a group photo of all the students and teachers. We stood up together by the beautiful nature background and clicked a group photo. After few days, we got framed photo of our group. This picture is hanging on the wall of my study room and whenever I see this photo it recalls my school days and gives a great satisfaction to my soul, I think my school time period was the best part of my life.

  • Lastly, I would say this is my favorite photograph in my home and remains always close to my heart.

  1. Talk about a gift for which you spent long time to


  • Well, giving gifts on important event is very common custom all over the globe and people in my culture also give gifts at special moments of one’s life to better express their feelings and emotions towards others.

  • Here, I would like to talk about the time when I was really confused and it took me a lot of time to buy a gift for my sister. The fact is that few days ago, it was my sister’s birthday and I wanted to gift her I phone XR. Actually, she was always begging for I phone with my father and I wanted to fulfill her wish. But I was not having enough money to buy I phone for my sister. However, I was in dilemma whether to buy this or not. Luckily, when I was in the market and still checking different stores. At that time, o received a call from my best friend he told that there is a massive discount on flip kart on mobile phones because he was well aware that I was looking for a mobile phone for my sister. Immediately, without wasting time, I checked the flip kart app online and I was amazed that I got I phone XR on installment. I was extremely happy that I was finally able to buy something that I really wanted for my sister. Overall, it was a time when I was really confused while buying a gift for someone.

  1. Describe an experience when you played an indoor

game with others

  1. Describe a time when you were sleepy but had to stay


  • Well, a healthy sleep of around 6 to 8 hours every night is very important to stay alive and kicking the next morning. However, there have been many times when I had stayed awake at night.

  • Today, I would take this opportunity to talk about the time when I did have to stay awake. I vividly remember that day, it was my chemistry exam and chemistry is definitely a very difficult and boring subject for me and many students. Unfortunately, two days before my exam, it was my uncle’s marriage. I made the preparations the exam in advance. I went to attend the wedding party with my parents. We went there around 8:00 pm in the evening and came back after midnight. After coming back home, I was extremely exhausted and I wanted to sleep. But, I thought that I ought to revise this subject one more time because I couldn’t remember for a long time whatever I study. At that time, I must say that I was not comfortable for the study. Because of the fatigue, I was feeling sleepy and I was not able to concentrate at all although I had to study whole subject one more time. And finally around 4 in the morning I had gone to sleep. I could merely sleep for 3 to 4 hours.

  • So, this was the time when I was very sleepy and I had to stay awake.

  1. Describe a practical skill you learned

  • Well, I have always been interested in learning new skill because it excites me a lot and I’m always up for it. Learning new skill is not easy but it requires patience, persistence and hard work.

  • Today, I would like to talk about a practical skill which I learn by myself. Typing on a keyboard without looking at that is a unique skill. After completing my 12th grade, I learnt it during my vacation time. I have learnt that skill from typing master software. I learnt that skill at my home by using my personal computer. The reason why I learnt is that it helps me to work comfortably on the computer, in communication with colleagues, creating document and finding new information. As I’m a student and I want to do bachelors in computer science therefore it will also assist for my future. It saves my time during homework and sessions, and allows students to focus more energetically on learning students. Today, undoubtedly, I am a professional typist who types a lot faster on average between 65-75 words per minute. Moreover, It strengthens the hand and fingers which helps with fine motor skills. When I became proficient in this skill, at that time I felt on seventh heaven.

  • Overall, it is one of the skills that I learnt during my leisure time.

  1. Describe a new skill you want to learnt

  • Well, I have always been interested in learning new skill because it excites me a lot and I’m always up for it. Learning new skill is not easy but it requires patience, persistence and hard work. I want to learn many things, such as driving, swimming, typing, cooking and many more.

  • Today, I would like to talk about a new skill that I want to learn. Typing on a keyboard without looking at that is a unique skill. Honestly speaking, I’m very fond of typing and I frequently do typing on my computer. I would like to learn this skill through typing master software. It also provides free demo session for seven days. The reason why I want to learn typing is that it helps me to work comfortably on the computer, it aids in communication with colleagues, creating document and finding new information. As I’m a student and I want to do bachelors in computer science therefore it will also assist for my future. It saves my time during homework and sessions, and allows students to focus more energetically on learning students. Today’s generation usually has an average typing speed of 35-45 WPM. But, I desire to become a professional typist who types a lot faster on average between 65-75 WPM. Undoubtedly, it helps a child’s intellectual development and it strengthens the hand and fingers which helps with fine motor skills.

  • So, this is the new skill that I would like to learn.

  1. Talk about someone who encourages you to achieve goals or someone who encouraged you to achieve a goal

  • Well, I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love mw and always encourage me. There are so many people who have always stood by my side in hour of need.

  • Today, I would take this opportunity to talk about my close friend Abhishek Patel. I know Abhishek since my childhood. We both had studied together. Luckily, we both had worked for the same organization. Looking at his personality, he is a tall and handsome young boy. A perfect mixture of humor and intelligence combined together in the right proportion. However, the quality I admire him the most is his persistence and positive attitude. There are many occasions when I feel low and worried because of the ups and downs in my career. At such moments he always lifts my spirits up by his positive words. He ensures to call me regularly and makes me realize my potential and all the good things that I can achieve in my life. Now he is settled abroad and there is a huge gap in our time zones though still we keeps in regular touch and discuss everything. Moreover, he has shared a very useful mantra with me to stay away from negative habits and suggests me to watch motivational speech on you tube. Having a friend like him makes life so much better and blissful (enjoyable).

  1. Describe a time when you were cheated/ when

someone lied to you/ someone did not you the

complete truth

  • There have been many occasions on which some people lied to me and some people did not tell me the complete truth. They did this to obtain some sort of benefit.

  • Here, I want to narrate an incident when someone cheated me and then apologized when he realized his mistake. I vividly remember that during my 12th standard, I was studying and one of my classmates, Abhi who was another part of Gujarat and was living in Ahmedabad for his studies, visited me that evening and told me that his father was suffered from cancer and his family did not have enough money for her father’s operation. As I know he belonged to the poor background, I had no money apart from my pocket money, which I gave him and moreover, asked for some money from my father. Then I went with him to a couple of friends and collected money so that he could go to his town and help his father. But once he left, one of his friends told me the real story. He said that Abhi was a fraud and always borrowed or took money from others and spent on luxuries. After this, I complained to a professor and told him about the incident. Then, abhi was suspended from school for 3 months by the principal. But as I requested professor to give him another chance, the professor reduced the suspension to a week.

  • Lastly, one day he came to my house and apologized for his mistake. He even returned the money he had taken. Then, I hugged my friend and this just made our friendship even deeper.

  1. Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house

  • Well, I would love to share my dream with others. Just like everyone I too desire to live in my dream house.

  • Let’s start is from the location, I will definitely build this house in my hometown Ahmedabad but it should be out of the city crowd and nature should embrace the entire house. Talking about the outlooks, it will be a surrounded by lush green area, connecting with a huge farm house and a separate place for servants. Furthermore, as I am a health conscious, I would like a gym in my dream house. Apart from it, figure 8 shaped swimming pool besides my house would work as Cherry on the cake. I love the idea of having these two things in my villa. I will live there with my family and all of them will get their own separate rooms and some extra rooms for the gusts. Most interestingly, I’m planning to build a theatre for my father because he is strongly looking forward to watching movies. I would also love to have a mini space for library in my dream house as my mother and sister love to read books. Moreover, having a kitchen garden in the backyard would be loved by my brother because he likes these kinds of things.

  • Overall, I hope this dream will come true soon.

  1. Talk about a newly built public facility that improves/

influence local life quality in your city

  • Well, there are numerous public amenities that are developed by government for the betterment of people like shopping mall, cinemas, park, library, and so on.

  • But, here I am going to talk about a newly built public facility in my city that is a local park. This beautiful park is a stone’s throw away from my locality. So I prefer to go there in fact every day. I came to know about that park from my closet friend who usually share health related things with me. There are a plethora of reasons why this facility improves the standard of living of people. First of all, the atmosphere of the park is full lush green and fresh as well as there are many species of plants and flowers, which helps people to connect with the natural environment. There is a large pond where people can enjoy to do boat riding. Furthermore, old people are taking amazing benefits such as now they are spending quality time with their same age group. At the end, this local park has improves the lifestyle of the dwellers of my hometown in a healthy way.

  • Now everyone in my city is over the moon with this improvement.

  1. Talk about something that you borrowed from your


  • Well, I have always been interested in socializing with different kinds of people because it helps me to gain the experience of life. Apart from the family and relatives, our friends are the one we really depend on for a lot of things and I must say it has been correctly said, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

  • Here, I would like to share one such incident when I borrowed a power bank charger from my best friend Abhishek. Abhishek has always been my savior. I vividly remember it was the time when I was planning to go on trekking to Manali. It was 8 days trip. We were going there by the NGO. Organization had already suggested that there is a possibility of unavailability of charging point at the place we were planning our camp. I was sure that I would be clicking a lot of pictures and the battery will run out at same point. So, I requested abhishek to lend me his 10,000 milliamp hour (mah) power bank. I went on my trip and when I reached the base camp my phone battery was just 10%. Then, I took out the power bank and connected my phone to it. After that, my phone battery was fully charged in just one hour and I was ready to click more pictures. After all, I realized that my trip would have been incomplete without this power bank. So, this is the time when I borrowed power bank from my friend.

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