Describe one of your family members you spend the most time with

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11-1-20, IELTS-Essay-Masterclass-Feedback

  1. Describe one of your family members you spend the most time with

  • Well, spending time with the family members is the best way to express your love and feelings. However, in the past few years, the trend of spending time with family has decreased significantly due to hectic and busy schedule.

  • Here, the person I do spend a lot of time with is my grandfather. His name is Kanjibhai. He is approximately 70 years old. He is tall and looks like in famous Indian actor Amitabh bachan. Apart from that, he is too energetic and prefers to stay alive and kicking. He is always passionate (fond of) playing sports and watching cricket matches. Moreover, in the morning, every day we do yoga and meditation in the garden. He has plethora of knowledge and is a well-educated person therefore sometimes he also helps me in my study. In addition, he is a spiritual and religious person as well. So he also prefers to spend his leisure time in the temple which is nearby from my locality. The main reason why I like the company of my grandfather is that I feel motivated and whenever I have done any mistake he always stand by my side. Additionally, he understands my problems easily. I have learned many things from my grandfather such as time importance, positive attitude, and persistence.

  1. Describe an important journey that was delayed.

  • Travelling is a source of amusement. I like to travel to different places where I can get plethora of knowledge which is important for my academics.

  • But, sometimes our travel plan gets disturbed due to many circumstances.

  • Here, I would like to talk about an important journey that was delayed. This phenomenon took place around 3 years ago. We were going to Mumbai for watching under 19 ICC world cup finals match because my cousin brother was also part of our Indian team and our purpose to go there was to cheer up Indian team and especially my brother. Unfortunately, my father was driving the car very carefully and suddenly our car stopped. We got terrified when this happened. Then, my father came out of the car and figured out the one of the wheels got punctured. At that time, we had a spare wheel but we did not know how to change it. It was a cold night and there was no repairing station over. We had to arrive early morning at the stadium. Then, I got an idea and I immediately found a video explaining how to change a punctured tyre with the spare tyre. It had taken 2 hours and after that we continued our journey. Owing to this incident, we reached there about half an hour late. So, we missed the starting portion of match.

  1. Describe an experience you had as a member of a team

  • I have worked with many people throughout my school projects and sports. I have gained significant experience by working with people of different mindset and potential.

  • Here, I am going to talk about one of the experiences that I had. In the 9th standard, we used to play football for school level and state level competitions. We were total 15 members in the team, and I was the captain of the team as I was polite, active and energetic. We used to play football for 2 hours in a day. Moreover, we participated in various competitions and won many medals and prizes. I vividly remember that about 3 years ago, we were playing at the final of the state level competition and we were expecting that we will not able to win this match because one of our best players got injured while training sessions. But, at that time I played very well as compared to other players. As a captain, I had a responsibility to play confidently and kept my team motivated. Finally, we won that match and our coach was very happy. After winning that match, each player got medal and trophy as well. Lastly, the feeling we all had at that time cannot be expressed in words.

  1. Describe a goal that you achieved, which was set by yourself

  • Achieving goals in life is not easy and I don’t think that I have a strong willpower.

  • In India, the board examinations are considered to be the difficult exams, wherein most students panic even if they are intelligent. Even for me, the 12th board exam was the most difficult exam and specially mathematics, in the begging of the 12th standard, I made a powerful determination that I would become a topper of my school. To accomplish this goal, I had started taking tuitions and preparing as soon as I completed my 11th standard exams. That year, I did not watch any movies, avoided attending weddings and any kind of entertainment. My total dedication and focus was on my exams. Moreover, my father’s friend who was a professor made a time table for me. He also suggested me to do medication and I daily went for half an hour to meditation classes. This helped me to reduce my stress level to a certain extent. The result of 12th board exams plays a vital role in determining one’s career. Finally, I appeared for my exams. While mathematics exam, I was very nervous and also had a little fever due to stress. The paper was tough but I managed to solve the entire paper within the time limit. After one and half month, due to my persistence, I got the desired result. Fortunately, I became the topper of my state.

  • This was a life changing experience for me as my stress level went down and I become a totally different person with a lot of positivity. However, I really feel the education system in our country should be changed.

  1. Describe a person who apologized to you

  • There have been some situations in my life when I hurt someone even though my intention was not to and vice versa. Saying sorry is a part of good social skills.

  • Here, I want to narrate an incident when someone cheated me and then apologized when he realized his mistake. I vividly remember that during my 12th standard, I was studying and one of my classmates, Abhi who was another part of Gujarat and was living in Ahmedabad for his studies, visited me that evening and told me that his father was suffered from cancer and his family did not have enough money for her father’s operation. As I know he belonged to the poor background, I had no money apart from my pocket money, which I gave him and moreover, asked for some money from my father. Then I went with him to a couple of friends and collected money so that he could go to his town and help his father. But once he left, one of his friends told me the real story. He said that Abhi was a fraud and always borrowed or took money from others and spent on luxuries. After this, I complained to a professor and told him about the incident. Then, abhi was suspended from school for 3 months by the principal. But as I requested professor to give him another chance, the professor reduced the suspension to a week.

  • Lastly, one day he came to my house and apologized for his mistake. He even returned the money he had taken. Then, I hugged my friend and this just made our friendship even deeper.

  1. Describe an interesting animal

  • All animals are interesting and have unique characteristics.

  • Here, I am going to talk about an animal that is my favorite that is a tiger which is national animal of my country, India. The tiger is the biggest member of the cat family. A tiger is famous for its power and strength. It is capable of killing an animal over twice its size. A tiger lives along and hunts alone. It has been chosen as the national animal of India due to its look, strength, enormous power and intelligence. They are found throughout the country except for the north western terrain. The Bengal tiger is the most numerous tiger subspecies and it is the national animal of both, India and Bangladesh. Tigers prefer hunting animals like cheetals, water buffalos, sambars, nilgais, deer, which are large and medium-sized prey.

  • To be honest, most of the time I have seen them on TV or on you tube videos since they reside in forests and I haven’t got the opportunity to visit any forest. I have also seen them in a zoo with my. Actually, about one year ago I visited a zoo with my friends. For the very first time I got the opportunity to see them such a short distance. I was both terrified and excited at the same time.

  • Moreover, as per my knowledge, so this is the animal, which I find very interesting.

  1. Describe an article on health that you read from a magazine or online

  • Reading is an incredibly inexpensive hobby that provides immense benefits. I have always been passionate about health and fitness. Because of my interest I always love to gain knowledge about body and healthy diet.

  • About a week ago, I was surfing the internet regarding health benefits of exercise. There was a website known as “lifefacts” in which there was a detailed explanation of the benefits it offers. Actually, I was reading an article that 10 reason exercising makes you successful. It showed that when you exercise prior to coming to work your mind will be sharper. Secondly, you become a better problem solver because problem solving requires energy that is number three. Apart from it, you fell less jealous and envy, increase your memory, relieves stress, sleep better and make you more attractive. I was really amazed to read all the benefits. I am doing this on regular basis now and already experiencing some of the benefits. I have also shared it with many of my friends and relatives.

  1. Describe a person in the news that you want to meet

  • There are many successful and powerful personalities in India and across the world whom I admire and would love to meet.

  • But, one person whom I would like to meet is the king of comedy, Mr. Kapil Sharma. He is one of the most hardworking and talented comedian of India. He is self-made man and an inspiration to many youngsters who have big aspirations. Actually, recently, his name added in the Guiness World book of Records in London as a most viewed stand-up comedian. Because of this achievement, he was called by a popular news channel “BBC World News”. In which an interviewer asks him several questions and moreover, Kapil Sharma shared his life-journey and he got fame after winning the comedy reality television show the great Indian laughter challenge in 2007. By the way, he is actor, producer, and singer as well. Youngsters and adults all love to watch his show the kapil Sharma show. I don’t think so there is anyone in India who doesn’t know him. The reason why I want to meet is because he is such a great motivation for me and many. I think I would feel really inspired after meeting him. He even performs live shows. Recently, the team of TKSS show organized live show in Dubai to entertain fans and bring laughter into their lives. It would be a dream comes true for me if I get to meet him.

  1. Describe one time when the weather changed your plan

  • Well, I have always been interesting to do planning because, in this way, I complete my task without a hitch.

However, sometimes we have to make changes our plans due to extreme weather.

  • Here, I would like to share an incident that I had to change our plan owing to adverse weather. Last year, I had planned to travel himachal Pradesh with my family during winter vacation. Our trip was going very well until we reached Manali. After enjoying in Manali, our last destination was Leh-ladakh. We all family members were sitting together and watching the news on TV. At that time, we got the news of weather forecast in which authorized officers warned the tourist about bad weather condition. They put a high alert in leh-ladakh due to heavy-rainfall. Because of unexpected rain, so many visitors were stuck there due to road blockage and landslides. So, we discussed the matter and decided to delay the further plan, we had to come back from Manali. So that was a day when the weather changed our plan.

  1. Describe a situation you were not allowed to use your

Cell phone

  • There have been a lot of situations in my life when I was not allowed to use my mobile phone and most of the time it was related to educational institutions and family gatherings.

  • Here I’m going to talk about a tie when I was not allowed to use my cell phone. Actually, two months ago I went to watch the shooting of the TKSS show which is Indian comedy reality show. In fact, it was actually on vacation time that friends had decided to do after our final exams.

  • When we reached at the entrance, our mobile phone and other digital things was collected by the security guard so people can not release the images of shooting time. Moreover, if it is not prohibited then people don’t stop using the phone and cause disturbance.

  • So at that time I was embarrassed because I had promised to my younger sister who is a handicapped that I will definitely show the shooting of the show by video. But I couldn’t do that because that was the rules and regulation of the show. So, this was the situation when I was not allowed to use my cell phones.

  1. Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message

  • Well, we are living in the era of technology and nowadays everyone uses mobile phones and internet to read daily news.

  • Here, I would take this opportunity to talk about fabulous news that I received via text message last week. It was sent by my uncle, Vijay bhai, who is worked for government organization. According to it, petrol price has decreased by 20% and this is the third reduction of oil price in last one month. The reason why I found this news fascinating is that oil price has huge impact on many industries also. So almost everyone got benefited by the reduction in oil prices. As for me, I felt great sense of relief after receiving the news because you know like other students I depend on bike to commute to college and get around town. Before the price drop I used to spend up to 100rs. Per day on petrol for my bike which now has been reduced to 70rs. In one last month. More importantly, because I am really fond of travelling that was the best news I had heard through my uncle. I shared this good news with my kith and kin. I am really thankful to our government for this kindness.

  1. Describe something you bought that was difficult to


  • I have always been interested to do shopping especially technological gadgets because I am super stocked about it.

  • However, sometimes I can’t able to understand the proper functionality of a newly bought gadget. A similar situation happened with me about 6 years ago. Actually, I bought a new wireless blutooth headphone. It was a boat vibro 256. At that time, this wireless blutooth devices newly launched in my county so that was actually a new technology to understand for me. It was just like a small product and looked like a stylish infrastructure. Since it was a new technology, I didn’t have the way to use it. I had a problem that how to start this device. There was an on-off button. I pressed that button but there was no response. Then, I tried to read the instructions from the booklet that comes with the box. Actually, it was a tedious task for me to do according to the given instructions. Therefore, I went back to the shop from where I purchased it as it was a stone’s throw away from my locality. Then, I got to know that on-off button had to press for 5-6 seconds. Now, I am fully content with it because I have fully knowledge about it.

  1. Describe a successful small business that you know

  • I have always been interested to explore companies and business so that I can learn what makes them successful.

  • Here, I’m going to talk about a small business which I consider to be the unique and successful. Basically, this is the story of my aunty who has recently opened a wellness centre for women. This centre is Stone’s throw away from my locality as it is hardly 10 minutes walking distance. The owner of this is my aunty who has inspired by bollywood actress shilpa shetty. My uncle always supports her during their leisure time. I got benefited too much as well because we live together as a family. Moreover, I am health-conscious person and prefer to stay alive and kicking. This centre has been organizing a full-body check-up for women every six months, it contains a meditation room, a yoga room, a dietician who would consult and give healthy advice. I am sure that this centre will soon be one of the popular ones across the city but my aunty would like to keep it small and not expand. Additionally, the charges for all the services at wellness centre are nominal. The most prominent reason for this successful business is that in the contemporary era, people are more conscious about their body and healthy food. So, this is the successful small business that I know of.

  1. Describe the happiest day you had

  • Happiest and sad moments both are part of our life. We often notice our happy moments.

  • So, here I would like to talk about a day in my life which was one of the most remarkable happy moments of my life.

  • That was a weekend and I decided to watch Back to Back comedy movies in my computer. Those movies are so hilarious and it gave me a belly laugh. After watching those entertaining movies, I decided to take a rest. But, suddenly someone knocked at the door. When I opened the doo, I was astonished to see my childhood friend Arpit. I was so happy to see him because we were meeting after around a decade. That day he surprised me with his unexpected visit. When I saw him I was over the moon. Then, we gossiped for few hours. After that he suggested to revisit that place where we used to hang out when we were at pre-school. We recalled the time when we spent some quality time in that park with our other friends. When we reached home, my mother had already cooked our favorite meal. That delicious food was Cherry on the Cake.

  • That was the day which I never forget in my entire life.

  1. A person who taught you something important

  • Well, there have been many moments in our lives when we taught or learned something from someone. These things always groom (prepare) us for a better tomorrow.

  • Here, I would take this opportunity to talk about my friend abhishek who is 18 years old. He is too health-conscious and prefers to stay alive and kicking. Abhishek taught me how to perform “garba”. Garba is a folk-dance of Gujarat. Because I took part in the annual day competition of our school. He has been learning garba since he was just 13 years old as it excites him a lot and he is just super stocked about it. He started teaching me with very basic steps and I was able to pick up all the garba steps with very ease. He was amazed and I made him remembering those old days when he started learning garba. He taught me for 15 days in total and 2 hours per day. I was also practicing after schooling whenever I got the time. At that time, I felt really lucky that I was learnt by him. And finally I won the first prize in the competition and I was completely sure that I had benefited from his teaching.

  1. Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met

  • To get rid of monotonous life I like to do daring and difficult challenges.

  • Here, I am going to talk about a challenge that I accomplished. Actually, five months ago I visited Manali in winter on vacations and enjoyed tremendously fun activities. By the way, I am too coward and shy person and my friends irritated me by saying so. One of my friends told me that you have to prove that you’re not coward. For that, you can do paragliding and show your masculinity. My friends were too afraid of that adventurous sport. To prove them wrong, I accepted their challenge. I reached that place; the instructor gave safety tips and explained techniques. With professional guidance, I started the exciting adventure sport. At that time, I was so terrified because that was the first time when I had done any adventurous sport. But, I have courage and confidence as well to prove them wrong. At last, I completed my challenge bravely and it was an amazing experience and I was looking forward to do this unusual activity in future and I thanked my all friends for giving me such a daring task and for helping me to eliminate my fear.

  1. Describe a crowded place you have visited

  • Well, I belong to India; there are numerous crowded places such as temples, shopping centre and public places which are fully loaded with people.

  • But, here I would take this opportunity to talk about one particular place and that is manek chowk. Manek chowk is a notable place in old Ahmedabad city; It is surrounded by historical structures. Actually, it is quite popular among the youngsters, they love to visit at night and this is perhaps the reason why my friend and I planned to enjoy weekend at manek chowk. Actually, it is a vegetable market in the morning, a bullion market in the noon and street food at night. There is plethora of reasons why it is our favorite place for eating street food. It is opened till late night about 3 pm. We went there at 11 pm. There were too many herds of people coming with groups. We ate their famous local cuisines and it was too delicious. After taking dinner, we also try its well-known dessert and mouth fresheners, Another reason why I love to visit that place is I have always interested in watching movies and there is theatre as well. Hence, we also watched latest released movie. It is always great fun and pleasure whenever I visit that crowded place.

  1. Job you would not like to do in the future

  • A perfect job is a job which I am comfortable with, I would like to join a company which is growing and with it I should get opportunity to grow.

  • But, today I would like to talk about a job, which I think is boring and I would not like to do it in the future.

  • Basically, the job is of marketing. It would be the marketing of anything but the job of marketers is really tough. Many people find this job to be not so difficult because they all have to do is to influence people. Nevertheless, influencing people is something that I am not really good at. Although I have all the required communication skills and preparation methods that are the key to achieving success in this field, I don’t have the feeling that I can do. Marketers have to work a lot to convince people that our products are the best or why we offer the best. I have had this experience where influencers really forced me to buy something and I felt really irritated. However, I think this is a great for many people but definitely not for me. Moreover, my interest area lies in different fields specifically in technology. So, I would concentrate more on that but, I would always avoid the job of a marketer.

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