Deborah Julia Al-Najjar

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Deborah Julia Al-Najjar Curriculum Vitae

Department of American Studies & Ethnicity

University of Southern California

Kaprillian Hall, KAP 458

Los Angeles, CA 90089-4033
Doctoral Candidate, Department of American Studies & Ethnicity

University of Southern California, 2007-

Dissertation: “Around 1991: Performing Iraq and Militarized Masculinity”

Advisor: Sarah Gualtieri

MA, American Studies & Ethnicity

University of Southern California, Los Angeles (2009)

MA, English, “Daughters of Hagar” (collection of fiction)

Wayne State University, Detroit (1990)

BA, English

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1987)

Race and ethnicity, comparative ethnic studies, Arab American studies, Asian American studies, African American literature, performance studies, queer/feminist theory, fiction/non-fiction
Sensing Iraq: Aesthetics and Politics in a Time of War

Co-Editors Dr. Nadje Al-Ali, Deborah Al-Najjar

Our book manuscript includes fiction writers, poets, artists, activists, and academics. They represent a multiplicity of Iraqi voices inside Iraq and from the Diasporas. Contributors include Alise Alousi, Hashim Al-Tawil, Nada Shabout, Sinan Anton, Maysoon Pachachi, Ella Shohat, Sinan Antoon, Wafaa Bilal, and many others.

Syracuse University press (under contract)

“No News” in Banipal: Magazine of Modern Arab Literature (UK) Issue 38 (2010)

Special issue on Arab American Authors

“Mariam Athra” Artenews Ed. Maymanah Farhat (May 2006)
“A Cup of Tea” ForkRoads Ed. David Kherdian (Spring 1995)

“Selma’s Weddings” Michigan Quarterly Review Ed. Anton Shammas (Fall 1992)

“Painful Discourse” Kenyon Review Ed. Marilyn Hacker (Spring 1991)

“Bebe Khomee” Indiana Review Ed. Charles Baxter (Winter 1988)

"Three Pieces of My Heart" in Sensing Iraq (Forthcoming)
“The Stuff the Movement is Made of”: An Interview with Neelam Sharma in Make/Shift:

Feminisms in Motion May 2008
“Fragments of Hope: An Interview with Lisa Suhair Majaj”

International Feminist Journal of Politics September 2007

Fellowships, Honors, and Awards
Nomination for Excellence in Teaching Assistantship in American Studies & Ethnicity (2009)

College Merit Fellowship 2009-2010

Annenberg Fellowship 2007-2008

American Studies and Ethnicity Department

University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Participant in the Jerusalem-Dearborn Institute program

"Connecting Dearborn and Jerusalem: Collaborative American and Arab

American Studies Programs," Al-Quds University in Palestine,

Sponsored by Center for Arab American Studies, UM-Dearborn, June 2006

Distinguished Student Club Faculty Advisor, Club Achievement Award for

Community Service Student Club, Henry Ford Community College, 2005

Champions Program, Henry Ford Community College, 2002-04

Research Assistantship for DeRoy Chair, Wayne State University, 1995-96

Runner – up for the Charles Johnson Fiction Award, 1995

Humanities Center Fellowship, Wayne State University, 1995

Volunteer of the Year Award, Arab American Arts Council, Cultural Arts program, 1994

Albert Feigenson Scholarship Award, Wayne State University, 1994

Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship, Wayne State University, 1993-94
TA in American Studies “America, the West, and the Frontier for Professor G Sanchez fall 2010

TA in Gender Studies (SWMS 210) for Professor J Halberstam Spring 2009

TA in Gender Studies (SWMS 215) for Professor S Velasco Fall 2008
Henry Ford Community College: 2001 – 2007

Tenured faculty member of the English Division

Developmental English, Introduction to Essay writing, Research writing course in U Compass with special topic on Arab and Arab American writing, Business and Technical Writing
Oakland University, Special Lecturer, 1999 – 2001

Department of Rhetoric, Communications & Journalism

Introduction to Composition; Research Writing

Introduction to Women’s Studies

Wayne State University, Graduate Student Teaching 1989-1994

Department of English

Freshman Composition, Introduction to Creative Writing, Introduction to African American Literature, Advanced Rhetoric and Writing for Professionals

Academic Presentations
Not So Disciplined:

Challenging Ethnic and Area Studies through Queer, Arab/SWANA Scholarship

Roundtable organized by Charlotte Karem Albrecht

Critical Ethnic Studies and the Future of Genocide: 

Settler Colonialism/Heteropatriarchy/White Supremacy 
University of California, Riverside March 2011
“Performing Iraq: Mediations, Meditations on Art/Politics”
Co-organized with Nadje Al-Ali Respondent: Deborah Al-Najjar

Middle East Studies Association San Diego November 2010

“Iraq is Not the New Black: Racial Acrobatics and Ethnic Narcissism” Pro Forma: Balancing Vested Interests of Blackness in Performance American Studies Association San Antonio TX November 2010
“The Marks of Occupation: Performative Grammar in Sinan Antoon’s I‘Jaam

Reading across Genres: Arab American Literature and the Politics of Form

Radius of Arab American Writers, Inc. (Rawi) Ann Arbor, June 2010

“Racial/Sexual Terror: Alan Ball and Alicia Erian’s Towelhead

American Studies Association Washington D.C. November 2009
“Palestine and American Passports: Privileges and Protocols” Co-authored with Sriya Shrestha and Kenny Garcia (presented by Sriya Shrestha) San Francisco State University 40 Year Anniversary Ethnic Studies Conference San Francisco October 2009
Organizer: BDS Palestine Solidarity Strategy Meeting

Crossing Borders Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Conference

University of Southern California Los Angeles March 2009
Roundtable organizer and participant on Afrofuturism

Imagining America Conference, USC, Los Angeles October 2008

“The Negation of the Negation: Kara Walker’s Queer Cuts”

Los Angeles Queer Studies Conference, UCLA, October 2008

“Iraqi Cultural Production” Roundtable co-organizer with Nadje Al-Ali

Middle East Studies Association, Montreal, Canada November 2007

“Arab American Sitings in Cyberspace: The Aesthetics of Mohja Kahf and Lalia Lalami”

Middle East Studies Association Boston November 2006

"An Iraqi Community's Search for Identity & the Limitations of Sectarianism" Feminisms & War Conference Syracuse University, Syracuse October 2006

Facing Apartheid Israel in Academic Palestine: Racial profiling and the Destruction of self & culture” Witnesses to War, Anti-war committee at Wayne State University, Invited speaker Detroit, Michigan September 2006

"It's Sex, Stupid! Academic Representations of Arab Sexualities" World Congress of Middle East Studies Amman, Jordan June 2006

“Writing Arab Ethnicity and Exiling the Self” Ramallah, Palestine, the Jerusalem Institute, June 2006

Women of Color Workshop participant at “Where is home: Gender, Sexuality, and Transnationalism” conference with Jacqui Alexander, Chandra Mohanty, and Lamia Ben Yousef Zayzafoon Organized by Rabab Abdulhadi, Center for Arab American Studies & Women &Gender Program, University of Michigan-Dearborn March 9-10, 2006
“Arab Identities: Recent Literary and Academic Constructions” Arab Culture in the US panels (new area in SWPC) Southwest/Pop Culture Conference Albuquerque, NM February 2006
“Religious Barriers: Crossing the Cultural Lines in Arab Communities” Council of American Cultures Forum, Henry Ford Community College Dearborn, Michigan February 2005
Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? A teach-in on Politics & Peace

“Activist Scholarship and Feminist Politics: Perspectives on Violence, War, and Peace” panel

Center for Arab American Studies Dearborn, Michigan December 2004
“Muslim and Christian Relations: Communities in the New World”

Community College Humanities Association, Dearborn, Michigan October 2004

“Critical Thinking and Teaching Composition” Michigan College English Association

Dearborn, Michigan November 2002

“Selling Cultural Violence and Ethnic Betrayal” Humanities Center Fellows Conference

Wayne State University, Detroit, MichiganJanuary 1996

“Princess Sultana: the Selling of Cultural Violence” Middle East Studies Association

San Diego December 1995

“Women in the Fiction of Hanan Al – Shaykh” Middle East Studies Association

November 1993

“A ‘Western’ Presence in Arab Culture” American Studies Association

Boston November 1993

“Deconstructing Middle Eastern Female Identity” Popular Culture Association

New Orleans April 1993

“The Iraq War: Conquest Continued”, Invited guest, Dr. Lata Murti undergraduate seminar

Legacies of Vietnam (Am Studies course), November 30, 2010

Iraq under Occupation, Invited guest, David Lloyd’s undergraduate seminar

Occupation: Art, Literature, and History Course (ARLT 100g)

March 3, 2010
“Mobilizing against this War: Who’s ‘Left’?” Invited speaker at an anti-war rally by Muslim Student Association, UM-Ann arbor students and Arab women’s anti-war group July 22, 2006
"Baghdad: My Mother Yearns for Home" Commentator on film About Baghdad

Arab Diasporas/Comparative Diasporas Film Series at Center for Arab American Studies

March 21, 2006
“Who are Chaldeans?” Community presentation Arab American National Museum

April 2006

“Chaldean Identity: Personal Reflections” New Detroit Coalition at the Arab American National Museum August 2005
University of Michigan – Dearborn, Arab American Writers’ Series: March 2003

Lawrence Technological University, Writers’ Forum. July 1998

Mask Space, Hamtramck, sponsored by Poets & Writers. March 1994

Southfield Manor Sponsored by the Chaldean Federation and ACCESS September 1993

English Department Colloquia, Wayne State University:

April, 1991. April, 1990. November, 1989. November 1988

Union Street Bar, Detroit, February, 1990

The Women’s Space, Detroit, October 1989

University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Graduate student representative, Graduate Admissions, 2009-2010

Graduate student representative, Asian American Studies Committee 2009-2010

Graduate student representative, Gender Studies Advisory Board 2009-2010

PASEO Co-Chair, American Studies and Ethnicity Graduate Student Organization, 2008-2009

Henry Ford Community College-Dearborn, Michigan

English Division

Peer Mentor Committee, 2006–2007

Arabic language committee at HFCC, Ad-Hoc committee, 2004–2007

Chair of the Barrett Creative Writing Contest Committee, 2004– 2006

English 135: Business and Technical Writing Committee, 2003–2007

English 131: College Writing Committee, 2002 – 2004

English 132: Research Writing Committee, 2002–2007

Developmental English Committee, 2001 – 2005

College Wide Committees

Faculty Advisor for Community Service Club, 2002–2005

Co – Chair of Professional Issues Conference, 2003 – 2004

Council of American Cultures, 2002–2006

Orientation Task Force, 2003 – 2004

Political Action Committee, 2002

Retention Committee, 2002

University of Michigan-Dearborn
Women and Gender Studies Advisory Board, 2004 – 2007

Center for Arab American Studies, 2004– 2006

Wayne State University-Detroit, English Division

Speak Appeals Committee, Wayne State University 1993 – 1994

Graduate Committee, 1992 – 1993

Calendar and Events Committee, English Department, 1991 – 1992

Faculty Appointments Committee, English Department, 1990 – 1991

Miles Modern Poetry Committee, English Department, 1989 – 1990

Association of Middle East Women Studies, Planning Committee Feb 2010-Nov 2010

Association of Middle East Women Studies, Nominations Committee Nov 2006-March 2007

Incite! Women of Color against Violence, Ann Arbor chapter, November 2006–Feb 2007

Arab American No to War and Racism (NOWAR) Committee, August 2006– Dec 2006

Arab Movement of Women Arising for Justice (AMWAJ), 2006

Secretary, Conference Co-Chair, Radius of Arab American Writers, Inc., 2005–2007

Arab American National Museum Dearborn, library committee, book club, 2005-2007
Professional Affiliations
American Studies Association

Modern Language Association

Middle East Studies Association
Association of Middle East Women’s Studies Association

Radius of Arab-American Writers, Inc. (RAWI)

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