Cupe-1356 Salary: $16. 27 $19. 01 Hours of Work

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Part time Custodian

Position: Custodian (Various Part-Time - Days, Weekends, Fri/Sat Night)

Affiliation/Group: CUPE-1356

Salary: $16.27 - $19.01

Hours of Work: Hours vary depending on position and area: Weekdays, Weekends, Nights.

Positions are part-time (0-24 hours)

Duration: Continuing Part-Time - Hours a week: Up to 24 hours per week

To provide Custodial Services to the York Community.


- General cleaning of all public circulating areas throughout the campus.

- Clean and sanitize public washrooms.

- Spot washing of walls.

- Removal of garbage and recycle materials in classrooms, computer labs, lecture halls and hallways.

- Reconfigure classrooms and lecture hall furniture.

- Wipe clean white and chalkboards.

- Mop floors to pick up spills and at building entrances to remove salt.

- Wipe clean glass partitions and entrance glasses.

- Wipe clean elevator walls.

- Pick up floods if called upon to do so.

- Poster removal.

- Use auto scrubbers to clean corridors.

- Clean main stairwells.

- Other related duties as assigned by the supervisor.
Assignments in Housing are required to clean apartments / units between tenancies.


Ability to operate and use Custodial equipment such as: polishers, shampoo equipment, ladders, carts, hand trucks, wet and dry vacuum, etc.


Successful applicant must obtain a W.H.M.I.S. certificate prior to the completion of the probationary period.


1 year experience in providing custodial/cleaning services.

Communication skills:

Demonstrated ability to speak, read, write, comprehend and sustain conversations in English is essential.

How to Apply:

To submit an application for consideration for any current or future vacancies please visit:
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