Complete List of Historical Library Books

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Complete List of Historical Library Books
(Includes donations from the books of Professor David Cooper; Cytogenetics Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Professor John H. Edwards; Professor H John Evans; Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith; Professor Peter S Harper; Oxford Medical Genetics Service – Headington Hospital; Professor Lionel Penrose; Professor Paul Polani and Polani Research Library, London)

  1. Abramsky, L and Chapple, J. (Eds) Prenatal Diagnosis – The human side. Chapman & Hall, 1994. ISBN 0412553600 (MFS)

  1. Acta Genetica Medicae et Gemellologiae: Twin Research. Official Journal of the International Society for Twin Studies Vol 45 Number 1/2, 1996. Rome: Mendel Institute, 1996

  1. Adams, M B (Ed) The Wellborn Science, Eugenics in Germany, France, Brazil and Russia Oxford University Press, 1990 ISBN 0195053613 (PSH)

  1. Addison GM, Connor JM, Harkness RA and Pollitt, RJ (Eds) Studies in Inherited Metabolic Disease, Prenatal and Perinatal Diagnosis, Proceedings of the 26th Annual Symposium of the SSIEM, Glasgow, UK, September 1988, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1989 ISBN 0792389166 (MFS)

  1. Adinolfi M, ed. Genetics of complement. Basel: Karger. 69-164. (Exp Clin

Immunogenet; 5 (2-3).) 1988 3805548605

  1. Adinolfi M, ed. Immunology and genetics of mammalian reproduction: some

controversial issues. Basel; London: S. Karger. 62-122pp. (Exp Clin Immunogenet; 10 (2)). 1993 3805558678

  1. Adinolfi M, ed. Polymorphisms and fertility: meeting on genetic polymorphisms

and fertility in mammals with special reference to immunogenetic aspects, Rome, May 24th-25th 1985. Basel: Karger. 53-136pp. (Exp Clin Immunogenet; 2 (2)). 1985 3805540663

  1. Adinolfi M, (Eds) Paediatric Research: A Genetic Approach, Festschrift for Paul Polani, Clinics in Developmental Medicine No. 83. Spastics International Medical Publications, 1982, London: William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd (PSH) (2)

  1. Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing Genetic testing for late disorders.

London: Health Departmnets of the United Kingdom. i, 27pp. 1998

  1. Ager RP & Oliver RWA The risks of midtrimester amniocentesis. Bramhall: Harboro. x, 197pp. 1986 0951144502

  1. Allen GE Thomas Hunt Morgan: the man and his science. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. xvii, 447pp. 1978 (PEP)

  1. Allan, JD and Raine, DN (eds). Some Inherited Disorders of Brain and Muscle: Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium of the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Edinburgh: E and S Livingstone Ltd, 1969 ISBN: 0443006253

  1. Allen JM The molecular control of cellular activity. New York; London:

McGraw-Hill. 328pp. 1962

  1. Allen, Keith & Briggs, Derek (1989, eds.) Evolution and the fossil record. London: Belhaven Press.ISBN: 1852931493

  1. Allfrey VG, Bautz EKF, McCarthy BJ, Schimke RT & Tissieres A, eds Organization and expression of chromosomes. Report of the Dahlem Workshop on organization and expression of chromosomes. Berlin, 17th-21st May 1976. Berlin: Dahlem Konferenzen. 347pp. (Life Sciences research reports; no 4). 1976 3820012502, (PEP)

  1. Altenburg, Edgar. Genetics. Revised edition. London: Constable and Company Ltd, 1957

  1. Alstrom, Carl Henry. A Study of Epilepsy in its Clinical, Social and Genetic Aspects. Acta Psychiatrica et Neurologica Supplementum 63. Stockholm: Cjnar Munksgard, 1950

  1. Altman PL & Katz DD, eds. Inbred and genetically defined strains of laboratory

animals. Part 1. Mouse and rat. Bethesda, MD: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. xxvi, 418pp. (FASEB Biology handbooks; vol 3). 1979 0913822124, (PEP)

  1. Altmann H, (Chairman) DNA repair mechanisms. Symposiam Medica Hoechst.

Symposium, Schloss Reinhartshausen/Rhein, 4th-5th October 1971. Stuttgart, New York: FK Schattauer Verlag. ix, 248pp. 1972 3794502922, (PEP)

  1. Altmann HW, Benirschke K, Brinkhous KM, Bohle A, Cohrs P, Cottier H, Eder M, Gedigk P, Giese W, Hedinger C, Iijima S, Kirsten WH, Klatzo I, Lennert K, Meessen H, Sandritter W, Seifert G, Stoerk HC & Zollinger HU, eds Current Topics in Pathology vol 51. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. 219pp. 1070. (MJS)

  1. Altukhov, Yu P (ed). Problems in General Genetics. Moscow: MIR Publishers, 1981 Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Congress of Genetics Vol 2 Book 1. Series editor: DK Belyaev

  1. Altukhov, Yu P (ed). Problems in General Genetics. Moscow: MIR Publishers, 1980 Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Congress of Genetics Vol 2 Book 2. Series editor: DK Belyaev

  1. Altukhov, Yu P (ed). Molecular Bases of Genetic Processes. Moscow: MIR Publishers, 1981 Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Congress of Genetics Vol 3 Book 1. Series editor: DK Belyaev

  1. Altukhov, Yu P (ed). Molecular Bases of Genetic Processes. Moscow: MIR Publishers, 1981 Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Congress of Genetics Vol 3 Book 2. Series editor: DK Belyaev

  1. Altukhov, Yuri P. (1990) Population genetics: diversity and stability. London: Harwood Academic Publishers. ISBN: 3718649845

  1. American Society of Clinical Oncology Cancer genetics & cancer predisposition

testing volume I. Alexandria, VA: American Society of Clinical Oncology. var

pag. 1998 0966449509

  1. Anderson E, King RC, Cuellar O, et al The Meiotic process: pairing,

recombination and chromosome movements. I. New York: MSS Information

Corporation. 189pp. 1972 842270191 (PEP)

  1. Anderson RM, ed Human genetics - uncertainties and the financial implications

ahead. Philos Trans R Soc Lond Biol, 352 (1357) pp1035-1114. 1997

  1. Anderson, V Elving et al (eds). Genetic Basis of the Epilepsies. New York: Raven Press, 1982 ISBN 089004676X

  1. Anfinsen, Christian B. (1959) The molecular basis of evolution. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

  1. Annas GJ, & Elias S, Gene Mapping, Using Law and Ethics as Guides, Oxford University Press, 1992 ISBN 0195073037 (MFS)

  1. Antsaklis A & Metaxotou C, eds. Chorionic villus sampling and early prenatal

diagnosis. 4th international conference on chorionic villus sampling and early

prenatal diagnosis. Athens: Hellenic Society for Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal

Treatment. xi, 323pp. 1989 960730800X

  1. Apgar, Virginia (1970, ed.) Down syndrome (mongolism) (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 171, article 2, p.303-688). New York: Academy of Sciences

  1. Applegarth DA, Dimmick JE & Hall JG, eds Organelle diseases. London: Chapman & Hall Medical. xvii, 454pp. 1997 0412549107

  1. Appleyard B Brave new worlds. London: Harper Collins Publishers. 188pp. 1999


  1. Armendares S & Lisker R, eds. V International Congress of human genetics.

Mexico, D.F. 10th-15th October 1976. Abstracts. Amsterdam: Excerpta Medica.

220pp. (International Congress series; no 397). 1976 9021912260

  1. Armendares, S. & Lisker, R. Human Genetics, Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Human Genetics, Mexico City, 10-15 October 1976, Excerpta Medica, Amsterdam, Oxford 1977 ISBN 9021903377

  1. Armstrong CN & Marshall AJ, eds Intersexuality in vertebrates including man.

London: Academic Press. xi, 479pp. 1964 (PEP)

  1. Ashburner M & Novitski E, eds. The genetics and biology of Drosophila. Volume

1a. London: Academic Press. xv, 486pp. 1976 0120649012 (PEP)

  1. Ashburner M & Novitski E, eds. The genetics and biology of Drosophila. Volume

1b. London: Academic Press. xv, 954pp. 1976 0120649020 (PEP)

  1. Ashburner M & Novitski E, eds. The genetics and biology of Drosophila. Volume

1c. London: Academic Press. xiii, pp955-1427. 1976 0120649039 (PEP)

  1. Ashburner M & Wright TRF, eds. The genetics and biology of Drosophila. Vol. 2d. London: Academic Press. xvi, 702pp. 1980 0120649438 (PEP)

  1. Ashby, E. Scientist in Russia, Penguin Books, First published 1947 (PSH) (2)

  1. *Ashby, Eric (1947) Scientist in Russia. Harmondsworth: Penguin.

  1. Ashley DJB Human intersex. Edinburgh; London: E. & S. Livingstone Ltd. xi,

357pp. 1962 (PEP)

  1. Ashworth, JM. Cell Differentiation. London: Chapman and Hall, 1973 ISBN: 0412117606 Outline studies in biology series

  1. Asimov, Isaac (1972) Asimov’s biographical encyclopedia of science and technology (rev. ed.). London: David & Charles. ISBN: 071537687x

  1. Asimov I The genetic code. London: John Murray Ltd. 161pp. 1964

  1. Association of British Insurers Genetic testing ABI code of practice. London:

Association of British Insurers. 28pp. 1997

  1. Auerbach, C. Genetics in the Atomic Age. Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh: Tweeddale Court, London,1956 (PSH)

  1. Auerbach C Genetics in the atomic age. 2nd ed. Edinburgh; London: Oliver & Boyd. 111pp. 1965

  1. Auerbach C Mutation: an introduction to research on mutagenesis. Part 1.

Methods. Edinburgh; London: Oliver & Boyd. 176pp. 1962 (PEP)

  1. Auerbach C. 1976 Mutation research: problems, results and perspectives. London: Chapman and Hall Ltd. xxviii, 504pp. 0470036702 (PEP)

  1. Auerbach C. 1971 Notes for introductory courses in genetics. 4th ed repr. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 42pp. 0852242190 (PEP)

  2. Aulbers, Bernard Joseph Marie. Erfelijke Aangeberon Doofheid in Zuid-Holland. Delft: Uitgeueru Waltman, undated

  1. Austin CR, ed. Sex differentiation and development. (Proceedings of Symposium

held at the Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, London, 10th-11th April

1958). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. x, 198pp. (Memoirs of the Society for Endocrinology; no 7). 1960

  1. Austin CR & Edwards RG, eds. Mechanisms of sex differentiation in animals and

man. London: Academic Press. xv, 603pp. 1981 012068540X

  1. Avery AG, Satina S & Rietsema J Blakeslee: the genus datura. New York: Ronald Press Co, xli, 289pp. 1959

  1. Ayala FJ, & Kiger JA, Modern Genetics, The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc. 1980 ISBN 0805303146 (MFS)

  1. Bach H, ed. HumangenetischeBeratung genetisch belasteter Personen. Bericht der internationalen wissenchaftlichen Tagung vom 13. bis 17. Mai 1974, in

Muhlhausen/Thuringen. Jena: Friedrich Schiller Universitat. 225pp. 1975

  1. Baer AS, ed Heredity and society: readings in social genetics. New York: The

Macmillan Company, ix, 382pp. 1973 (PEP)

  1. Bailey, Joseph A. Disproportionate Short Stature: Diagnosis and Management. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 1973 ISBN: 0721614701

  1. Bailey, Norman T. J. (1961) Introduction to the mathematical theory of genetic linkage. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

  1. Bailey, Norman T. J. (1959) Statistical methods in biology. London: English Universities Press

  1. Bainbridge BW Genetics of microbes. 2nd ed. Glasgow; London: Blackie. x, 214pp. (Tertiary Level Biology;). 1987 041201291X

  1. Bajema CJ, ed Eugenics, then and now. Stroudsburg, PA. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, Inc. xv, 382pp. (Benchmark Papers in Genetics; vol 5). 1976 0470149906 (PEP)

  1. Bajema CJ, ed Natural selection in human populations. The measurement of ongoing genetic evolution in contemporary societies. New York; London: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. viii, 406pp. 1971 047104380x (PEP)

  1. Bajer AS & Mole-Bajer J. 1972 Spindle dynamics and chromosome movements. New York; London: Academic Press. xi, 271pp. 0123643635 (PEP)

  1. Baker DL, Schuette JL & Uhlmann WR, eds A guide to genetic counseling. New York; Chichester. Wiley-Liss. xxii, 433pp. 1998 0471188670

  1. Baker WK. 1965 Genetic analysis. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd. 180pp. (PEP)

  1. Bakker E Duchenne muscular dystrophy: carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis

by DNA analysis. New mutation and mosaicism. Leiden: Rijksuniversiteit. 117pp. 1989 9090031332

  1. Balasubramanian, D. (2001) The mother of all genes: and other adventures in popular science. Hyderabad: Universities Press (India) Ltd.ISBN: 8173713820

  1. Balbi R L'evoluzione stratificata. Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane. xiv, 497pp.

1965 (PEP)

  1. Baldwin, Ernest. An Introduction to Comparative Biochemistry. 4th ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1964

  1. Baldwin, Ernest (1947) Dynamic aspects of biochemistry. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  1. Balkwill F Amazing schemes within your genes. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books,

Inc. 32pp. 1993 0876146353

  1. Balkwill F Cell Wars. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books, Inc. 32pp. 1993


  1. Balkwill F Cells are us. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books, Inc. 32pp. 1993


  1. Balkwill F DNA is here to stay. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books, Inc. 32pp.

1993 0876146388

  1. Ballonoff P, ed. Genetics and social structure: mathematical structuralism in

population genetics and social theory. Stroudsburg; PA: Dowden, Hutchinson &

Ross, Inc. xv, 504pp. Benchmark papers in genetics. 1974 0879330678

  1. Baltzer F, Theodor Boveri, Life and Work of a Great Biologist (1862- 1915), Translated from the German by Dorothea Rudnick, University of California Press, 1967 (PSH)

  1. Bandman EL & Bandman B, eds. 1978 Bioethics and human rights: a reader for health professionals. Boston: Little, Brown. xix, 386pp. 0316079987 (PEP)

  1. Bandmann HJ & Breit R, eds. Klinefelter's syndrome. Berlin: Springer. xiv,

229pp. 1984 3540132678

  1. Baraitser M, The Genetics of Neurological Disorders, Oxford University Press, 1982 Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics, ISBN 0192611550 (PSH)

  1. Baraitser M, The Genetics of Neurological Disorders, Second Edition, Oxford University Press 1990 Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics, ISBN 019261813X (PSH)

  1. Baraitser M The genetics of neurological disorders. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford

University Press. vii, 443pp. (Oxford Monographs on Molecular Genetics; no 34). (Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics; no 34). 1997 0192628143

  1. Barakat AY, Der Kaloustian VM, Mufarrij AA & Birbari AE The kidney in genetic

disease. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. xi, 361pp. (Genetics in Medicine and

Surgery;) 1986 044302104X

  1. Barigozzi C & Ghidoni A Cromosomi e meccanismi ereditari. Torino: UTET. 231pp. 1976 (PEP)

  1. Barltrop D, ed. 1976 Aspects of genetics in paediatrics. (Scientific proceedings of the 3rd Unigate workshop held at the Royal College of Physicians, St Andrew's Place, London NW1, May 1975.) London: Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine. vii, 114pp. 095018392X (PEP) (2)

  1. Barnett A The human species. Rev. ed. Harmondsworth: Pelican Books Ltd. 354pp. 1961 (PEP)

  1. Barnett SA, ed A century of Darwin. London: Heinemann. xv, 376pp. 1958


  1. Barrett PH, ed. The collected papers of Charles Darwin volumes I with a foreword

by Theodosius Dobzhansky. Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press. xviii, 277pp. 1977 0226136574 (PEP)

  1. Barrett PH, ed The collected papers of Charles Darwin volume II with a foreward

by Theodosius Dobxhansky. Chicago; London: The University of Chicago Press. viii, 326pp. 1977 0226136575 (PEP)

  1. Barron S.L & Roberts D.F (1995) Issues in Fetal Medicine. St Martin’s Press & The Galton Institute

  1. Barrow, John D. (1992) Pi in the sky: counting, thinking and being. Oxford: Clarendon Press. ISBN: 0198539568

  1. Bartalos M (ed) 1968 Genetics in Medical Practice. Pitman Medical Publishing Co, London (PSH)

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  1. Bartsocas, Christos S (ed). Progress in Dermatoglyphic Research: Based on the Proceedings of the International Conference on Dermatoglphyics, Athens, Greece September 20 - 23 1981. New York: Alan R. Liss, 1982 ISBN: 084510084X

  1. Bates G, Harper PS, Jones L, Huntington’s Disease, Third Edition, Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics 45, Oxford University Press, 2002 ISBN 0198510608

  1. Bateson, William (1894) Materials for the study of variation: treated with especial regard to discontinuity in the origin of species. London: Macmillan

  1. Bateson, W. Mendel’s Principles of Heredity, The Classics of Medicine Library, Published by Leslie B Adams Jr., 1990 (PSH)

  1. Bateson, W. 1996 Mendel’s Principles of Heredity – A Defence, Genetics Heritage Press, 1996 Originally published 1902, Cambridge University Press (PSH)

  1. Bateson, William (1913) Problems of genetics. New Haven: Yale Uni Press

  1. Bateson W. Problems of Genetics, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1979 ISBN 0-300-02435-5

  1. Bateson, William (1908) The Methods and Scope of Genetics: An Inaugural Lecture delivered 23 October 1908. Cambridge University Press Warehouse

  1. Baumann N, Federico A & Suzuki K, eds. Late onset neurometabolic genetic

disorders: from clinical to molecular aspects of lysosomal and peroxisomal

disease. Basel; London: Karger, pp183-376. (Dev Neurosci; vol 13 (4-5)).


  1. Baur E, Fischer E and Lenz F, Human heredity (translated by Eden & Cedar Paul), London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd 1931 (PSH) (2)

  1. Beale, Geoffrey & Knowles, Jonathan (1978) Extranuclear genetics. London: Edward Arnold. ISBN: 0713126418

  1. Beale, G.H. (1954) The genetics of Paramecium aurelia (Cambridge monographs in experimental biology, no. 2). Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press.

  1. Bearn AG, Motulsky AG, Childs, B (Eds) Progress in Medical Genetics, Volume VI, Genetics of Neurological Disorders, Praeger Publishers 1985 ISBN 0030017696 (PSH)

  1. Becker, Peter Emil. Ausgewählte wissenschaftliche Arbeiten / von Peter Emil Becker. 1993

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band 1/1.

Grundlinien, Terminologie, Methoden. Geschichte der Humangenetik.

Abstammungsgeschichte. Chromosomen. Mass-und Formmerkmale. Entwicklung, Konstitution, Geschlecht. Normale Merkmale von Haut-und Anhanggebilden. Stuttgart: George Thieme Verlag. 535pp. 1968

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band 1/2.

Merkmale des Gesichts. Schmecken und Riechen. Merkmale der Glidemawsen. Papillarleisten. Psychologie. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 572pp. 1969

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Baden. Band 1/3.

Protein-und Enzymvarianten. Stuttgart: George Thieme Verlag. 662pp. 1975


  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band 1/4.

Blutgruppen. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 571pp. 1972 3133056018

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangbenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band II.

Kyematopathien. Wachstum und Korperform. Skeletsystem. Gliedmassen. Zahne, Mund und Kiefer. Kopf und Wirbelsaule. Rippen. Becken. Schultergurtel. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 663pp. 1964

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Baden. Band III/1.

Stoffwechsel. Innere Sekretion. Urogenitalsystem. Myopathien. Allergie.

Rheumatischer Formenkreis. Infektionskrankheiten. Maligne Tumoren. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 719pp. 1964

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band III/2. Anomalien. Fehlbildungen und Krankheiten der Verdauungsorgane, der Bronchien und der Lunge und des Herz- und Gefasssystems. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 564pp. 1972 3133051016

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band IV. Augen. Ohren. Nase. Hals. Haut und Anhanggebilde. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 556pp. 1964

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band V/1.

Krankheiten des Nervensystems. Stuttgart: Georg Thiem Verlag. 577pp. 1966

  1. Becker PE, ed. Humangenetik: Ein kurzes Handbuch in funf Banden. Band V/2.

Psychiatrische Krankheiten. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. 613pp. 1967

  1. Becker PE, Lenz W, Vogel F, Wendt GG (Eds) Topics in Human Genetics, Vol III, Georg Thieme Publishers Stuttgart 1977 ISBN 3132248010 (PSH)

  1. Beckman L Isozyme variations in man. Basel; New York: S Karger. 75pp.

(Monographs in Human Genetics; vol 1). 1966

  1. Beckwith J, Making Genes, Making Waves, A Social Activist in Science, Harvard University Press 2002 ISBN 0674009282 (PSH)

  1. Beerman W, ed. 1972 Developmental studies on giant chromosomes. Berlin; New York: Springer-Verlag. xiii, 227pp. 354005748X (PEP)

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society. New York: Raven Press. xvi, 540pp. (Miles International Symposium

series; no 10). 1977 0890041318

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  1. Beighton, Peter. Inherited Disorders of the Skeleton. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone Ltd, 1978 ISBN: 0443017247 Genetics in Medicine and Surgery. Series editor: Alan EH Emery

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