Comparison between cricket and football

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Comparison between cricket and football

Some differences between cricket and football that stand out immediately is the pace of the game, with football being played at a faster speed with players running from end to end. In cricket, however, the game is played at a slow tempo with breaks between bowls and Overs. This could be down to football being more of a team sport which requires players to the length of the pitch. In addition, there is a limited period in a football game as a normal game would last 90 minutes, whereas in cricket a more relaxed atmosphere could be down to the players having most of the day to play in some forms of cricket. The more relaxed nature of cricket could also be down to the fans as cricket fans are generally less loud than football fans, who are normally very loud at matches and critical of the players, putting them under pressure and forcing them to perform.

There also seems to be more respect between players in cricket as the game is played in good spirits and the dressing rooms are equally as good and are positioned next to one another, whereas in football an away dress is normally designed in a way that hinders the opposition. Again this is partly because of the fans as members from rival clubs will sit in amongst each other without separation. In a football match, however, away fans in particular have to be heavily stewarded and are housed in a area of the ground away from home fans. This could be down to the fact that cricket is played in a better spirit so there is less chance of rival fans clashing as well as the fact that county matches can often be quite far away from each other and played during the day which would not be practical for many fans to attend, decreasing the chance of any unrest at cricket games.
Another comparison that could be made is that there is less cheating in cricket than there is in football, where players often dive, going down without any contact on them in order to win a free kick, a penalty or perhaps get one of the opposition players sent off. This doesn’t happen in cricket, which could be because the game is played at a slower speed so it is much harder to get a rival player in trouble as well as the fact that cricket isn’t a contact sport whereas football is, making it much easier to simulate contact from another opposition player.

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