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Outstanding African-American Student of Alabama

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Outstanding African-American Student of Alabama

  • Nomination only accepted

  • March

  • Contact: (205) 888-7770 or (205) 979-8004 Elanni Publishing PO Box 95 Birmingham, AL 35201

Organization of Black Airline Pilot/Aviation Scholars 
Annually awarded scholarship is for minority students, especially blacks, interested in aviation.  All minority students interested in flying are eligible.  Sponsored by the Organization of Black Airline Pilots and the Summer Flying School in Tuskegee, AL. Average award is $1000.  Number of awards and due dates may vary.
Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
Organization of Black Airline Pilot/Aviation Scholars 
20 N Van Brunt St-Suite 200
Englewood, NJ  07631 
(201) 568-8145


Presidential Freedom Scholarships

  • $1,000

  • Recognition of outstanding leadership in service to community

  • 100 contributed in past 12 months prior to applying

  • Will attend accredited 2 or 4 year school

  • Contact:

Papa John’s Pizza Scholarship

  • $1,000

  • standard with emphasis on extra curricular activities

  • November

  • Contact: 800-865-9373

Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship

  • Must have evidence of Epilepsy

  • 250 word essay

  • Contact: Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship Award c/o IntraMed Educational Group

  1. 230 Park Avenue South, 10th Floor New York, NY 10003

Prichard Housing Authority

  • Monetary award for study at accredited college

  • Must reside in public housing

  • Submit transcript, reference letters

  • March

  • Contact: Prichard Housing Authority 800 Hinson Ave. Prichard, AL 36610

Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. National Sorority

  • Education major

  • Monetary award

  • Financial need

  • November

  • Contact: Margaret Hope 1104 South Drive Mobile, AL 36605

Police Officer’s and Firefighter’s Survivor’s Educational Assistance Program

  • Dependent or spouse of a police officer or firefighter killed or disabled in the line of duty in Alabama.

  • Tuition, fees, books, and supplies

Contact: Alabama Commission on High Education PO Box 302000

Montgomery, AL 36130-2000 (334)242-2273

Presbyterian Church Native American Education Grant

  • Indian, Aleut, or Eskimo student pursuing post-secondary education.  Amount: $200- $1,500. 
    Contact: Presbyterian Church Native American Education Grant
    Financial Aid for Studies
    100 Witherspoon St.
    Louisville KY  40202-1396

    Presbyterian Church Native American Seminary Scholarship
    Applicant must be Native American, US Citizen, Presbyterian and majoring in Religion or Theology.  Amount varies.
    Contact: Awards Officer
    Presbyterian Church-USA
    100 Witherspoon Street, Room MO52B
    Louisville, KY  40202

Private Colleges and Universities Scholarship
For all students of color who are currently residents of the US and who plan to enroll in a baccalaureate degree program in 2006 at one of the specified colleges and universities are eligible for consideration.  From among those who apply, semi- finalists and winners will be selected on the basis of their academic merit and on their service to their community.  Deadline: November 5.  Amount: $1000.  Up to 20 awards are given.
Contact: Private Colleges and Universities
Scholarship Program
239 Littleton Road
Suite 8A
Westford, MA  01886

Al Qoyawayma Award
Awarded to undergraduate, American Indian students studying Science, Engineering and Arts.  Amount: $2,000 per year.  Deadline: June 15.
Contact: George Bird Grinell
American Indian Children’s Fund
Box 47H
Dover Plains, NY  12522
Donna Reed Performing Arts Festival Technical/Stage Design Scholarship
Deadline: April 1.  Amount: Participation in a festival, including transportation, lodging, and full tuition plus a $150 stipend will be provided.  Criteria: You must be a US Citizen.
Reformed Church in America/Minority Education Fund
Annual award for minority student members of the Reformed Church in America.  Applicant must be a member of the Reformed Church in America, show leadership ability, demonstrate financial need, have been accepted to a Reformed Church of America school, and show educational potential.  The amount varies with need. 
Contact: Scholarship Coordinator
Reformed Church in America
75 Riverside Dr-18th floor
New York, NY  10115 
(212) 870-3071
React/Take Action Awards
Annual scholarships of up to $20,000 for students between the ages of 12 and 18 who have taken action in their community by fighting racism, helping the homeless, working for student’s rights, dealing with the environment or other significant community actions.

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

  • Minority Students Financial Need

  • $6,000

  • Contact:

Radio Shack Tandy Scholars Program

Regions Financial Corp. / Right Way Scholarship Program

  • Contact: Regions’ Right Way Scholarship c/o Scholarship Program Administrators, Inc.

PO Box 23737

Nashville, TN 37202-3737

  • Request application from above

Jimmy Rane Foundation

  • Academic /leadership & community involvement

  • Financial Need

  • Contact: Jimmy Rane Foundation PO Box 610

  1. Abbeville, AL36310

Ride Aid / UNCF Pharmacy Scholarships

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