Child Welfare Program

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Child Welfare Program

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Department of Social Work

Dear Prospective Child Welfare Program Scholar:

Thank you for your interest in MSU Mankato’s Department of Social Work and the Minnesota MSW Title IV-E Child Welfare Program (CWP) offered in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This program provides opportunities for professional development in addition to financial support for selected graduate social work students planning to work in the public child welfare service system. The purpose of the program is to support the recruitment, education, and or retention of a well-prepared public child welfare work force to enhance the service delivery system in Minnesota.

Public Child Welfare Services

Public child welfare services are those provided by state, tribal, or county governmental agencies. These social services promote the welfare of all children through child protection, foster care, adoption, family services, and tribal social services. The following definition of child welfare services appear in the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980, Part B, Section 425 (a) (1):

The term “child welfare services” means public social services, which are directed toward the accomplishment of the following purposes: (A) Protecting and promoting the welfare of all children, including handicapped, homeless, dependent, or neglected children; (B) Preventing or remedying, or assisting in the solution of problems which may result in the neglect, abuse, exploitation, or delinquency of children; (C) Preventing the unnecessary separation of children from their families by identifying family problems, assisting families in resolving their problems, and preventing breakup of the family where the prevention of child removal is desirable and possible; (D) Restoring to their families children who have been removed, by the provision of services to the child and the families; (E) Placing children in suitable adoptive homes, in cases where restoration to the biological family is not possible or appropriate; and (F) Assuring adequate care of children away from their homes, in cases where the child cannot be returned home or cannot be placed for adoption.


The MSUM Department of Social Work scholar awards are supported by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the US Department of Children, Youth and Families Title IV-E Training Grants. Selected scholars receive advising, professional development, training, and stipend awards. The stipend award is $10,050.00 per student, per year ($3,000 for fall semester, $3,525 for spring and, $3,525 for summer). All awards are contingent on continued federal funding and an annual grant renewal process. Should federal funding become unavailable or should the grant not be renewed, neither MSU, M nor the Department of Social Work are responsible for continued funding. The stipends are taxable income and will be disbursed once each semester through MSU Mankato’s student payroll. The Office of Financial Aid is also notified of your student stipend recipient status. This may impact other financial aid and recipients are encouraged to consult with the financial aid office.

Child Welfare Program Application Requirements*

Students who are selected for the Child Welfare Program must:

  • be prepared to meet all academic, training, and professional development requirements;

  • provide documentation of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency (driver’s license or passport);

  • complete an essay addressing interest and commitment to practice, career goals, and commitment to culturally relevant practice in public child welfare;

  • sign Statement of Understanding (enclosed);

  • undergo a background check upon acceptance into the CWP;

  • commit to working in public child welfare upon completion of the MSW program, following an employment protocol.

*COMPLETE expectations for completion of the MSW Title IV-E Child Welfare Program can be found in the Student Handbook (on-line ).

Selection Criteria

Applications are reviewed by CWP faculty members. Applicants are notified of the decision in writing within 2-3 weeks after the application deadline. Stipend recipients will be selected using the above requirements and the following criteria:

  1. Successful submission of all application material.

  2. Successful applicants will have the commitment and ability to be educated and employed in the public child welfare field.

  3. Past professional and/or para-professional experience in child welfare can be in child protection, adoptions, foster care, and contracted agencies and agencies/organizations working with vulnerable/at-risk children. Volunteer experience is also accepted.

  4. Successful applicants should be developing competency in, and commitment to, culturally sensitive practice with ethnic minorities, diverse communities, underserved populations, and people not of the applicant’s own racial, ethnic, or cultural identification.

Renewal of Scholar Stipend

Scholars are eligible to continue to receive this stipend for each of the semesters ($3,000 for fall semester, $3,525 for spring and, $3,525 for summer) in which they are enrolled, provided they meet all program requirements. The continuation of this stipend is contingent upon continued MN DHS funding, compliance with all academic standards of the MSW and Graduate College, and satisfactorily meeting the requirements for participation as a Child Welfare Program scholar. Scholars will be asked to review and re-sign a Memorandum of Agreement each semester they are part of the CWP.
Thank you for your interest in our program. We are delighted that you are considering making a contribution as a professional social worker to the welfare of the children and families. If you have questions about the Child Welfare Program as you complete this application, please do not hesitate to contact MSUM Department of Social Work MSW Child Welfare Program Coordinator, Robin R. Wingo, MSW, LISW at 50777-389-5084 or Additional information about the Department of Social Work is available on the webpage at

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Program is offered in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Department of Social Work, Minnesota State University. Program continuation is contingent upon on funding from the federal Title IV-E Program as part of P.L. 96-272 (Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act).

MSW Title IV-E Child Welfare Program

Department of Social Work

Minnesota State University, Mankato

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (do not submit Introductory or Instruction pages)
APPLICATIONS ARE DUE no later than the end of business on 24 April 2015 IN THE MSU MANKATO’S DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK.
READ the instructions closely. Handwritten applications and essays will not be accepted.

  1. Complete the Application form

  2. Respond to the 3 required essay questions instructions that appear on page 5.

  3. Read, sign, and submit the Statement of Understanding (page 5).

  4. Submit the application, your essay, and other required forms, in hard copy to Robin R. Wingo, MSW, LISW, Department of Social Work, 358 Trafton Science Center North, Mankato MN 56001 OR by email to

Please consult Robin R. Wingo via email at if you have questions regarding your eligibility or the application.

APPLICATION CHECKLIST for your use. Do not submit with application.

  • I have read the application packet and the Student Handbook.

  • My application is completed.

  • I have completed and attached three typed essays.

  • I have read and signed the Statement of Understanding.

  • I have sent or delivered the completed documents to Robin R. Wingo.

MSU,M Department of Social Work

MSW Title IV-E Child Welfare Program Application
Please provide the following:

Name Tech I.D (if available)

Permanent Address

City, State, Zip

School Address



Email Address :

Permanent U.S. Citizen?

Yes _______ No________

(attach documentation – copy of birth certificate or driver’s license)

Contact Person and Telephone Number:

  1. Academic Information

Accepted into Traditional MSW program ____, beginning classes _________________________________


Accepted into Advanced Standing MSW program, ____beginning classes____________________________

Any alterations to your acceptance into the MSW program must be reported and WILL affect participation in this program.

  1. Have you previously received Title IV-E funding as an undergraduate?

No____ (skip to Employment) Yes____ (complete this section)
Name of school or institution with which you were funded:___________________________________

Are you employed in state, tribal, or county child welfare currently? No___ Yes___ Where?_____________________________________________________________________________

How much employment are you committed to? _________months

How much employment have you completed? _________months

Have you requested a delay of your employment requirement. Yes___ No___

Who have you contacted? (provide name and telephone number)__________________________________

  1. Employment and/or Volunteer Experience Information

Please submit a resume that clearly describes agencies, locations, tasks or responsibilities, and dates for all child welfare or human service related work, paid or volunteer.

  1. Essays

Please respond to each question with a 1 to 2 page essay that is typed, double-spaced, and uses standard 12pnt font and 1” margins. Attach each essay to this application.

  1. Discuss your interest in, and commitment to, working in public child welfare services. Provide examples from your past work, volunteer and/or academic experiences.

  1. Describe your professional and career goals and how studies in child welfare will assist you to achieve these goals.

  1. Describe your commitment to culturally sensitive and culturally responsive social work practice, particularly with persons often served by public child welfare services. Illustrate this commitment with examples from your own experiences.

Statement of Understanding
I, ________________________ (print name), certify that I am a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and I am an admitted MSW student in good standing with the Department of Social Work and the College of Graduate Studies at MSU Mankato. I have read and understand the application and the Student Handbook related to the MSUM Department of Social Work Minnesota MSW Title IV-E Child Welfare Program.
If I am awarded a Child Welfare Scholar Program stipend, I understand that

  • I must provide documentation to the program director that a Department of Human Services background check has been conducted prior to receiving the first stipend payment. The program director will assist with this process.

  • the MSUM financial aid office will be informed of this stipend and that the stipend may affect my financial aid,

  • I must maintain my good standing in the MSW Social Work program and the College of Graduate Studies,

  • I must be registered as a full time student each semester that I receive the stipend,

  • I must attend the required workshops and/or seminars,

  • I must complete the required social work child welfare elective and placements, and

  • I understand that if I want to continue my stipend status for more than one semester, I must complete the documentation required by the Child Welfare Program Staff.

Further, I understand that I will be required to sign a formal contract that includes details of the payback portion of the MSW TIV-E CWSP.


The Title IV-E Child Welfare Program is offered in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Department of Social Work, Minnesota State University. Program continuation is contingent upon on funding from the federal Title IV-E Program as part of P.L. 96-272 (Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act).

MSU Mankato, MSW Child Welfare Stipend Program Application – rrw – revised 20 March 2015.

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