Chapter 17: central and east africa in the nineteenth century further reading for western and central Africa

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For western and central Africa see:

R. Gray and D. Birmingham (eds.), Pre-colonial African Trade. Essays on trade in east and central Africa before 1900 (OUP, London, 1970)

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For the Great Lakes region see:

J.-P. Chrétien, The Great Lakes of Africa: Two Thousand Years of History (translated by Scott Straus from the original French edition (2000), Zone Books, New York, 2003)

R. J. Reid, Political Power in Pre-colonial Buganda (James Currey, Oxford and Ohio UP, Athens, 2002)

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M. S. M. Kiwanuka, A History of Buganda: from the foundation of the kingdom to 1900 (Longman, London, 1971)

For east Africa and the slave trade see:

B. A. Ogot (ed.), Kenya Before 1900: eight regional studies (EAPH, Nairobi, 1976)

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A. Sheriff, Slaves, Spices and Ivory in Zanzibar. Integration of an East African Commercial Empire into the World Economy, 1770-1873 (James Currey, London, 1987)

F. Cooper, Plantation Slavery on the East Coast of Africa (Heinemann, Oxford, 1997)

P. M. Larson, History and Memory in the Age of Enslavement: Becoming Merina in Highland Madagascar, 1770-1822 (James Currey, Oxford and Heinemann, Portsmouth NH, 2000), the impact of the east African slave trade on Madagascar during the period of the rise of the Merina kingdom.

For Madagascar, with particular reference to the Menalamba revolt (discussed in Additional Debate for chapter 17, p.262):

H. Deschamps, Histoire de Madagascar (Berger-Levrault, Paris, 1972)

B. A. Gow, Madagascar and the Protestant Impact. The Work of the British Missions, 1818-95 (Longman, London and Africana Publishing Co., New York, 1979)

S. Ellis, The Rising of the Red Shawls. A Revolt in Madagascar, 1895-1899 (CUP, Cambridge, 1985)

G. Campbell, “Missionaries, Fanompoana and the Menalamba Revolt in late nineteenth century Madagascar”, Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol.15, No.1 (1988), pp. 54-73

G. Campbell, “The Adoption of Autarky in Imperial Madagascar, 1820-1835”, Journal of African History, XXVIII, 3 (1987), pp. 395-411

G. Campbell, “Slavery and Fanompoana: The Structure of Forced Labour in Imerina (Madagascar), 1790-1861”, Journal of African History, XXIX, 2 (1988), pp. 463-86

G. Campbell, An Economic History of Imperial Madagascar: the Rise and Fall of an Island Empire (CUP, Cambridge, 2005)

See also:

M. Brown, History of Madagascar (Markus Weiner, Princeton, 2000)

S. Randrianja and S. Ellis, Madagascar. A Short History (Hurst & Co., London, 2009)

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