Maximising youth voting ­­­ By: Parul PurwarMaximising youth voting ­­­ By: Parul Purwar
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Bollywood song and dance sequences Lagaan and the role of music in Bollywood cinemaBollywood song and dance sequences Lagaan and the role of music in Bollywood cinema
Clearly one of the most distinctive aspects of popular Indian cinema is its music. In this
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Tom Campbell’s Proposal for a Democratic Bill of RightsTom Campbell’s Proposal for a Democratic Bill of Rights
This article was first published in the Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, Volume 34, pp. 272-282, 2009
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Guide to Writing Argumentative EssaysGuide to Writing Argumentative Essays
Using the first person weakens your argument. Say Funding for the space station is imperative to maintain America's competitive edge in the global economy
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The argumentative essayThe argumentative essay
Thus ‘focus’ states in a single word the need to inform your reader of the subject matter of your essay
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Controlling Political Corruption: Conceptual and Practical IssuesControlling Political Corruption: Conceptual and Practical Issues
Finally, I offer a few thoughts on how corruption might be controlled and the role of social trust in anti-corruption strategies
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Oratio Obliqua, Oratio Recta : An Essay on MetarepresentationOratio Obliqua, Oratio Recta : An Essay on Metarepresentation
This is the phenomenon known as metarepresentation. Thus we can think or talk about speech or thought, whether our own or someone else's, as in the following example
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Facilities available for aa group meetingsFacilities available for aa group meetings
To someone who has never heard them before, it's often very hard to follow along. It seems that what is needed is an aa to English dictionary for those just beginning in the program. This page is the start of one attempt at such a
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William R. FitzsimmonsWilliam R. Fitzsimmons
Nd could reasonably be expected to do well there. They have good gpa scores and sats. How does Harvard decide whom to admit? Are there objective criteria? If so can you describe them?
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Phm 3020 Philosophy of LovePhm 3020 Philosophy of Love
According to Kierkegaard, "love is our greatest need," and yet the philosophy of love has been lacking in our universities and departments of philosophy
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Can I call you Dick? Tessa LairdCan I call you Dick? Tessa Laird
I've been giving copies to my friends, convinced that exposure to Chris Kraus' raw-nerve-ending style will provide the catharsis necessary to anyone existing within any kind of "art scene"
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Education White PaperEducation White Paper
My mandate was to bring forward a new grant program aimed at the improvement of higher education. My first major task –a rite of passage for new Pew program directors—was to write a "white paper" for Pew’s Board of Directors that set forth my view of what the focus
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Aristotle’s Moral and Political Philosophy by Ralph McInernyAristotle’s Moral and Political Philosophy by Ralph McInerny
Aristotle does not deny that there is a sense in which the morally immature man can learn ethics, but its true import, which is not for knowledge but for action, will be lost on such a student
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Contents. Introduction Chapter OneContents. Introduction Chapter One
Chapter Five: Encouraging a sense of wonder, mystery and awe in the natural world
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Sample i-search paper living with asthmaSample i-search paper living with asthma
I had been suffering from a very stubborn cold. Questions started going through my head as I listened to Dr. Davis explain my condition. I’m in high school. Aren’t I too old to get asthma now? How can I stay on the softball team?
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