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General Information
The Meriam Library collections contain many resources pertaining to Asian Americans and Asians living in the United States; however the total number of Asian American works available probably is less than that for blacks and Hispanics who represent a larger proportion of the population. The purpose of this selective bibliography is to introduce you to some of the resources which focus on the unique experiences of Asians living in the United States and not on those which deal with Asians living in Asian countries. Although most of the examples listed below deal with Asian American groups identified as Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Indochinese Americans, the collections contain information about other groups as well. Book and nonprint materials can be located by searching the library catalog under the following or similar subject headings:
Asian Americans Filipinos--United States

Chinese Americans Filipino Americans

Chinese--United States Filipino Americans In Business

Chinese In The United States Japanese Americans

Chinese In California Japanese In The United States

Vietnamese Americans Korean Americans

Minority Business Enterprises--United States Refugees--Vietnam
For more information on these and more specific subject headings, consult the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS SUBJECT HEADINGS, copies of which can be found near the many library catalog terminals throughout the library building. Although the subject headings found here are intended to be used with the library catalog, they can be useful for locating other resources listed in the periodical indexes and the abstracts.
Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
Encyclopedias generally provide concise background and introductory information along with references for further reading. Use the index volume for locating information in an encyclopedia. Dictionaries provide definitions of terms although some may be encyclopedic in nature.
Asian American Encyclopedia Ref E184 06 A827
Six volume set includes more than 2,000 entries and more than 1,100 illustrations arranged alphabetically by word rather than by letter.
Dictionary of Asian American History (1986) Ref E184 06 D53
Divided into essays and entries. In addition, an extensive bibliography on literature about Asian Americans, an up-to-date historical chronology of Asians in America, a census report on people of Asian descent living in the United States and a general subject index.

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (1980) fo E184 A1 H35
The core of this encyclopedia consists of 106 signed essays on ethnic groups, ranging in length from 3,000 to 40,000 words. Each essay touches on origins, migration, arrival, settlement, economic and social life, religion, culture, education, politics, and maintenance of ethnicity. Includes bibliographies, maps, and statistical tables. Copies are held in Limited Loan.
A directory is a book listing name and addresses of a city, district, or organization; also a particular category of people. A handbook is a guide or instruction on a certain subject; also a reference book in a certain field.
Asian Americans Information Directory (1992) Ref E184 06 A85
A directory comprising of more than 5,200 listings of resources which provide information on a broad range of topics relating to the Asian American community, including culture, heritage, economics, business, social concerns, politics, employment, language and migration.
East and Southeast Asian Material Culture

in North America (1989) Ref E184 06 H37
A directory of collections, historical sites and festivals.
Statistical Record of Asian Americans Ref E184 06 S73
A comprehensive record of the Asian/Pacific Islander population. Data gathered by a wide variety of government, non-government, and Asian/Pacific Islander sources.
A subject bibliography lists references on a specific topic such as books, journal articles, reports and other resources which may be of interest and useful for completing your research. Several subject bibliographies are available in the Meriam Library. To locate additional bibliographies on Asian Americans not listed below, enter a subject heading such as FILIPINO AMERICANS--BIBLIOGRAPHY or CHINESE AMERICANS--CALIFORNIA--BIBLIOGRAPHY in the library catalog. Bibliographies usually also can be found accompanying most scholarly books and journal articles.
Demography of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the

United States (1984) Ref E184 A1 M64
An annotated bibliography with a review essay. Has author index, minority/subject index along with figures and tables. Look under ASIAN AMERICANS in the minority/subject index for information on Asian-Indians, Chinese, East Indians, Filipinos, Japanese, and Koreans in the United States.
Ethnic Information Sources of the United States (1976) Ref E184 A1 W27
More than a list of books, pamphlets, and audiovisuals, this is a guide to information sources on more than 100 ethnic peoples arranged alphabetically by group name.

A Selected Bibliography on the Asian in America (1981) Ref E184 O6 W65
Although the author places his emphasis on Asians in the Hawaiian Islands, he includes significant legal cases in Asian-American history and sources on Asians in America during the early historical period. Use the Table of Contents since the bibliography lacks an index. No annotations.
Indexes and Abstracts
Current as well as historical information can be located by using the many indexes and abstracts located on the second floor of the library and the ReSEARCH Station. An abstract, in addition to telling you where to find an article as the indexes do, also provides a summary (called an "abstract") of the article, book, etc.
America: History and Life Ind E171 A55 and Workstation #227
Abstracts and bibliographical citations of articles on history and culture of the United States and Canada from prehistoric times to the present. Annual and five-year cumulative indexes. Read the User's Guide. Uses headings like: Asian Americans; Chinese Americans; Chinatowns; California, Chinese; Nisei Farmers League. Also look under the names of states with geographical subdivisions such as "California" (San Francisco Bay Area).
General BusinessFile ReSEARCH Station
Business emphasis using such subject headings as: Asian Americans; Asian American consumers; Asian Americans in Business; Koreans in the United States, etc.
Expanded Academic Index ASAP ReSEARCH Station
Indexes scholarly and professional journals in the humanities, sciences and social sciences. Full text for selected recent journals.
Psychological Abstracts Ind BF1 P65
Lists new books, journal articles, technical reports, and other scientific documents, with a signed abstract of each. Author and subject indexes. Use subject heading, Asians.
Public Affairs Information Service Ind H1 P9 and ReSEARCH Station
Usually cited as PAIS, this is a subject index to current literature relating to economic and social conditions. Indexes books, documents, pamphlets, reports of public and private agencies as well as articles in periodicals. Very useful for political science, government, legislation, economics, sociology, etc. Look under: Asian Americans; Asians in the United States.
Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature Ind AI3 R4
Use for general information in the popular magazines. Examples of headings used include: Asian Americans, Asians in the United States, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans, Chinatown (New York), Refugees, Vietnamese, etc.

Social Sciences Citation Index Ind H1 S63
Read the general introduction and the descriptions of the various parts of this index prior to using it. Use the Permuterm Index for key words (subjects) such as: Asian Americans; Chinese Americans, etc.
Newspaper Indexes
The library subscribes to a number of newspaper indexing services. Among them are indexes to the San Francisco Chronicle; Los Angeles Times; New York Times; Christian Science Monitor; Wall Street Journal; and others. Subjects used vary from index to index.
Newsbank Plus ind AI3 N559 and LocalNet
Newsbank is a current awareness reference service providing access to articles from the newspapers of over 450 large and small U.S. cities. An advantage of Newsbank is that full text articles are reproduced on microfiche and are available along with the printed indexes. Newsbank indexes under the subject headings: Asian Americans; Indochinese Americans.
Human Relations Area File Workstation #228
The HRAF is a microform collection of mostly primary source materials on approximately 325 primitive, historical, and contemporary cultures. During the year 1986, HRAF began work on a series of ethnic minority files which will provide a rich sampling of the varieties of ethnic life in the United States. American ethnic groups to be included initially include the Chicano, the American Blacks, the Cherokee, and the Amish. To date, HRAF has not scheduled a file for any Asian American group.
Government Publications

The Meriam Library is a depository for United States Federal documents, for California State documents, and also subscribes to a microform collection of United Nations documents. These collections are a productive source of information especially for statistical material. For more information inquire at the Government Publications reference desk. A useful index to periodicals issued by the United States government is the following:

Index to U.S. Government Periodicals LocalNet
An index by author and subject to selected government periodicals. Use subjects: Japanese Americans, Asian Americans, Hmong, Refugees, Vietnam--Refugees, etc.
GPO Government Publications Catalog ReSEARCH Station
Contains references to books, reports, studies, serials, maps, and other publications of the U.S. Government.

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