Building Communities of Teaching and Learning Through Technology

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Building Communities of Teaching and Learning Through Technology

  • Hope Hartman and Campbell Dalglish, CCNY
  • CUNY General Education Conference May 4, 2007

What does HyLighter look like? How does it work?

  • The official HyLighter site:
  • Take a tour on your own time!
  • A CCNY area with my data:

HyLighter: Online Interactive Annotation

  • What are students thinking?
    • Their thinking becomes externalized as they mark up text and/or graphic documents
  • How can students learn from and with others?
  • Students compare their ideas with those of other students and the professor with Compare All and Table features.

How Does HyLighter Work? Cont.

  • What control does the professor have?
    • Set time access to information in sequence of stages
    • Choose between named and anonymous contributions
    • Further customize based on your needs (Campbell will discuss)
  • What makes HyLighter unique? Color coded system of comparison

Using Hylighter to Improve Teaching & Learning in Undergraduate Teacher Education Course: Adolescent Learning & Development

Download 2.85 Kb.

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