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Name:_____________________________________________ Class: ______________ Date: __________________

Please check all that apply about your decision to apply in the summer of 2016:

  • Definitely, yes

  • Unsure

  • No

Non Bryn Mawr email address to be used for the application process _____________________________________

Note that this email address will be used for the Prehealth Advisor’s Applicant List Serve.

Phone #___________________________________ Permanent State of Residency ___________________

Major ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Minor ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Please calculate, list and include your overall undergraduate GPA and your science and math GPA (include only courses from the biology, chemistry, physics and math departments)

Overall GPA_________________________ BCPM GPA __________________ (All Science & Math courses GPA)

Course Name Grades

Intro Biology _______________________

General Chemistry _______________________

Organic Chemistry _______________________

Intro Physics _______________________

*Calculus (if taken) _______________________

*Statistics (if taken) _______________________

* Note that math requirements vary considerably between schools and not all schools have math requirements.
If available, please include your ID numbers from the following application services:

AAMC ID# (allopathic medical schools & MCAT Service)______________________________________________

AACOMAS ID# (osteopathic application service) _____________________________________________________

TMDSAS ID# (Texas application services) ___________________________________________________________

AADSAS ID# (dental school application service)_______________________________________________________
Please report your standardized test scores. If you have not yet taken it, please list approximately when you plan to take the test.

MCAT Score(s) & Dates ___________________________________________________________________________

DAT Score(s) & Dates _____________________________________________________________________________

Autobiography Guidelines for Bryn Mawr Undergraduates and Alumnae

Your autobiography has two important functions:

  1. It helps Mary Beth Davis to get to know you better.

  2. It helps you clarify your thinking about your career interests and can give you ideas for the various essays/personal statements you’ll have to write during the application process.

This will only be read by Mary Beth Davis – it is not sent to medical/dental/veterinary schools or shared with anyone. If you “let yourself go” while writing the autobiography, the process will likely lead to several good ideas for your personal statements and essays.


  • You must submit the application data form as the first page of the autobiography.

  • Please write in chronological order and be specific.

  • Please attach a resume.

If you submit the autobiography by email, please name the file with your last name and first initial and Autobio in the file name.

A. Introduction - Your background, family history and important influences

  • Discuss anything about your family and background that you think is relevant. Please include each parent’s occupation and highest education level.

  • Include where you were raised and discuss if it was an area considered medically underserved.

  • Were any languages spoken at home other than English?

  • Discuss how your family and community shaped you and how this impacted your motivation for medicine (if applicable).

  • Include any “unique”/”unusual” background information or anything else about your family and background that you think is relevant.

  • Anything else you want to share about yourself such as hobbies, talents, travel etc.

B. Your academic history, including

  • Choice of major and why

  • Honors, grants or scholarships received, if any

  • Thesis, if applicable

  • Special programs (e.g. study abroad)

  • Research opportunities if applicable

  • Graduate or professional education and why you pursued it, if applicable

C. Work and activities during college

The professional school applications have sections for you to enter work experiences, extracurricular activities, community service positions, internships etc. In general the professional schools are interested in learning about activities you have participated in after graduating from high school.

Include the start and end dates and number of hours per week. Take the opportunity to be more descriptive than a resume yet concise; where applicable describe how the experience had an impact on you. For example which ones helped you to develop teamwork and/or leadership skills? Research skills? Ability to foster relationships with other people?

  • Campus jobs

  • Summer jobs

  • Extracurricular activities – sports, volunteer, clubs, etc.

  • Internships

  • Research experience

  • Other professional or extracurricular experiences

  • Community service

For premedical students please describe the extent of your patient contact/interaction experiences.

For predental students, please describe your shadowing experiences and list the total number of hours.

For prevet students, please describe your experiences working with animals.

D. Activities Post-College

Include the start and end dates and number of hours per week. Take the opportunity to be more descriptive than a resume yet concise; where applicable describe how the experience had an impact on you.

  • Full time jobs, if applicable

  • Volunteer and service-oriented positions

  • Medically related experience

E. On the AMCAS (allopathic medical schools) application, you will need to classify each work/service/extracurricular activities into one of the categories listed below. Note that you will be limited to 15 entries total. You will also be asked to classify up to three experiences as “one of your most meaningful experiences.” Which of your experiences will you classify as most meaningful and why?

AMCAS Work/Activities Categories:

Artistic Endeavors

Community Service/Volunteer - Medical/Clinical

Community Service/Volunteer - Not Medical /Clinical

Conferences Attended

Extracurricular Activities



Intercollegiate Athletics

Leadership - Not Listed Elsewhere

Military Services


Paid Employment - Medical/Clinical

Paid Employment - Not Medical/Clinical

Physician Shadowing/Clinical Observation




Teaching/Tutoring/Teaching Assistant
F. Explain gaps in time (if more than two consecutive months) when you weren’t working or in school
G. Standardized test preparation

Please specify how you are planning to prepare for the MCAT/DAT/GRE if you have not yet taken it.

H. Motivation for your career choice – medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine.

Please discuss the following in your response:

  • Why you want to be a physician/dentist/veterinarian and the nature and development of this interest.

  • What have you done that will show medical, dental, or veterinary school admissions committees that your motivation for your career is informed by experience?

  • Briefly describe where you might like to be in your professional life in 10 years.

  • What distinguished you as an applicant to medical, dental or veterinary school?

I. Institutional action

Most professional school applications have questions about institutional action and criminal conduct that you are required to answer. It may be helpful in the autobiography meeting to discuss these situations if you will be answering Yes to any of the questions. Prior to our submission of the committee letter in the summer you will be asked to confirm whether or not you have been the recipient of institutional action from Bryn Mawr College.

For example the AMCAS medical school application states:

“You must answer Yes to this question if you were ever the recipient of any Institutional Action resulting from unacceptable academic performance or a conduct violation, even if such action did not interrupt your enrollment or require you to withdraw. You must answer Yes even if the action does not appear on or has been deleted from your official transcripts due to institutional policy or personal petition.
Were you ever the recipient of any institutional action by any college or medical school for unacceptable academic performance or conduct violation?”
Have you ever been convicted of, or pleaded guilty or no contest to, a Felony crime, excluding 1) any offense for which you were adjudicated as a juvenile, or 2) convictions which have been expunged or sealed by a court (in states where applicable)?
Have you ever been convicted of, or pleaded guilty or no contest to, a Misdemeanor crime, excluding 1) any offense for which you were adjudicated as a juvenile, 2) any convictions which have been expunged or sealed by a court, or 3) any misdemeanor convictions for which any probation has been completed and the case dismissed by the court (in states where applicable)?
J. Academic, professional and personal “competencies”

Many professional school secondary applications and interviews ask questions focused on elucidating a wide range of academic, professional, and personal qualities. In fact, the AAMC Guidelines for writing letters of evaluation for medical school applicants suggests that recommenders describe how the applicant has demonstrated the following “Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students.”
In preparation for your statements/interviews, you may want to think about how your background and experiences might convey the following attributes. During the autobiography meeting we can discuss this further – no written response is required for this prompt.
Thinking and Reasoning Competencies

  • Critical Thinking

  • Quantitative Reasoning

  • Scientific Inquiry

  • Written Communication

Science Competencies

  • Living Systems

  • Human Behavior

Interpersonal Competencies

  • Service Orientation

  • Social Skills

  • Cultural Competence

  • Teamwork

  • Oral Communication

Intrapersonal Competencies

  • Ethical Responsibility to Self and Others

  • Reliability and Dependability

  • Resilience and Adaptability

  • Capacity for Improvement

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