Biblical Parenting 101 Table of Contents

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Biblical Parenting 101

Table of Contents

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Study 1: Loving Discipline

Study 2: Raising Counter-Cultural Teenagers

Study 3: Fear Factors in Parenting

Study 4: Friendships That Benefit Parenting

Study 5: Parenting Together

Study 6: Model Self-Confidence for Your Kids

Study 7: The Ground Rules of Discipline

Study 8: Great Expectations

Study 9: Responsibility Super Models

Study 10: Replace Whining with Respect

Study 11: Teaching Responsibility Doesn’t

Have to Be a Chore

Study 12: Mentoring Youngsters Toward Adolescence

Study 13: Creating a Stronger Parent-Child Bond

Leader’s Guide for Study 1

Loving Discipline

How can we discipline our children with unconditional love?

Biblical discipline focuses on heart changes, not merely outward behavior changes. It includes consistent training, calm correction, biblical teaching, and clear communication. It also includes punishment, but only in the context of unconditional love, according to Gary Chapman and Ron R. Lee in their article “Loving Discipline That Works,” written for Christian Parenting Today. This means we never withhold love when we discipline, but instead see discipline as part of love, just as God disciplines those he loves.

This study considers: How can we discipline in love? What are the components of loving discipline? Why is discipline an essential part of loving our children? How do we focus on heart changes instead of concentrating only on outward behavior changes? How do we model God’s unconditional love and forgiveness?

Lesson #1

Deuteronomy 6; Psalm 103:8–13; Proverbs 13:24, 22:15, 29:15–17; Colossians 3:12–17; Hebrews 12:5–11

Based on:
“Loving Discipline That Works,” by Gary Chapman with Ron R. Lee, Christian Parenting Today


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