Basketball is the world’s second most popular sport, and is played in more than 200 countries. In December 1891, James W. Naismith a Canadian instructor at ymca training School in Massachusetts invented basketball

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Basketball is the world’s second most popular sport, and is played in more than 200 countries. In December 1891, James W. Naismith a Canadian instructor at YMCA Training School in Massachusetts invented basketball. Basketball was invented so that the students can be still fit and warm during the cold winter. He made 13 rules, which some are still used now. I chose this game to investigate because of two main reasons. First, I realized that I didn’t know any facts about basketball. Second, because I like playing basketball besides any other sport, so I thought I would enjoy it. Basketball has an extensive and enthralling history, but in this essay, I will be writing mainly about how it was invented, and how it spread to worldwide sport.

In the winter of 1891, at the Springfield College (International YMCA Training School) gym, there was a group of students, and their instructor, James Naismith. They had been playing soccer and other outdoor sports during the summer. They were told to do indoor activities so they can keep up all the energy they had been building up in the summer. The gym class had introduced activities such as marching, but these were all boring compared to the sports they had been playing during the summer season. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was a 31-year-old instructor in physical education.

It was Luther Hasely Gulick, James Naismith’s supervisor who asked him to invent a new indoor game for the students during the winter. James Naismith needed to create a game that was easy to understand, interesting, playable in any kind of surface, can be played by a large number of students at once, provides a lot of exercise and finally without the roughness of soccer and rugby. The final game “basketball” ended up being a combination of five existing games. Passing from American rugby, the jump ball from English rugby, the goal from lacrosse, the shape and size of the ball from soccer and a high goal which was from a game he used to play when he was a child called duck on a rock. James Naismith also came up with 13 rules which some of them are still used today. The rules introduced fouls, a referee, two 15 minute games with a 5 minute break in between, nine players on each side-three players for each position which were center, forward and guard. The news of the new game spread quickly. It was printed onto a college magazine, which was delivered to YMCA’s all over the U.S.A. Basketball was introduced to other countries quiet fast. Colleges and high schools started to introduce the game, and by 1905, basketball became an official winter sport.

After the game basketball was invented, girls’ basketball and wheelchair basketball were created too. The ball was changed, new rules were introduced and the world championships events were held. The girls’ basketball games were introduced in 1892 by Senda Berenson Abbott who was a gymnastics instructor at Smith College Northampton. She applied the basketball rules which James Naismith made for women and introduced it to the students. It was until 1971 when the players became five, and started using the full court like the boys. The wheelchair basketball began in the U.S.A, 1945. It was invented because the players were injured in World War ll, but they still wanted to continue playing the game and have fun with their team mates. Now, wheelchair basketball has grown into one of the highlights in the Paralympic games. Basketball was originally played with peach baskets, but got replaced hoops with blackboards in 1906. Also, the ball used was originally a soccer ball. A man named Tony Hinkle changed the soccer ball into an orange ball which is more clear and visible to the players in the late 1950s. In the early 1900s, the students spread basketball, and the first international games were held in the 1920s. The first World’s Championship for men took place in Argentina in 1950, and three years later, the first World’s Championship for women was held in Chile.

Basketball is creative because creativity is an ability and agility to look outside the box and create something new or unique by connecting and combining ideas to make someone’s life better, or just to make someone have fun. James Naismith combined five existing games to create basketball. He used divergent thinking to come up with rules which are complex enough, but he also used convergent thinking a lot to create unique rules to make it phenomenon. Every sport is creative and innovative. Every person who contributed in making the game and improved it made that action because they cared about it and especially, they loved the game.

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