Ba in Visual Arts (I. D)

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BA in Visual Arts (I.D)

(Detailed semesterised syllabus for programme in

BA VA (Interior Design) under the Choice Based Credit System)


BA in Visual Arts prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in the industry such as publication design, advertising design, & most importantly in interior design, The skills taught in the programme encompass craft at a technical level; yet also include design, drawing, critical thinking, creativity, daring, collaboration, and a fundamental awareness of theory and history. Throughout the program, students are engaged in all aspects of Designing & Interior Design, production from concept development and production design to the completion of finished segments.


The programme begins with art and architectural history, theory and traditional hand skills, then progresses to current art/interior design practices and technology. Students create interior design applications, advertising, packaging, posters, publications, sculptures and more. The program encourages innovation while stressing strong technical and presentation skills. Students gain a background in applied art/interior design theory and then experiment and develop their own creative approaches. The candidates become eligible for a degree after six-semesters of study, spanning over a period of 3 years and successful completion of the examinations and projects.

  1. Programme

The programme gives an opportunity for the students to develop the basic skills in Design, Sculpture, and Interior Design along with Communicative Skills in English.

  1. Eligibility

i. A pass in +2 or equivalent examination/Any Degree.

ii. Candidates must appear for a written test and an interview. The test will be based on aptitude and general topics related to media and English.

iii. The merit list will be drawn on the basis of the marks secured during the qualifying examination. The written test and interview will have equal weightage (i.e. 50:50).

iv. 10% of the total intake of Students for admission may be reserved for Graduates in any Subject, provided they come in the merit list of the Candidates for admission. There will be separate merit lists for +2 and Degree Categories based on a common entrance test as stated at (ii). If the seats reserved for any of these categories fall short, it will be compensated from the existing list.

  1. Course Summary


  1. English I: Creative Writing 1

  2. History of Art and Architecture I 1

  3. Fundamentals of Design 1

  4. Raster Graphics 1

  5. Fundamentals of Drawing 1

  6. English II: Conversational Skills 2

  7. History of Art and Architecture II 2

  8. Architectural drawing I 2

  9. Vector Graphics 2

  10. Design with Type 2

  11. Interior Design Studio I 3

  12. Material Culture I 3

  13. Architectural drawing II 3

  14. Creative Painting 3

  15. Environmental Art 3

  16. Material Culture II 4

  17. Interior Services I 4

  18. Media Ethics 4

  19. Autocad 4

  20. Creative Sculpture I 4

  21. Internship I 4

  22. Interior Services II 5

  23. 3 Dimensional Design I 5

  24. Interior Design Studio II 5

  25. Designing for Web 5

  26. Creative Sculpture II 5

  27. Internship II 5

  28. 3 Dimensional Design II 6

  29. Interior Design Project 6

  30. Painting /Design Project 6

  31. Creative Sculpture Project 6

  32. Seminar Level Thesis Project 6

4. Evaluation

There shall be an End Semester examination (ESE) either written or practical for each course. A course carries a total of 4/3 credit marks each. The total credit for the entire programme is 120.

Evaluation of each course shall contain two parts i) Internal or in semester assessment (ISA) ii) External or end semester assessment (ESA) the internal, external assessment ratio shall be 1:3.

The internal and external examination shall be evaluated using Direct grading system based on 5 point scale as given below:

Letter Grade


Grade Point (G)

Grade Range




3.5 to 4.00


Very Good


2.5 to 3.49




1.5 to 2.49




0.5 to 1.49




0.00 to 0.49

5. Internal Evaluation
Internal evaluation forms an integral part of the course to ensure an effective and continuous assessment of the students throughout the programme. A register will be maintained in the College for this purpose. The faculty members in charge of the course shall award the grade based on the guidelines. The consolidated statement of these grade shall be exhibited in the College, and a copy duly certified by the HOD shall be submitted to the University. The break-up of weightage for internal evaluation in each theory paper shall be as follows:


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