Autumn 2017: Compiled by fet staff on behalf of fess

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Autumn 2017: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

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Conflict Resolution

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Suggested resources to support delivery:





Web Link

What is conflict?

Online essay

Useful summary of the main elements of conflict beginning with a detailed definition and covering elements like perception, workplace conflict, conflict styles, responding to conflict, etc.

Academic Leadership Support

Reasons for conflict


75 Reasons for Conflict. A comprehensive list of the reasons for a conflict; useful to initiate brainstorming in class.

Eva Rykrsmith

Signs and cues of conflict escalating

Video lesson

Why Conflicts Escalate. Handy definition of the cycle of conflict.

Guy Harris


While this video is primarily about de-escalating conflict techniques, there is a useful look at some of the signs of escalating conflict at the beginning, especially in relation to body language.

Christopher Collier

Vivid Learning Systems

Personal responses to conflict

Online article

Five Responses to Conflict. A short summary of each of the five personal responses to conflict.

Kardia Group

Online article

How we Respond to Conflict. A short sum up of emotional, cognitive and physical responses to conflict.

Harry Webne-Behrman

Charting a Conflict

Google Doc.

Five Dimensions of Conflict. This helps learners chart a conflict and can be helpful when they are completing assignments.

Google Docs.

Distinction between conflict and violence

Lesson Plan

Clear and interesting lesson plan to facilitate the learner in differentiating between conflict and violence. Ends with a useful chart on the differences between conflict and violence.

Types of Conflict


Clear and brief sum up of the different types of conflict, as well as information on resolving conflict and management styles and other useful blogs.


A range of posters, including colourful representations of the types of conflict.

Free online course

Free course offering a look at the different types of conflict as well as the positive aspects of conflict and dealing with it.

Nijla De Bow

University of California

Positive and Negative Dimensions of Conflict

PowerPoint / Slide Share

This slide share covers many aspects of conflict with the charts on the positive and negative aspects of conflict particularly useful.

Krishna Kanth

Resolving Conflict

Case Studies

Brief case studies which can be used to facilitate learners to think about resolution options.

Kardia Group

Book Chapter /Checklist / Tools / PowerPoint

A detailed stepped process to resolving conflict which includes the lesson, a checklist, tools and a PowerPoint presentation.

Rebecca Wolff

Jenette Nagy

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Online article

A good overview of the distinction between arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland


This long report is very detailed but what is most useful is the early part covering an overview, terminology and principles of mediation and conciliation.

The Law Reform Commission

Audio file (archived radio interview)

Recorded interview with a solicitor on alternative dispute resolution. Clearly explained resolution options and the advantages of them. It is accompanied by printable notes.

Tipp FM and Lynch Solicitors

Conflict Management Strategies

Online article

An accessible explanation of 5 strategies for managing conflict

Eric Dontigney



This practical guide is excellent for guiding a learner through the mediation process; given in clear and logical steps.

Jennifer E. Beer


Link to images for posters on mediation.

YouTube Video

This shows the main stages of a mediation session – it is particularly for an example of an opening statement.

Jean Munroe

YouTube Video

An interesting pictorial representation of what a mediator does.

Edward Nelson

YouTube Video /Roleplay

A simple example of mediation carried out by students.

Patty Farris

YouTube Video / Roleplay

A well-presented and interesting workplace dispute and mediation; a roleplay.


Basic Skills for the New Mediator. Second Edition. This concise guide is accessible and interesting and traces the mediation process and the role of the mediator in brief chapters. It is mostly writing in a question and answer format that is useful.

Allan H. Goodman

Solomon Publications


Online Book Chapter

Negotiating Conflicts. The most useful part of this is the strengths and weaknesses of the different negotiating strategies.

Free online course

This free online course guides the learner though the elements of negotiation, covering areas like negotiation strategies, skills and phases of negotiation. It involves videos, quizzes and assessments.

Dr Andrew Heys

Online article and poster

Clear list of negotiating skills and an image that can be used as a poster.


Online article

Good sum up of the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration

Terry Gorry


Basic Skills for the New Arbitrator. Second Edition. This concise guide is accessible and interesting and traces the arbitration process and the role of the arbitrator in brief chapters. It is mostly writing in a question and answer format that is useful.

Allan H. Goodman

Solomon Publications

Communication Skills in Conflict Resolution

Online tutorial

An informative video on the key communication skills like active listening and the use of ‘I’ and ‘you’ statements etc.

Marlene Johnson

Online article

A clear sum up of the elements of active listening.

Skills You


Nonviolent Communication. A Language of Life. A useful look at the different ways to communicate without offending others, including good information on empathy, expressing feelings, conflict resolution etc. Written in an engaging and accessible manner.

Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

Case Study

A case study on a situation between roommates with good examples of statements which could be used and their effectiveness.

Study Guides and Strategies

De-escalating conflict


Useful online tutorial that gives clear tips for dealing with and de-escalating conflict. Each section ends with a scenario an activity and feedback.

Requests, interests, demands, points of view, and positions.


Handy quiz to help learners distinguish between positions and interests.

Justice Education Society

PDF Guide

Good explanation of the difference between interests and positions.

Online article

Contains simple statements that show exactly what interests are.

Chuck Doran and Megan Winkeler

Multiple topics


Slide Share

Conflict and Types of Conflict. This slide share is a good overall presentation on conflict, covering topics like nature, sources and types of conflict, and resolution.

Upendra Shekhawat

Multiple Topics


Positive Behaviours, Relationships and Emotions: The Heart of Leadership in a School (2017). Sections on Communication in Conflict and How Leaders Respond to Conflict are very useful and interesting. Written in clear, accessible language.

Jacinta Kitt

Multiple Topics

Book list

A comprehensive list of the best books relating to conflict resolution from the ever-reliable Good Reads.

Multiple Topics


Conflict Resolution at Work for Dummies. Logical and clear guide giving you the tools and skills needed to resolve conflict in the workplace.

Vivian Scott

Multiple Topics

Case Study

A case study in conflict with a detailed analysis.

Mullen Taylor

Multiple Topics


Conflict Resolution PowerPoint. Accessible PowerPoint presentation on conflict definitions, options for resolution and strategies for a win-win resolution.
(NB. This link will not open directly; you need to copy and paste it into Google search then click on the Conflict Resolution PowerPoint link and the PowerPoint will automatically download.)

Multiple Topics


A clear PowerPoint presentation on 7 Steps to Effective Conflict Resolution that includes interesting slides on perspective.

(NB. This link will not open directly; you need to copy and paste it into Google search then click on the relevant link and the PowerPoint will automatically download.)

Useful Organisations:


Contact Information

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland

Mediate Ireland

Arbitration Ireland

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators – Ireland Branch

Conflict Resolution Ireland

Workplace Relations

MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses)

Free access to online courses

Search regularly for new courses and new start dates

Free online conflict resolution courses online courses in Conflict Resolution

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