Assignment Title: 192 Classical Argument Please refer to the syllabus for the specific due date Assignment Topic

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Please refer to the syllabus for specific office hours

Assignment Title: 192 Classical Argument

Please refer to the syllabus for the specific due date

Assignment Topic:

Follow the directions for the Writing Project, “A Synthesis Essay,” described on p.310 of A&B.

Post your technology topic to VSpace as soon as you can. Only one student per topic, first come, first served.

Assignment Overview:

We're exploring the effects of technology on a particular group of people. You may select the technology (be specific) and the group of people. Use the following as your synthesis question:

How has/have [technology] affected [group of people]?

Your essay should be broken into two main sections: In the first section, you are describing how the technology works. As part of this section, you must include a diagram of some sort. The diagram may show a process, it may show how parts fit together, or it may show a flow-chart of choices. How can you visually represent some of the complex data that you're describing?

The second section should be the synthesis of the effects or the possible effects. How has this technology changed things for a particular group of people, or what kinds of changes might we expect based on the new technological developments?

You may use first person for this essay.

Technical specifications

  • Use APA formatting for this document.

  • Include a cover sheet with your name, the date, course, and paper title.

  • The second sheet should be a formal outline which clearly states your thesis and argument.

  • The essay itself should be 900 to 1000 words. It should be research-based, but it may be written in first person voice.

  • The last page should be a References page with at least three strong sources.

  • The assignment should be typed using Times 12pt font and 1in margins.

  • It should be uploaded to TurnItIn by the due date.

Grades will be based on the 192 Rubric available on our VSpace site.
This assignment will address the following course outcomes:

  1. Use writing processes that develop exploratory drafts into revised prose for specific audiences, including the ability to
    a.  Generate, select, and focus writing topics.
    b.  Plan, organize, and structure writing to develop a focus and purpose.
    c.   Use specific and credible evidence to support positions in a convincing manner.
    d.    Review, critique, and revise.
    e.    Edit writing to conform to the general conventions of Standard English.

  2. Exhibit proficiency in the requisite skills of the Honors Course Rubric.

  3. Develop digital literacy competencies.

Download 50.23 Kb.

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