Application for election or transfer to the class of fellow

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If you are a Registered Professional Engineer and would like your data in the database of the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) to be updated, please provide your authorization by putting a tick () in the box below:

□ Yes, I request my data in the database of the ERB to be updated according to the information on this form.


Name :
Class of Membership applying for:
Discipline (if applicable):

You are deemed to have read and understood the Payment Instructions before submitting this Payment Form.




  1. Membership Fees (see Table 1)

    1. Application Fee

    2. Professional Assessment Fee

    3. Entrance/Transfer Fee

    4. Subscription Fee

  1. Subscription for HKIE Transactions (see Note 2.1)

  2. Fund for Learned Society Activities’ Premises (see Note 2.2)

  3. Benevolent Fund (see Note 2.3)

  4. Individual Assessment for Academic Qualification (see Note 2.4)

Please refer to the notes stated overleaf










Please indicate the cheques no. if payment is made by cheques: ______________________

¨ VISA ¨ MASTERCARD (Other kinds of credit cards are not accepted)
Card Number

Card Expiry Date:___________________________ (mm/yy) (should be valid for the next six months)

Name of Cardholder:________________________________________________________________
Payment (in HKD): _________________________________________________________________
Cardholder’s Signature: _______________________________ Date: _________________________
Note: Payment by Credit Card is preferred.



  1. Members are reminded that all articles of the Constitution must be observed, especially the following:-

Article 11 Membership of Disciplines
Subject to Rules for Disciplines determined by the Council, all registerable Corporate Members and Associate Members of the Institution shall become members of the Discipline in which they are, at the time of election, deemed competent to practise.
Article 12 Conduct of members
(1) To facilitate the advancement of the science of engineering by preserving the respect in which the community holds persons who are engaged in the practice of engineering, every member shall at all times so order his conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the Institution, and act with fairness and integrity towards all persons with whom his work is connected and towards other members.
(2) Every Corporate Members shall at all times so order his conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of his profession and to safeguard the public interest in matters of safety and health and otherwise. He shall exercise his professional skill and judgement to the best of his ability and discharge his professional responsibilities with integrity.
(3) For the purpose of ensuring the fulfilment of the requirements of clauses (1) and (2) of this Article, but without prejudice to their generality, the Council may make, vary and rescind rules to be observed by members of any class with regard to their conduct. No such rule, variation or rescission shall be in any way repugnant to the Ordinance or this Constitution.
2. Please fill in the amount of your payments for item (1) to (5) in the “Amounts” column of the Payment Form. Details of the payments are itemised below:

    1. Subscription for HKIE Transactions – The HKIE Transactions is a technical publication of the Institution with four issues per year at HK$120. Subscription of the Transactions is at your own discretion.

    1. Fund for Learned Society Activities’ Premises - voluntary donation for acquisition of additional premises for learned society activities.

    1. Benevolent Fund - voluntary charitable donation

    1. Individual Assessment on academic qualification is an assessment for candidates who have qualifications other than those directly accepted by the Institution. Individual Assessment fee is currently charged at HK$1,000.

  1. Please fill in the “Total Amount to Pay” by adding up the amounts for item (1) to (5) and send the original Payment Form along with the application form.

How to Pay

  1. Payment

    1. By Visa or Master Card

Please provide credit card details by completing the lower part of the Payment Form. Please return the original copy to the HKIE.

    1. Cheques

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to “The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers”. Please mark your membership number on the back of the cheque, where applicable.

    1. Non-resident members

For Non-resident members payment by bank draft or cheque issued by a bank in Hong Kong is preferred. However, payment by any Visa or Master card is also acceptable.


5. For enquiries regarding Payment Form, please contact the Membership Section at 2895 4446.

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE)
Notice Relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the Ordinance)

        1. The Ordinance serves to protect the privacy of living individuals in relation to personal data. Any personal data collected and recorded, whether on computer or manually, in relation to a member or an applicant for membership of the HKIE or other individuals will be subject to regulation by the Ordinance.

2. From time to time, it is necessary for all members or applicants for membership to supply the HKIE with data in connection with his membership with HKIE or his application therefor. Failure to supply such data may result in an inability of the HKIE to maintain the membership or process the application for membership.

3. The purposes for which data relating to applicants for membership may be used are as follows:-

(a) processing of membership applications; and

(b) registration in training scheme(s) and related matter.
4. The purposes for which data relating to members may be used in addition to the purposes as stated in paragraph 3 above are as follows:-

(a) daily operation of the HKIE;

(b) maintenance of membership records;

(c) accreditation and related activities;

(d) verification of membership and discipline status by the public;

(e) training and continuing professional development activities;

(f) publication of the HKIE (e.g. journal, yearbook, diary, Christmas cards, President’s Message) and delivery of such materials;

(g) the delivery of other publications;

(h) activities relating to learned society;

(i) activities relating to Divisions and Committees of the HKIE;

(j) activities and communications (including election materials) relating to annual general meetings and other meetings of the HKIE;

(k) communications from representatives of the Engineering Functional Constituency of the Legislative Council;

(l) meeting the requirements to make disclosure under any law binding on the HKIE;

(m) any actions in relation to disciplinary and related proceedings;

(n) all other incidental purposes relating to the qualifying and learned society functions of the HKIE;

(o) announcement or publication of membership and discipline status (or any changes thereof) in any media e.g. newspapers and other publications including HKIE’s journal, yearbook, diary, website etc.;

(p) determining and collecting amounts owed to or by members;

(q) purposes relating thereto.

5. Use of Data in Direct Marketing
The HKIE intends to use a member’s data in direct marketing as follows and the HKIE requires the member’s consent (which includes an indication of no objection) for such purpose:-
(a) the data that may be used by the HKIE for direct marketing is: name, address and other contact details.

(b) the following classes of services, products and subjects may be marketed:-

(i) donation and contribution to the HKIE and activities organized or supported by the HKIE (including its Divisions and Committees);

(ii) conferences, seminars, workshops, talks, events, trips and social functions;

(iii) products and services offered by third parties which the HKIE considers to be of interest to members generally.
If a member does not wish the HKIE to use his data for use in direct marketing as described above, the member may exercise his opt-out right by notifying the HKIE.

6. Data held by the HKIE will be kept confidential but the HKIE may provide such data to:-

(a) any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunication, computer or other services to the HKIE in connection with the operation of the HKIE;

(b) any other institutions with Reciprocal Recognition Agreements (Note1);

(c) the Engineers Registration Board for the purpose of applications or renewals of Registered Professional Engineers status under the Engineers Registration Ordinance;

(d) any other person under a duty of confidentiality to the HKIE.

Such data may be transferred to a place outside Hong Kong.
7. In accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, any member or applicant for membership has the right to:-

(a) check whether the HKIE holds data about him and access to such data;

(b) require the HKIE to correct any data relating to him which is inaccurate;

(c) to ascertain the HKIE’s policies and practices in relation to data and be informed of the kind of personal data held by the HKIE.

8. In accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, the HKIE has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.
9. For access and correction of data, please address to:
The Personal Data Privacy Officer

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

9/F Island Beverley

No.1 Great George Street

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

October 2013

You may, at any time and without charge, choose not to receive any of our future marketing communications. If you choose not to receive any marketing communication from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, please fill out and return the form below to us by post or by fax at 28828402 or by email at .

To: The Personal Data Privacy Officer

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

9/F, Island Beverley

No.1 Great George Street

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong
 I do not wish to receive any marketing communication/message from you in future. I understand that I will not receive any communication which falls within the scope of paragraph 5.

Name : _________________________________________________

Membership No. : _________________________________________________
Date : _________________________________________________
Note: If you wish to receive marketing communication/message from the HKIE in future, please let us know in writing by addressing to our Personal Data Privacy Officer.
Membership of Divisions, Safety Specialist Committee (SSC)

and Young Members Committee (YMC)

Information to note:
As a learned society, the HKIE encourages the exchange of technical information and ideas of different engineering fields among members and kindred organisations. Many of the learned society activities including but not limited to technical meetings, seminars and social events are organised by Divisions and Committees which allow members with common technical or other interests to share and disseminate information.
Division membership is open to any member of the Institution. Only members of the Divisions shall have the voting right in the General Meetings of the respective Divisions.

Each member of the HKIE may join three Divisions free of charge, and is required to pay HK$100 per annum for joining each additional Division. (Members who wish to join more than three Divisions shall be required to enclose a cheque with the right amount payable to The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers” when submitting this form.)

New Applicants
Please complete and return this form together with the HKIE Membership Application Form to facilitate concurrent processing of the application for membership of Divisions, SSC and YMC. Membership of the Division, SSC and YMC shall be deemed to have taken place from the date of admission to membership of the HKIE.
Existing members

Should members wish to change (add or remove) membership of Divisions, SSC and YMC, please fill out the required parts of the form to indicate clearly your updated choice(s) of Division membership and return the completed form to the Membership Section of the HKIE Secretariat.

Application for Membership of Divisions, Safety Specialist Committee (SSC) and Young Members Committee (YMC)

Please complete Sections A and C

Please complete Sections B and C

Section A - Selection of Divisions/SSC/YMC

Are you interested in joining the Divisions/SSC/YMC?

□ YES □ NO (If no, please go straight to Section C)

Please indicate your choice by putting tick(s) in the box(es) below:



Gas & Energy




Information Technology

Building Services

Logistics & Transportation


Manufacturing & Industrial

Control, Automation &




Mechanical, Marine, Naval Architecture & Chemical






SSC and YMC:

  1. All HKIE members are eligible to join SSC free of charge.

Please tick the SSC box if you wish to join.


  1. Members who are at the age of 35 or below are eligible to join the YMC. Membership of YMC is free of charge. Please tick the YMC box if you are eligible and wish to join.

(Associate Members cannot join the AMC and YMC at the same time.)


Section B Change of Membership of Divisions, SSC and YMC

Please put tick(s) in the box(es) below to indicate clearly your updated choice(s) of Division membership:

Your NEW membership of Divisions, SSC and YMC:




Information Technology


Logistics & Transportation

Building Services

Manufacturing & Industrial



Control, Automation &


Mechanical, Marine, Naval Architecture & Chemical









Gas & Energy

Section C Personal Particulars

Full Name


Membership no.

(For existing members only)


Contact no.








The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Membership Section

9/F Island Beverley, No 1 Great George Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel: 2895 4446 Fax: 2882 8402

1Note  Reciprocal Recognition Agreements are agreements entered by the HKIE with other institutions on the reciprocal recognition of corresponding membership. Please ask for an update list of institutions who have Reciprocal Recognition Agreements with the HKIE from the Secretariat.

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