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Application for Graduate Assistantship

Creative Writing Workshop

(504) 280-6276

Please complete the following and email as an attachment to:

Subject line: CWW Assistantship Application

Writing Genre: Fiction Nonfiction Poetry



Semester and year you are applying for: Fall _Spring Year

Current Address:
Permanent Address:

Phone: ( ) Date & Place of Birth:

Email address:
Colleges, Universities, or Other Institutions Attended (with location) Dates Attended Degree/Date

Major Undergraduate Field
Honors, Scholarships, and Awards:

GRE Taken (date):

If not taken, anticipated test date?

Verbal :



Program of Choice: MFA MAET


Have you ever taught at the high school or college level? If so, where and what subjects?

PLAYWRITING/SCREENWRITING APPLICANTS ONLY should list what experience they have related to their fields, i.e. box office, publicity, photography, darkroom, film processing.

All APPLICANTS SHOULD LIST WORK EXPERIENCE (Professional employment, not temporary jobs.)
Employer Dates Type of Work
On a separate sheet of paper, write a 300-500 word essay about the following: what experience, skills, interests would you bring to bear on your work as a tutor in the Writing Center, as a classroom teacher, or as a research or administrative assistant? (This essay is in addition to the statement of purpose for the Creative Writing Workshop application.)

Send completed application as an email attachment to:

Subject line: CWW Assistantship Application

Download 143.36 Kb.

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