Appendix f individual Evaluation Plan Outline

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Module 1 Asthma Program Evaluation Guide

Appendix F

Individual Evaluation Plan Outline
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Individual Evaluation Plan

{Evaluation Name}

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1. Introduction and Stakeholder Engagement
This section provides information about the purpose of the evaluation and identifies stakeholders who are––or need to be––involved in the evaluation.
Evaluation Purpose

  • What is the purpose of this evaluation?

  • How will findings from the evaluation be used?

  • How does this evaluation “fit” with the overall strategic evaluation plan for the program?


  • What individuals and groups have an interest in the outcomes of this evaluation? Examples include program participants, staff, and critics.

  • What perspective of the evaluation are they most interested in? For example, are they interested in the evaluation from a cost angle, effectiveness of the program, a critic, etc.?

  • What role will they play in developing or implementing this evaluation plan? Examples include serving on planning team or as external reviewer, collecting data, interpreting findings, receiving results.

Table F.1. Stakeholder Assessment and Engagement Plan (* indicates member of planning team)

Stakeholder Name

Stakeholder Category

Interest or Perspective

Role in the Evaluation

{May be an individual or a group}

{primary, secondary, tertiary}

{program participant, staff, etc.}

{planning team, external reviewer, etc.}

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