Ancient China One-Paragraph Essay Directions

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Ancient China One-Paragraph Essay


This one-paragraph essay should:

  • Follow the five-finger format (explained in a handout in the “Hold” section of your notebooks)

  • Include a clear and interesting introductory sentence that introduces the topic and explains the main point you are making in your paragraph.

  • Have a 3-4 sentences after the introduction that include three specific details to support your main point.

  • Have details that connects to the main idea!

  • Include a closing sentence that ties the paragraph together and restates the main idea in connection to the details.

  • NOT introduce any new details or irrelevant ideas.

  • Be typed, 12-point font, and double-spaced.

  • Be proofread to avoid grammar errors, incomplete sentences, and spelling mistakes.

  • Include the standard heading format modeled in your first One-Paragraph assignment.

  • Include one strong verb (underline each word)

  • Include one solid “ly” word/ adverb

Answer the following questions in your essay:

In this unit, we have been discussing the social structure, values, and norms in ancient China as well as the philosophies and religions of the ancient Chinese. In this essay, you will have a chance to connect these two concepts by explaining in one paragraph, how Confucianism influenced the culture of China. Consider what aspects of life were affected by the teachings of Confucianism and why Confucianism was widely accepted in China.

Download 6.1 Kb.

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