American Lit. The Crucible Short Essay Writing Prompts

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American Lit.

The Crucible Short Essay Writing Prompts
In a two paragraph short essay, answer one of the following prompts. Do not combine prompts and it should be clear from your thesis which prompt you are addressing.

  1. How do the individual actions of John and Elizabeth Proctor represent the conflict within the entire community of Salem? In a short essay, demonstrate how John Proctor’s final decision condemns society while setting himself free.

  1. A crucible is a severe test of faith. In a short essay, explain how a “test of faith” is demonstrated in multiple ways in the film.

  1. The dying words of Giles Corey are “more weight.” In a short essay, explain how this character acts as a foil to Proctor’s character in that Corey serves to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of the main character.

  1. Who is the actual “villain” in this film/play? Is it Abigail Williams or the magistrate itself in the town of Salem? In a short essay, choose one of these persons to write as acting immorally and with evil intent.

Your essay needs to include the following:

  1. MLA Format heading, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced

  1. Short Introduction of Essay:

    1. Title of film/play with a clear thesis that includes argument and “map” of essay.

  1. Two body paragraphs that each explain a sub-point of the thesis:

    1. Body Paragraphs need to begin with a topic sentence (that makes a claim, not just a statement).

    2. Each Body Paragraph needs at least 2 CDs (4 CD’s total in essay.)

    3. 2 CDs must be a paraphrased CD and the other 2 must be a Direct Quote (in TLQ format).

    4. Body Paragraphs need CMs as well. They need to be high level analysis. No credit for This shows… This also shows…or This is important (significant because…etc.)

    5. Do not put all Body Paragraphs in Basic Level order. Move the CM’s around to maximize analysis and demonstration of understanding.

    1. End the Body Paragraph with an appropriate Closing Sentence (in between Body Paragraph 1 and 2 needs to include a transition or “bridge”).

  1. Essay must follow standard rules and conventions of English Language Writing.

Additional notes and questions??


Essay is due:

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