American Legion Post 108 Legion Riders Chapter 8

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American Legion Post 108

Legion Riders Chapter 8

Tularosa, NM and

Volume 2, Issue 6 July 2008

Post Commander’s & Riders President Comments

Ed Summerall

I would like to start by thanking all who attended the Department of NM American Legion’s 89th Annual Convention in Clovis in June. Elections were held for our new Department Commander and four Vice Commanders, as well as other regular business were conducted. Mr. Rick Hidalgo from AL Post 25 in Clovis was elected our Department Commander for 2008-2009.

The proposed resolution to make the New Mexico American Legion Riders a program of the Department of New Mexico was unanimously passed.
Brenda and I had the honor of being selected as delegates for the National Convention to be held in Phoenix, AZ the last week of August.
Post 108 received an award for reaching 100% membership by May 16th 2008 and also received a Commander’s Award for S.A.L. We were again commended for chartering Squadron 108, Sons of the American Legion. New Detachment officers were also elected during the S.A.L. convention in Clovis. The new S.A.L. Detachment Commander for New Mexico is Mr. Kevin Dasing of Las Cruces.
Post 25 did an outstanding job of hosting this convention and next year’s 90th Annual Convention will be held in Las Cruces.
I believe our first Post 108/Chapter 8 joint meeting night was a tremendous success. We presented the Annual Firefighters Award to Mr. John Badjar from the Holloman AFB Fire Department and a runner up award to Assistant Chief Mchelny from the High Rolls Fire Department.
We had a very large turnout of members and guests for the joint meetings with two Legionaries transferring to Post 108 and six new members joining the Post and Chapter 8. Our current post membership is eighty five with fifty four also being Legion Riders.
I was happy to announce that we received a check from TAP Enterprises for the replacement of our Post flagpole that was knocked down after the last tool sale they held here. It was previously voted on by both the Post membership and Chapter 8 to each purchase another flag pole so that we can fly the American flag, the New Mexico flag and the POW/MIA flag in front of the Post.
At our July Chapter 8 meeting, Sandi Nickerson laid the groundwork for a garage sale to be held at the Post the 20th of September to raise money for our Chapter coffers. All present agreed that it was a good idea and it is now in the works.
We had an OWW table set up at the gun and bike show at the Otero County fair grounds the same weekend as the State convention and collected $355.00. We also had a table set up at Maria’s Hired Hand Café for her 4th of July celebration and collected $52.00
Saturday, 12 July dawned fair and made for an excellent riding day for our Operation Wounded Warrior (OWW) Benefit Run. We had between 65 and 70 riders/passengers who participated. We raised $700 for our OWW fund. My thanks to all who worked the checkpoints, the registration table and generally helped out with this event.
As stated in my above comments, the resolution to adopt the New Mexico American Legion Riders as a Department program was unanimously passed at the AL Convention in Clovis. This has been a long hard process, and I am extremely proud of all NMALR members for working so hard to attain this goal.
Our OWW Program is progressing very well throughout the state. So far, NM Riders have raised approximately $45,000 with Chapter 8 having raised $9,000. As you all know, we will hold our Dine and Dance Benefit with a silent auction at the Elks Lodge on August 9th, 2008. I hope as many of you as possible can attend. We still have a couple more events on the calendar before we make our run to BAMC in October. Thanks to all of you for your continued hard work on Operation Wounded Warrior. Continue the great work “For God and Country!”
Alex Candelaria, Post 108 member and a member of the Friends of Historic Tularosa, reports that the architectural design and plans for the monuments and landscaping for the Tularosa Veterans Memorial Park are moving forward.
We are all first and Foremost Legionnaires

Together we succeed

For God and Country”

Commander: Ed Summerall (430-4322)

1st Vice: Milton Chestnut

Adjutant: Darrell Winfree

Finance Officer: Johnny Vallejos

Sergeant-at-Arms: Robert Tyrrell

Chaplain: Cliff Sambrano

Historian: Brenda Summerall

President: Ed Summerall

Vice President: Darrell Winfree

Secretary: Sandi Nickerson

Finance Officer: Irene Sambrano

Historian: Roy McCollum

Sergeant-At-Arms: Milton Chestnut

Road Captain: Frank Nickerson

Commander: Brian Kotrous

Vice Commander: Milton Chestnut

Adjutant: Phil Goss Jr.

Sergeant-At-Arms: Nathan Goss

Past Post Commander’s Comments

Bill Guthrie

Greetings to Post 108 from the computer of the past commander. We just returned from the 2008 Department of New Mexico Convention, which was well attended by members of Post 108. Of greatest interest to most of our active members is probably the fact that American Legion Riders was indeed adopted as a Program of the Department. It is very gratifying because it has been worked so hard by both the Riders and the Department staff. My congratulations go out to everyone who worked for this and to all who will benefit from the outcome.

Post 108 had eight members present along with two guests. My thanks to each of you who made the trip. For our size, we pack a noticeable punch. Only about half the Posts were represented and in most cases by only a couple of members. From our District 5, only Posts 34, 57 and 108 were represented. Post 108 was recognized for membership accomplishment, Squadron 108 of the Sons of The American Legion was recognized for membership accomplishment, and District 5 was recognized for 100% participation at our Spring District Convention. My thanks to everyone for the outstanding support you provide.
The new Department Commander elected for 2008/009 is Ricardo Hidalgo. Ricardo has held many offices in his own Post, has been a District Commander and was previously an Area Vice Commander. We look forward to working with Commander Hidalgo during his year at the helm. The Convention elected Al Sumerau from Carlsbad Post 7 to replace Ricardo as a Vice Commander.
We brought the 2008/2009 membership cards from the Convention and they will be available at our July meeting for those who want to renew early. It is my hope that we don’t lose any members as we kick off the new membership year.
Ed, Milton and I attended the New Mexico Detachment of Sons of The American Legion business meeting following the Legion meeting in Clovis. We were able to meet many of the Sons leaders from other Squadrons as well as the new Detachment leadership team and we are excited about what we might build here in Squadron 108. We really need to get more of our members involved and attending meetings so we can get
going on our first projects. The Squadron has taken on the Cell Phones for Soldiers project and we have collection boxes at both Maria’s Hired Hand Café and at the First National Bank branch in Tularosa. Old cell phones or accessories can be turned in at the locations and they will be traded for 60 minute phone cards to send to servicemen and women in the combat zones. This is a very worthwhile project so if you have old phones lying around, please donate them.
Don’t forget we have the July poker run to man so if you can help, please let Ed know. I hope everyone plans to attend the OWW dinner in August. Tickets are going fast so if you don’t have yours, don’t wait too long. Hope to see you all there.
Again, my thanks to all from Post 108 for all you do. We succeed because so many pitch in to get things done. Each and every one of you is appreciated. “For God and Country”

Vietnam War Gulf of Tonkin 1964
Submitted by nomac on Thu, 12/06/2007 - 9:57am.

In August 1964 , Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution—or Southeast Asia Resolution, as it is officially known—the congressional decree that gave Johnson a broad mandate to wage war in Vietnam. Its passage was a pivotal moment in the war and arguably the tipping point for the disaster that followed. The Resolution, passed by Congress on August 7, 1964, and signed into law on August 10, capped a series of events which remain controversial.

On the night of August 4, 1964, two American destroyers, the U.S.S. Maddox and C. Turner Joy, reported that they were being attacked by North Vietnamese military units in the Gulf of Tonkin, the body of water off the coast of central and North Vietnam. These alleged incidents followed reports of a similar engagement two days earlier, on August 2, between North Vietnamese PT boats and the Maddox.

Characterizing these attacks as “unprovoked,” President Johnson ordered retaliatory strikes against North Vietnam and asked Congress to sanction any further action he might take to deter Communist aggression in Southeast Asia. Believing the administration’s account of these events, legislators acted swiftly, giving Johnson a virtual ‘blank check’ to use U.S. military force in Vietnam.

As frustratingly incomplete and often contradictory reports flowed into Washington, several high-ranking military and civilian officials were suspicious of the August 4 incident of questioned from the beginning whether the attack was real or imagined. By the time that Johnson signed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution on August 10, several senior officials—and probably the president himself—had concluded that the attack of August 4 was imagined.”(from AL National website) 

Submitted by nomac on Thu, 12/06/2007 - 9:34am.


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Inside This Issue


Commander / Past Commanders’ Comments


Sick & Recovering Members / Officers


Upcoming Events / Information


Additional Information

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Post Officers

Squadron 108 Officers

upcoming Events
Legion Post/Riders August Meeting

Date: Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Time: Post Meeting -7:00 PM – with Riders Meeting Immediately following Post meeting.

Corona, NM Charters Rider’s Group

Date: Postponed (New Date to be Announced Later)
OWW Dine & Dance

Date: 9 Aug 2008 / PLACE: Elk’s Club / Cost: $25 a Person

See A LEGION Rider For Tickets or call Ed at 430-4322
Otero Country Fair – Post/Riders Table

Date: 13-16 Aug 2008 / Volunteers Needed!

3rd Annual American Legion Legacy Run

Dates: August 17-21, 2008 – Riding for America’s Future

90th American Legion National Convention

Dates: 22-28 Aug 2008 / Location: Phoenix, AZ

OWW Fundraisers

Dates: 5 Sep 2008 (KQRE OWW Telethon - Albuquerque)

6 Sep 2008 – OWW tables - Ruidoso & Alamogordo Volunteers Needed for 6 Sep!
OWW 2008 Run to Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) San Antonio

Dates: 7-12 Oct 2008 / Registration: $20.00

Contact Ed Summerall at 430-4322 for more details.

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