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All About Me Essay


To begin the year, I would like to be able to learn about you while at the same time reviewing important writing skills and MLA format. In order to accomplish this goal, you will be writing an essay on which you are an expert—yourself. We will be going through all of the steps that will be involved in a typical essay throughout the year—researching, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and publishing. Writing is NEVER perfect the first time, so it is essential to go through these steps to produce a polished, final draft which will allow you to earn great grades!


  1. Researching: Though we can’t research ourselves in books/online, we are going to use research to learn what is required in terms of MLA format, etc. You completed this step by participating in the BHS Writing Guidebook Scavenger Hunt; remember to use this as a tool both for this essay and throughout the year!

  2. Brainstorming: You are required to create and turn in a “30 Facts About Myself” list that will help you compile ideas and think about what you want to share/write!

  3. Outlining: You will create a basic outline for your essay. We will review proper ways to outline in class.

  4. Drafting: You will write a rough draft to be submitted for revision by a peer.

  5. Revising: We will peer edit to ensure clarity, proper mechanics, and will self-edit as well.

  6. Publishing: A typed, final draft in MLA format will be turned in for a 100 point test grade,

Due Dates:

  1. Research: ___________________________________________________________ (20 points)

  2. Brainstorming: 30 facts list due __________________________________ (30 points)

  3. Outline due on: ___________________________________________________ (50 points)

  4. Draft 1 due ___________________________________________________ (50 points)

  5. Peer editing in class on ___________________________________________ (20 points)

  6. Final draft due: ____________________________________________________ (100 points)

Notes & Reminders:

  • Each body paragraph needs have at least 3 main points that are supported in detail!

  • Introduction and conclusion paragraphs should be at least 5 sentences each; thesis is last in intro!

30 Facts About Mrs. A
1. My family is the most important part of my life—my husband, daughter, parents, sisters, & nieces.

2. My sisters are my best friends.

3. I also have 6 best friends from high school—we are still incredibly close after 15 years.

4. Notre Dame is one of my favorite places in the world to be—it will always feel like home.

5. I love sports even though I’m not particularly good at any of them.

6. I love musicals and think life would be more entertaining if people broke out into choreographed song and dances…like in 500 Days of Summer (a movie I love!)

7. The older I get, the more I appreciate my parents.

8. I love to travel and want to see as many places as possible…I learn so much from traveling, about how different yet similar different people and places are.

9. A few summers ago Mr. A & I went to France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

10. I studied abroad in college and lived in London, England.

11. I’ve also traveled to Ireland, Spain, Scotland and Mexico.

12. Mr. A and I met in college at Notre Dame, and got married on campus.

13. My daughter, Evie, is hilarious and so much fun to be with.

14. I am thankful and blessed to live the life I do.

15. Photography is a hobby of mine and I’m learning to try to shoot at a professional level.

16. I want to go skydiving.

17. I waste too much time online looking at crafts and project ideas as opposed to actually completing any of the things I look at.

18. I am incredibly loyal to people/places/things I love and believe in.

19. I am incredibly independent and get offended when people assume I can’t do something.

20. I love to write and am a freelance writer on top of teaching.

21. I like DIY projects; over the summer Mr. A & I tore down a wall and renovated our kitchen all by ourselves, and we previously finished our basement on our own, too.

22. I hate feet—if bare feet touch me I freak out.

23. There’s nowhere I’d rather be on a fall day than at a football game (preferably at Notre Dame).

24. My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican style dishes.

25. I believe that how people treat others—especially waiters and waitresses--shows their true character…and if people are disrespectful or rude to them, I have a hard time being friends with them.

26. Fall is my favorite season.

27. When I was little I was determined to grow up and be an octopus…but settled on teaching.

28. My favorite color is blue.

29. One of the reasons I love teaching is because it makes me laugh usually at least once every day.

30. I am really weird, especially when I’m with my sisters…my husband calls me the weirdest person he’s ever met.
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