Aila pro Bono Committee Meeting Minutes 03/14/2016

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AILA Pro Bono Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Pro Bono Awards- E brought two frames, need two more b/c plaque s coming later. Talked about plan for handout. J will do presentations E will hand out awards. Do an intro honoring all pro bono work, then present awards. Champion Ballroom, Thursday- 11:30 A.M.
II. Recap of Chairs Meeting: Website. Annual dinner coming up.
III. Resource List- No update.
IV. CARA- Minda talked about her trip to Dilley to help CARA. Volume currently lower than in the past. Not sure why- some concern people are being stopped in MX. Currently about 400. 21 volunteers in her week.
CARA Remote CFI: Discussed how first round went. Need for better way to organize scheduling. Kelsey suggests Google Docs. Need a better way to share docs: Sharepoint? Office Cloud System- Office 360? One drive? Google drive? E will reach out to tech committee for ideas.
 Fundraising: Need to publicize the group fundraising site. Will announce at meeting and re-send out to listserv.
Anything we can do for post-release continuity? Make a list of possible WA attorney’s for referrals? M. will work on this.
V. Highlight of the Month: KIND. J will help get info. Still trying to get through to Attorney of the Day to highlight this. Maybe also King County SIJS pro bono program.
VI. National Pro Bono Call 4/14/26 10:30 AM. E will take it.
VII. Citizenship Day: April 23rd. Many of committee considering attending.
VIII. AIC Update. E participated in national call. Essay contest going on now. Awards dinner coming up along with National Day of Action.

IX. Possible CFI Training Meeting in June with representative from USCIS for Chapter meeting. Get recorded for use by CARA volunteers?

Next meeting April 11th, 10:30 AM.

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