Aiaa los Angeles Executive Council Minutes, January, 2011 Attendance

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AIAA Los Angeles Executive Council

Minutes, January, 2011



Rich Van Allen


Shahzad Khaligh Secretary,

Dale Jensen

West Coast Liaison,

Susan Goldstein

Education, Jane Hansen

Pre-College Outreach, Colin McCaughey

Enterprise Chapter,

Guido Frassinelli

Aerospace Alumni,

Bob Brodsky

SMC/AIAA Liaison,

Lt. Campean


Kayin Cannon,

Prakash Sarathy,

Kyle Yang

NSS/AIAA Partnership,

Seth Potter

Meeting called to order at approximately 5:50 p.m.

Chairmans’ Report - Rich Van Allen

  • Rich reported that a decision had been made to close the Los Angeles section office. This created a lot of discussion which took up much of the meeting time. Jane gave some details of a meeting, apparently a Region 6 or Headquarters event, & was adamant that this was a done deal between the Region 6 Finance Committee & the V.P. Member Services. The Secretary questioned this, see Secretaries Report at the end of the minutes. . Many took exception to this or were upset by the turn of events. There was discussion about where we would hold meetings, where artifacts, books, supplies would be stored, etc. It was questioned if Microcosm could be available for these purposes. The termination is to be made by a one time stipend of $32 thousand. In response to a question from Guido, Jane said she estimated the Los Angeles section share would be about $11 thousand based on a split with other sections based on membership.

  • A request for support was presented for the International Science & Engineering Fair. There are three aeronautical awards to be sponsored, but the amount the AIAA could contribute was considered too small to be competitive with other awards. It was determined not to participate.

SMC/AIAA Liaison, Lt. Campean

  • The Lieutenant reported that no signs could be posted advertising the AIAA in return for sponsorship.

  • Prakash made a motion to provide $500 in support despite this prohibition. The motion was seconded & unanimously approved.

Treasurers’ report, Shahzad Khaligh

  • No report, except to say she was available to write checks if needed. This was in response to someone saying no one was available to write checks after the approval above.

Technical, Prakash Sarathy, Kyle Yang, Kayin Cannon

  • Kayin mentioned a paper review for Technical Seminar Topics which took place Sunday, 7 November. Bob Norcross, Bob Brodsky, Guido Frassinelli, Richard Leaman, & Shirley Tseng were among a large group of reviewers.

  • Meeting dates of 13 January & 7-24 February were mentioned.

  • Prakash talked about an AIAA/SAE Board of Govenors meeting; a joint college outreach technical work force development program. The goal is to involve the industry & gain advantage in the Aero Design West, 2012 competition.

Website, Lisa Kaspin - Not present

Programs & STEM K-12 Outreach, Colin McCaughey

  • The question of dinner costs was again raised. Several suggestions were made for meeting places. These included the Airport Museum & the Elks club. Colin says he had asked about costs at the Residence Inn (Sheraton?) but they were way too much. Also, apparently the Northrop/ Grumman is out because only employees are allowed. Colin thinks the Proud Bird may be the best possibility. It was stated the NSS holds their meetings at libraries.

  • There is a Colloquium, Saturday, 5 February at the Downey Memorial Center. The subject was not mentioned.

  • The Space Systems Technical Committee National Essay contest is pending. It was mentioned that participants should be solicited from the schools. There are 5 categories of essays. In answer to a question from Shahzad, Colin said there were a total of 70-80 papers which is 14-16 papers per category. Jane said Education Associates could be involved. Kyle mentioned Constant Contact, & someone named Tanya in Santa Monica was mentioned, & that the AIAA sponsors many events & activities.

  • Kyle wondered what the luncheon budget was. A meeting between the accountant & Susan was mentioned, & Jane mentioned the possibility of Category III funds.

  • Prakash submitted a plan in accordance with last month’s action item. The plan is for a Joint AIAA/SAE College Outreach Technical Workforce Development Program. The plan is a pedagogical outline having four education tracks including Design Process, Presentation of Technical Results, Technical Journal Writing, & Technical Report Writing. An estimated budget is also presented, showing cost to each organization of $1125 for a total of $2250.

Young Professionals’, Eric Gever - Not present

  • No report

Public Policy, Ashok Mathur - Not present

  • No report. (There will be a Public Policy Colloquium to review the issues that will be presented at CVD in Washington in March. The colloquium will be held here at the West Coast Office on Feb 5.)

Enterprise/Career Enhancement, Guido Frassinelli

  • Guido asked if the speaker on risk management would be considered for the February dinner meeting. He was informed he should go ahead with the usual Enterprise Chapter meeting arrangement which is held in the AIAA office conference room. Mr. Ed Conrow of TRW is expected to be the speaker for the January Enterprise meeting. He is expected to talk about more specific aspects & techniques of risk management. It was mentioned that Mr. Conrow would still be available to speak at a later dinner meeting.

Re-Inventing Space Conference, Rich Van Allen

  • Re-Inventing Space Conference is 1 -5 May. Rich reported on the Renewing Space Conference preparations. Various speakers are committed, including Robert Braun, Ph.D., the N.A.S.A. Chief Technologist.

Education, Jane Hansen

  • No report, but see 2nd entry in Chairmans’ report above.

National Space Society/AIAA Partnership, Seth Potter

  • Seth reported on the panel meeting, Science Fiction to Reality had been postponed until March. Apparently because two speaker arrangements are still being negotiated.

  • Seth also mentioned there is an annual meeting in Huntsville, Alabama in May promoting solar power which he plans to attend.

  • Also, the NSS executive board meets on Saturdays.

Aerospace Alumni, Bob Brodsky

  • Bob reported the papers had been submitted requesting the Space Park be named a National Historic Site.

  • Bob also reported the Aerospace Alumni would meet as usual Wednesday, 12 January at the AIAA office.

Secretary’s Comments

  • The Western Office Legacy agreement was made, based on the proceeds from the sale of the Western (IAS) office. This building was adjacent to Pan Pacific Auditorium on Beverly Boulevard at the northeast corner of a plot which included the L.A. Farmers Market. The buildings have since been torn down & an upscale shopping mall now occupies the space. I believe the proceeds were to be invested, & the return on this investment was to be paid to establish a Southern California building fund. A further agreement was to provide secretarial services & facility space, but it can be altered to provide, on an ANNUAL basis, cash instead. I am forwarding this agreement to Rich for further action.

Next meeting is Tuesday, 15 February

Meeting adjourned approximately 8:00 p.m.
Dale Lawrence Jensen, P.E.

Secretary, Los Angeles Section

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