Aclw’s 2017 iwd essay Competition Entry form

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ACLW’s 2017 IWD Essay Competition Entry form


Please complete the form and attach as a separate document with your essay and email to

Competition Opens on 15/12/16 and Closes on 15/2/17

You and your school will be notified if you are selected to present your essay in

ACLW’s 2017 IWD Program.



Full Name: __________________________________________


School Name: __________________________________________


School Phone Number: __________________________________________


Name of School Teacher to notify if selected (optional):



Student Entrant’s Phone number:

(home) _____________________

(mobile) ______________________



Category you are entering: (please tick)

Junior (Years 9 and 10)

Senior (Years 11 and 12)




ACLW’s 2017 Illawarra High School IWD Essay Competition for Young Women


Essay Question:


For Juniors (Years 9 and 10)


Young girls can overcome challenges which they might encounter and become the person they want to be. Discuss the challenges you have overcome and your aspirations for the future.


For Seniors (Years 11 and 12)


Young women tend to believe that there are certain ways to be that equates to empowerment. Evaluate a few examples and outline what you believe equates to empowerment and how one can become empowered.



Essay Submissions will be accepted from Thursday 15 December 2016 through to Wednesday 15 February 2017.

Submission Guidelines:

 You must be a current female High School student in a school in the Illawarra. You must be in the relevant years to enter the Junior (Years 9 and 10) and Senior (Years 11 and 12) category.

 Only one entry will be accepted per student. Once submitted, you cannot change your submission.

 Submissions must be made via email to both email addresses: and with the relevant related subject line: “ACLW’s 2017 IWD Essay Writing Competition - Junior Entry” or “ACLW’s 2017 IWD Essay Writing Competition - Senior Entry

 You must submit 2 attachments: Your essay on a separate document and the ACLW 2017 IWD Essay Competition Entry Form as a separate document

 Your essay must not have any personal information as the author’s anonymity and privacy will be strictly maintained throughout the judging process.

 Word Limit: no longer than 800 words; Format: Times New Roman with double-spacing; Only Word documents will be accepted.

 Writers must write essays in English. The submitted essay should be original and have not appeared before in any offline or online medium.

 By entering this essay competition, you agree with its Submission Guidelines and policies. Please note that the decision made by the Judges will be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.


 Best first and second Junior and Senior IWD Essay Competition applicants will be presented with an ACLW 2017 IWD Certificate and must read their Essay to the audience for ACLW’s 2017 International Women’s Day Event in Wollongong during the IWD Program on 8 March 2017.

 Student Finalists and their school will be notified prior to the event in February 2017 and must at their own expense attend the public event with one adult. A Runner-up will be selected if the selected Finalist is unable to present at the event.

 To attend the event, Finalists must register and only pay the subsidised fee to attend the event; Accompanying teachers and students will need to register and only pay the subsidised fee upon registration.

 Finalists and Winners will be photographed during the event and their name and photo will be promoted online in connection with the Essay Competition.


 Each essay will be judged individually by Judges. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.

 The judging will be based on 3 criteria: original voice; critical thinking skills and clarity of ideas presentation


Thank you and Good Luck!

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