About the acmpe multiple-Choice Exam

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About the ACMPE Multiple-Choice Exam

The American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) multiple-choice exam will assess your knowledge and understanding of a broad scope of group-practice management principles and practices. The multiple-choice exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions drawn from the six domains in The Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Medical Practice Management, 3rd Edition. The multiple-choice examination questions reflect the knowledge and skills required to address day-to-day situations and occurrences. Though some questions are based on theory, most require practical application. In addition, the questions apply to a variety of group-practice environments, whether small or large, single- or multispecialty, university-based or freestanding facilities.

How are questions on the multiple-choice exam created?
ACMPE board certified and Fellow member volunteers write the questions that appear on all ACMPE multiple-choice and essay exams. This process ensures that the questions reflect current practice among colleagues at organizations of varying size, location and specialty. The item writers are practice executives with years of valuable field experience who choose to share their insight with colleagues in order to promote the standards of the medical practice management profession. Volunteer members of the ACMPE Examination Committee oversee the development and administration of the exams in conjunction with external psychometric consulting firms.

How many questions from each domain are included on the multiple-choice exam?
Every multiple-choice exam is composed of the same number of questions from the six BOK knowledge domains. The Knowledge Assessment mirrors this blueprint.

Knowledge Domain

Percent of Exam

Number of questions on 175-item exam

Operations Management


52 questions

Financial Management


42 questions

Human Resource Management


30 questions

Organizational Governance


12 questions

Patient-Centered Care


13 questions

Risk Management


26 questions

How is the multiple-choice exam formatted and scored?
The ACMPE multiple-choice exam consists of 175 questions. Examinees have three hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam. A passing score is derived by calculating the total number of correct responses in the exam. The score is derived by calculating the number of correct responses in the exam as a percentage of the total number of questions. Credit is given for correct responses. No points are received for incorrect responses, omitted responses or multiple responses to one question.

More information about the ACMPE board certification and Fellowship programs can be found here.

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