7 Habits in Film Project – Winter 2013 Due Monday, March 18th

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7 Habits in Film Project – Winter 2013

Due - Monday, March 18th
You’ve read the book, now see the film! No, not really, there is not a film of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. For this assignment you will take some of the principles Covey discusses and apply them to a film character, to see what it looks like when these principles are used (or not) in people’s lives. At the end of this rubric is a list of films I think would work well to explore the 7 Habits. If you would like to write about a film not on this list, you will need my prior approval.
Your assignment is to discuss how one of the main characters in the film you have chosen either exemplifies, or throughout the film develops, two specific habits from the book—or how they don’t—and how that affects their effectiveness in their work, sport, education, or relationships.
Start with an introductory paragraph summarizing the film’s main issues or story, and what your chosen character’s role or struggle faces. State your thesis in this paragraph as well.
You will need to do a few things after that, but you can decide how to organize this information:

  • Explain two habits from Covey’s book that you want to apply to this film. Define main terms or concepts, explain significant aspects/elements/components of this habit, and include a few quotations for support.

  • Apply these habits to the film character. Does your character exemplify these habits/values/behaviors? Perhaps your character starts out without them, but develops them through the film—how do you see it, and where? Or, maybe your character is a good illustration of someone who lacks these habits altogether; how does his/her behavior and relationships show that?

  • Use at least two specific scenes from the film to illustrate each habit. Explain how the use or lack of this habit is depicted.

  • End with a personal commentary: What do you admire (or not) in this character’s behavior and attitudes—would it be something you aspire to in your own life? Did the film and the application of the principles you’ve been reading about all quarter affect you in any way?

Aim for 3 pages, writing concisely. When you quote or paraphrase something Covey says in his book, cite it in MLA fashion, which simply means include a page number, like this:

Covey emphasizes that effectiveness lies in the balance—what I call the P/PC Balance (54). Notice the placement of the punctuation.

No late papers will be accepted – No exceptions.


Twelve Angry Men

Erin Brockovich

Citizen Kane

In Good Company

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Norma Rae

Glengarry Glen Ross

Stand and Deliver

Educating Rita

Slumdog Millionaire

Lean on Me

Dead Poets’ Society

Malcolm X

Mona Lisa Smile


Apollo 13

Hotel Rwanda

Jerry McGuire


What About Bob

Schindler’s List

A Few Good Men

Higher Learning


Gone With the Wind

The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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