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SS1 #1

With this character, the author declared his intention to portray a truly good man. When his benefactor’s death forces him to return to Russia, he finds himself heir to a large fortune. While in St. Petersburg, he encounters Rogozhin and the woman with whom he is obsessed, Natasya. He becomes engaged to Aglaya Epanchin but his pity for Natasya causes him to vacillate between the two thus enraging Rogozhin who tries to kill him but ends up murdering Natasya instead, whereupon he lapses into lunacy. FTP, identify the titular epithet of Prince Myshkin in a work by Dostoyevsky.

Answer: The Idiot (acc. Prince Myshkin before it’s mentioned)


Posthumous collections of her poetry include 45 Mercy Street and Words for Dr. Y. Her first book To Bedlam and Part Way Back earned her recognition and she was Sylvia Plath’s classmate in Robert Lowell’s poetry workshop. After winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1966 for Live or Die she briefly taught at several universities before taking her life at 46. For ten points, identify this confessional poet of The Death Notebooks.

Answer: Anne Sexton


In 1990 he released Immortality, his first novel published in French. Much like his later works Farewell Waltz and Ignorance, the novel was more explicitly philosophical than earlier writings. Originally a music student, his first volume of poetry Man: A Broad Garden was published in 1953 and along with his first novel The Joke was condemned by Czech authorities. Allowed to emigrate to France in 1975, FTP, name this author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Answer: Milan Kundera


His autobiography, It’s Too Late Now, was published in 1939. A member of the British Army during WWI, he denounced the war in Peace with Honour, a 1934 essay which he retracted somewhat in 1940. Author of the children’s books When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six, his best known works were written for his son Christopher Robin. FTP, name this author of The House at Pooh Corner and Winnie the Pooh.

Answer: Alan Alexander Milne


He gained the throne in 1900 after his father was assassinated in Acciarto by an anarchist. His daughter, Malfalda, died in the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1944, having been sent there as a threat to keep her father in line. Many nations, including Britain, refused to his titles of “King of Albania” and “Emperor of Ethiopia”. Among his controversial acts were the appointment of Mussolini in 1922 and his decision to flee Rome in 1943. FTP, identify this King of Italy, who was briefly succeeded by his son before the monarchy was abolished.
Victor Emmanuel III

A chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Peace was to be erected on its site, but never was built. A huge fountain at the meeting’s center spouted wine, Bordeaux, and water and the camps of each delegation occupied approximately 2.5 acres. Held between Guines and Ardres near Calais, it took place over 17 days and though nearly bankrupting both England and France, had virtually no political usefulness as Henry VIII broke the agreed terms and allied with Charles V only weeks later. FTP, name this 1520 diplomatic meeting between Henry VIII and Francis I.

Answer: Field of Cloth of Gold


After his participation in the “antiparty group”, which attempted to depose Nikita Kruschev he received plum posts such as ambassador to Mongolia and first Soviet representative to the IAEA. A staunch Stalinist, he conducted a purge of the Moscow Party committee before becoming chairman of the Council of People’s Commisars in 1930 and Commisar of Foreign Affairs in 1941. FTP, name this architect of the German-Soviet non-aggression pact whose name is attached to an explosive cocktail.

Answer: Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov


His father became US Senator from California in 1885; in 1902, he was elected to the US House from New York, and two years later he came in second to Alton Parker for the Democratic presidential nomination. In 1906 he was defeated in a race for governor of New York, but not because he was caught in a “love nest with singer” as Citizen Kane alleged. FTP, name this American newspaper publisher, booster of the Spanish-American War, and foil of Orson Welles.

Answer: William Randolph Hearst


Also known as the dictyosome, its discoverer received the 1906 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on the nervous system. Its trans face is always directed to the plasma membrane while the cis side face the endoplasmic reticulum, which it works with in protein transport. The site of lysosome production, FTP, identify this organelle named for its Italian discoverer.

Answer: Golgi complex




Current Events
CE 1

The company was founded in 1981 as the Au Bon Pain Company by Louis Kane and Ron Shaich. After purchasing a St. Louis bakery chain in 1993, average unit volume increased 75% over four years. The company changed to its current name in May 1999 and it is known for their daily soup selection, Jones Sodas, and sandwiches, as well as the charitable Operation “Dough-Nation” with foodbanks around the country. Currently boasting 700 locations in 35 states, FTP, name this company traded under the symbol PNRA.

Answer: Panera Bread


A pioneer in modern statistics, this British mathematician and naturalist believed that anything could be quantified, including the effectiveness of prayer. In quantifying intelligence, he measured head size and muscular strength, as well as sensory abilities and reaction time. A cousin of Darwin’s, this man applied natural selection to human traits, determining that wealth was a result of intelligence. FTP, name this man, who founded the eugenics movement to improve the hereditary characteristics of society.

Answer: Francis Galton

Fine Arts

In 609 AD the Emperor Phocas gave it to Pope Boniface IV, who reconsecrated it as Santa Maria ad Martyres. Its portico contains 16 Corinthian columns in three ranks, and the bronze ceiling was melted down by Urban VIII for use in St. Peter’s Basilica. Currently home to the tombs of Victor Emmanuel II and Raphael, FTP, name this building built by Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all the gods.



It is sold by Dr. Dulcamara; earlier, Adina had read the story of how Tristan had won the heart of Isolde by buying a magic potion. Adina promises to marry Seargeat Belcore, which horrifies Nemorino; he had bought the title object, and it was not working. After Belcore convinces Nemorino to join the army, Nemorino inherits a fortune, buys his way out of the army, and marries Adina. FTP, name this Donizetti opera about a potion.

answer: The Elixir of Love   also accept Elisir d'Amore


In 1860 he did his first work of classical subjects with Young Spartans Exercising, which he followed with Semiramis Founding Babylon. After serving in the Franco-Prussian war, he went to live with relatives in Louisiana, where he painted The Cotton Exchange at New Orleans, the only work of his purchased by a museum during his lifetime. Creator of the sculpture The Little 14 Year Old Dancer and paintings such as Prima Ballerina, FTP, name this French master of the human figure in motion.

Answer: Edgar Degas

Religion, Myth, Phil.


A railway engineer for a short time, he published his first work, the pamphlet The Proper Sphere of Government in 1843. After involvement with various progressive papers, he became subeditor of The Economist and in 1851 published Social Statics in which he called for an extreme economic and social laissez faire, and coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”. FTP, name this social scientist and author of System of Synthetic Philosophy.

Answer: Herbert Spencer


The product of an incestuous relationship between the King of Assyria and his daughter, he sprung from his mother after she had been turned into a myrrh tree. A favorite of Aphrodite, he was sent to Persephone for safekeeping. After she refused to give him up Zeus declared that he should spend four months a year with each, and four months with whom he chose. After being killed by a wild boar he then spent six months with each. FTP, name this beautiful youth of Greek myth.

Answer: Adonis


In Hebrews 11:32, Paul puts him forward as “a man of faith”. The son of a harlot, after defeating Israel’s foreign enemies he went to war against the Ephraimites, who refused to acknowledge him. Living in Tob when chosen to lead the people against the Ammonites; afterwards he promised to sacrifice the next person entering his tent in honor of his victory. FTP, name this Judge of Israel forced to kill his daughter to keep his pledge.

Answer: Jephthah

Geography/Social Science


Located in Micronesia, this group of islands was seized by Japan in WWI who held them as a mandate under the League of Nations.  After their defeat, the islands were held as a trust territory by the US, until gaining their independence in 1994.   One of the smallest populated nations, it was the site of several WWII battles and debris from the war is still spread across the islands.  In 1968, Lee Marvin and Toshino Mifume filmed part of Hell In The Pacific on the islands and Hollywood came back there again late last year.  FTP, identify this nation, home upcoming edition of survivor of Survivor beginning in February with internet domain .pw



This was the sight of the Battle of Valcour Island, the Revolutionary War’s first naval engagement. Its strategic location is emphasized by the fact that forts St. Frederic, Montgomery, and Ticonderoga line its shores. Paralleled by Lake George, it was briefly defined as a “Great Lake” due to a bill pushed by Senator Patrick Leahy. FTP, name this sixth largest body of water in the United States which forms part of the border between New York and Vermont and is named for French explorer Samuel.

Answer: Lake Champlain


His later writings include the Life Cycle Completed and Vital Involvement in Old Age. In 1938, he began studies of cultural influences with Sioux children and later with the Yurok Indians of California. In 1958, he produced the most famous of his “psychohistories”, Young Man Luther. FTP, name this psychoanalyst who collaborated with his wife Joan on Childhood and Society.

Answer: Erik Erikson

Pop Culture


He came out of retirement in 1933 to manage the National League in baseball’s first All-Star game losing 4-2. His .391 lifetime batting average while playing for Baltimore still stands as a record for third basemen and during his managerial tenure he won 10 pennants, three World Series, and accumulated 2,840 wins, second all time to Connie Mack. FTP, name this longtime New York Giants coach, credited with developing the hit and run.

Answer: John McGraw

He has a cat Biscuit and a dog named Flapjack as well as a girlfriend and two sons. Conceived by Leo Burnett, he was originally voiced by Paul Frees and now Jeff Bergman. Mr. Burns sponsored Homer Simpson’s bowling team because he was on chloroform and thought he was writing the check to this corporate mascot. FTP, name this Pillsbury icon with a trademark laugh.

Answer: Poppin’ Fresh (accept Pillsbury Doughboy before mentioned)

General Knowledge


Due to copyright trademark blunders, this university may soon forfeit the right to its name. Founded in 1785, it was the first state-chartered university in the US. The fifth incarnation of its most famous alumnus appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and had a cameo in the film Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil. Steve Spurrier has the greatest winning percentage at its Sanford Stadium with a 1-0 record coming from a rare home-and-home series in the mid-90s. FTP, identify this “University” located in a state immediately north of Florida.

University of Georgia



Answer these questions about Japanese novelist Yukio Mishima, FTPE.

(10) This 1958 work was noteworthy for being Japan’s first homosexual autobiography.

Answer: Confessions of a Mask

(10) From 1965 to 1970, immediately before he committed suicide, Mishima wrote this tetralogy.

Answer: The Sea of Fertility

(10) This was the paramilitary organization Mishima lead to take over the Japanese Self-Defense Force headquarters.

Answer: Shield Society or Tatenokai


Name these Belgians from clues FTPE.

(10) This Symbolist won the 1911 Nobel Prize for Literature and wrote la Princesse Maleine and Pelleas et Melisande.

Answer: Maurice Maeterlinck

(10) He claimed to have had sex with 10,000 women, so he was only half the man Wilt Chamberlain was, though 8000 of them were prostitutes. He wrote mystery novels and created Inspector Maigret.

Answer: Georges Simenon

(10) Known as the “Muscles from Brussels” he has appeared in Universal Soldier, Hard Target, and Time Cop.

Answer: Jean Claude Van Damme


The main characters in Kerouac’s On the Road are based on Kerouac’s beat generation friends. FTPE, name the characters from clues.

(10) Based on Kerouac, this is the narrator of On the Road.

Answer: Sal Paradise

(10) Based on Neal Cassady, Sal travels across the country for three years with this character

Answer: Dean Moriarty (accept either)

(10) At the start of the novel, Sal is living in New York among a group of intellectuals, including this poet based on Allen Ginsberg

Answer: Carlo Marx


Name these writers who died in World War One, FTP:. This author of "Dulce Et Decorum Est" died just before the war ended.: Wilfred Owen. This American sergeant is best known for the short poem "Trees.": Sergeant Joyce Kilmer. This author of The Unbearable Bassington wrote many O'Henry-esque stories, and he used an alcoholic beverage for his pen name.: H.H. Munro, or Saki


South American revolutionaries, FTPE.

(10) This man was author of the Cartagena Manifesto and victor of the battles of Carabobo and Pichincha.

Answer: Simon Bolivar

(10) This friend to Bolivar became president of Bolivia in 1826 and in 1829 he was named president of Gran Columbia. He was assassinated while traveling to Quito in 1830, the constitutional capital of Bolivia is named for him.

Answer: Antonio José de Sucre

(10) This man served as Supreme Director of Chile from 1817-1823 after liberating that country from Spain.

Answer: Bernardo O’Higgins


Given a treaty, name the war it ended, FTPE.

(10) Treaty of Shimonoseki

Answer: Sino-Japanese War

(10) Treaty of Nanking

Answer: First Opium War

(10) Treaty of Ghent

Answer: War of 1812


For ten points each, give the Louis from the years he reigned over



Identify these U.S. admirals from WWII, FTPE.

(10) Ten days after Pearl Harbor this man was appointed Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and was the architect of American naval strategy.

Answer: Chester Nimitz

(10) This man was at sea in his flagship, the USS Enterprise when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. As commander of the Third Fleet he scored a huge victory at Leyte Gulf.

Answer: William “Bull” Halsey

(10) Following the war, this man served as U.S. ambassador to the Philippines, but is better remembered for his astounding victory at Midway.

Answer: Raymond Spruance


Name these points on a phase diagram, FTPE:

(10) For a mixture of two substances, this point marks the mixture which has a minimum melting point. It is at the vertex of a "V" shape.: eutectic point
(10) Beyond this point, the temperature and pressure are too high for liquid and gas to be distinguishable.: critical point
(10) At this point, the solid, liquid, and gas phases can coexist.: triple point

Circuit stuff, FTP each:. This empirical law has the form V = IR.: Ohm's Law. In an RLC circuit, resistance is replaced by this quantity, symbolized Z. Cable TV uses coaxial cable for the purpose of keeping this quantity consistent.: impedance. Impedance includes two quantities labeled X sub L and X sub C, which are inductive and capacitive forms of what?: reactance


Evolutionary theory, FTPE.

(10) This two word term refers to the theory that changes such as speciation can occur relatively quickly, with long periods of little change.

Answer: punctuated equilibrium

(10) Along with Niles Eldredge, this man proposed the theory of punctuated equilibrium in 1972.

Answer: Stephen Jay Gould

(10) Punctuated equilibrium relies heavily on this man’s theory of peripatric speciation.

Answer: Ernst Mayr


Identify these C effects from physics FTP each:

(10) This effect occurs when a particle travels faster than the speed of light in a given medium.

Cherenkov effect or radiation

(10) This is the force on two plates with a vacuum between them due to the creation of virtual pairs.

Casimir effect

(10) The consequence of this effect is that a fluid tends to travel along a surface rather than through space.

Coanda effect
Current Events
CE 1

When given the losing major-party Senate candidate from the 2004 election, name this winner, FTPE. For example, if I say, Alan Keyes, you answer, Barack Obama.

(10) Inez Tannenbaum

Answer: Jim De Mint

(10) Brad Carson

Answer: Tom Coburn

(10) Betty Castor

Answer: Mel Martinez


Answer these questions about Jordanian politics from clues FTPE.

(10) This family ruled Mecca from the 10th century to 1925, and ruled Iraq from 1921 to 1958 and is the current ruling family of Jordan.

Answer: Hashemite

(10) This man was king of Jordan from 1952 to 1999.

Answer: Hussein bin Talal

(10) Hussein was succeeded by his eldest son, the current king.

Answer: Abdullah II

Fine Arts

Name these Andreas from clues FTPE.

(10) The works of the Renaissance artist include the Birth of the Baptist and a Pieta, currently in the Belvedere in Vienna.

Answer: Andrea del Sarto

(10) This Genoese admiral fought the Turks and gave his name to an ill-fated ocean liner.

Answer: Andrea Doria

(10) The title character in this Giordano opera, set during the French revolution, dies together with Maddalena

At the guillotine.

Answer: Andrea Chenier


Name these European castles from clues FTPE.

(10) Meaning without care, Frederick the Great built this castle in Potsdam in 1747.

Answer: Sans Souci

(10) Designed by Christian Jank, Ludwig II built this castle, which is full of references to Wagner operas.

Answer: Neuschwanstein

(10) Originally a hunting lodge, beginning in 1660 Louis XIV had a huge palace built in this village, near Paris.

Answer: Versailles


Religion, Myth, Phil.

Identify these terms for Islamic scholars from clues, FTPE.

(10) This is a scholar who interprets Islamic law and can issue fatwas, or decrees.

Answer: mufti

(10) Currently five are alive; this title is only given to Shia clergy. People who bore this title include al-Sistani, Ali Khameini, and Ruhollah Khomeini.

Answer: ayatollah

(10) An Arabic word meaning “leader,” this word is generally used to describe a person who leads Muslim congregational prayers.

Answer: imam


Answer these question about the family of Odyesseus FTPE.

(10) This dog of Odyesseus recognized him when he returned to Ithaca, and immediately died.

Answer: Argus

(10) This wife of Odysseus spent years weaving a burial shroud to avoid suitors.

Answer: Penelope

(10) The burial shroud was for this elderly father of Odyesseus.

Answer: Laertes


Name these associates of David FTPE.

(10) David saw this woman bathing naked; lust overtook him, and he lay with her, and planted his seed inside her, and she became with child

Answer: Bathsheba

(10) After Bathsheba became pregnant, David has this husband of Bathsheba killed in batte.

Answer: Uriah

(10) This prophet rebuked David after the Bathsheba and Uriah episodes.

Answer: Nathan

Geography/Social Science

Name these Pakistani cities from clues FTPE.

(10) The largest city and port in Pakistan and the capital of the province of Sindh.

Answer: Karachi

(10) The center of the Pakistani transvestite community, it is the military headquarters and served as capital of Pakistan as a new capital was being built in the 1960’s.

Answer: Rawalpindi

(10) Designed by Constantinos Doxiadis, this has been the capital since the 1980’s.

Answer: Islamabad



Pop Culture


General Knowledge

Answer these questions about people that have something in common, FTPE.

(10) This director who died in September 2004 is best known for his 70s cult exploitation films Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls and Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!Meyer

(10) This man formed the Five Points Gang with Lucky Luciano and Bugsy Seigel and was a large investor in the original construction of Las Vegas casinos. The Godfather II character Hyman Roth is based on him.

Answer: Meyer Lansky

(10) This company owns the Louis Rich product line and was founded by its namesake and his brother Gottfried, both German immigrants.

Answer: Oscar Mayer

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