2 survey of natural resources [Botanical Survey of India, Zoolocial Survey of India, Forest Survey of India] Survey of Flora Botanical Survey of India

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[Botanical Survey of India, Zoolocial Survey of India, Forest Survey of India]

Survey of Flora

Botanical Survey of India

Botanical Survey of India (BSI) was established in 1890 with the basic objective of carrying out floristic surveys. During the successive plan periods, its functions have been gradually expanded. The objectives and perspectives of Botanical Survey of India were thoroughly reviewed in 2002 by the subcommittee constituted by the Programme Advisory Committee for Botanical Survey of India and Zoological Survey of India.

Primary Objectives

- Exploration, inventorisation and documentation of phytodiversity in general and protected areas, hotspots, fragile ecosystems and sacred groves in particular and publication of National, State and District Floras.

- Monitoring Phytodiversity to evaluate the qualitative changes in species rich and sensitive areas; ex situ conservation of critically threatened taxa in botanical gardens.

Fig 1. Sarauia aramata – an ornamental species found in North East

- Identification of species with traditional economic uses and preparation of protocols for their conservation and sustainable utilization.

- To complete a National database of plant species, herbarium specimens, live specimens, illustrations, relatives of cultivated species and economically important species.

Fig 2. Trapa bispinosa – an aquatic plant with edible fruits

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