1Valencia Fall Invitational 2002 Round 1-Questions by Chris Borglum

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1Valencia Fall Invitational 2002

Round 1--Questions by Chris Borglum

1) One of its subdivisions was the 99th Pursuit Squadron, which operated out of Tunisia in 1943. Another was the 332nd Fighter Group which was led by its first commander, Benjamin O. Davis, who died in July, 2002. Created by the Roosevelt administration in response to pressure to allow more opportunities for blacks, FTP, what name is given to these flyers who trained in Alabama?

A. Tuskeegee Airmen

2) This structure maintains body temperature, water balance and feeding desires via both the autonomic nervous system, which it controls, and the neuroendocrine system. It also stimulates the pituitary through the release of hormones, thus controlling the hormone production of other glands. FTP this is what part of the vertebrate brain found on the ventral surface below the cerebrum and thalamus?

A. hypothalamus

3) The first one was released on October 27, 1998, and featured Hanson’s “MMMBop” and “Zoot Suit Riot” by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. The second, appearing in July 1999, hit #1 on the album chart with hits like Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” and “Hard Knock Life” by Jay-Z. FTP name this pop music compilation series, now in its tenth edition.

A. “Now That’s What I Call Music

4) It is analyzed using six determinants, each considered independently as if the other five are fixed. These determinants are taste or desire, future expectations of income, current income, prices of related products, price of the product itself, and the collective market desire for the good. In its most basic formulation, it is the relationship between the price of the good and the quantity the consumer is willing to buy given the other determinants are fixed. FTP name this curve from basic economics.

A. demand curve

5) This book comprises 18 short stories, including “The Philosopher,” “Nobody Knows,” “Paper Pills,” and “The Book of the Grotesque.” It is similar to a novel, as characters recur and all the action occurs in the title location. Focusing mostly on George Willard, FTP what is this collection, the best known work of Sherwood Anderson?

A. Winesburg, Ohio

6) This small nation on the eastern Mediterranean packs over four million people into just 10,000 square kilometers. Most of its foodstuffs are grown in its central Bekaa valley. Prior to the outbreak of civil war in 1975 it was one of the most prosperous Arab nations, but currently it is rebuilding cities demolished by fighting between the Hizbullah, Christian militias and Israeli forces. FTP name this nation with much-ravaged capital at Beirut.

A. Lebanon

7) He choreographed “Jeux,” the first ballet to feature dancers in modern dress. After World War I, he slid into mental illness, fearing that a trap door on stage would be left open and that he would plummet through it. Inspired in his athletic movements by Isadora Duncan, FTP name this Russian dancer, the protege of Sergei Diaghilev, and the lead dancer in Petrushka and choreographer of “The Rite of Spring.”

A. Vaslaw Nijinsky

8) If this quantity is provided only by friction on a curve, an increase in speed could lead to an unexpected skid if the friction is insufficient. This is because this force is proportional to the square of the velocity, so a doubling of speed requires a four-fold increase in it. Meaning “center-seeking,” FTP what is this force directed toward the center of any curved path.

A. centripetal force
9) For some tasty math points, find the third term of the expansion of (x+y)5 [read: the quantity x plus y raised to the fifth power].

A. 10x3y2

10) His character is based on the Vice character of Renaissance morality plays, and he says, AI am not only witty in myself, but the cause of wit in other men.@ He is unscrupulous, as seen in his financial dealings with Mistress Quickly and Master Justice Shallow, from whom he borrows 1,000 pounds. Prince Hal, however, ignores him after attaining the throne. FTP who is this comic character, subject of at least nine operas, and protagonist of The Merry Wives of Windsor?

A. Falstaff

11) After making a pile of money in his better-known career, this man became mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1875 and later served in that state’s legislature. His first notoriety came from his promotion of the Fiji Mermaid, the upper half of a monkey sewn to the bottom half of a fish. He made much of his fortune in promoting the tour of Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, and also from his patronage of “General” Tom Thumb. FTP name this great promoter who later got into the circus business, and who did not first say “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

A. P. T. Barnum

12) Its name comes from the porch in the Agora in Athens where its members liked to congregate to discuss ideas. No full works are extant by any of its great Greek thinkers, including Chrysippus and Cleanthes, so much of our current knowledge of the school’s thought is based on writings by Roman followers like Epictetus. Believing that most emotions are born of false ideas, FTP name this school considered to be founded by Zeno of Citium.

A. stoicism (acc. stoics)

13) It appears annually in mid-November, but is most impressive approximately every 33.3 years. The reason for this is that the dust and debris from the Temel-Tuttle comet are clumped unequally over the Earth’s orbit. Their last ‘Great’ appearance was in November of 1998. FTP what is this meteor shower, which seems to originate from the constellation governing most of August?

A. Leonids

14) Critics agree that it began soon after 1800 with the Romantic paintings of Walter Allston, though it really came into being after 1825. Works exemplifying the movement include Bingham’s “Fur Traders Descending the Missouri” and Cole’s “Course of Empire” series. The “Letters on Landscape Painting” by Asher Durand summed up this school’s aims. FTP what is this American painting school centered around a New York natural feature?

A. Hudson River School

15) This author’s novelette “A Murder, A Mystery, and a Marriage” was published in the July, 2001, issue of The Atlantic Monthly, 125 years after he submitted it. This work uses some common mystery devices, like a snapping twig to call attention to someone’s approach, that the author had made fun of in his early essay “Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses.” FTP who is this American literary giant, better known for “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” and his creation of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn?

A. Mark Twain (acc. Samuel Langhorne Clemens)

16) His master architect, Sinan, built the namesake mosque of this ruler, as well as over 300 other buildings in his capital, after his time with the Janissaries. He also empowered Khoja Chelebi to create a formal legal code, earning for this ruler the title of “lawgiver.” Though it was under his rule that his empire reached its furthest territorial extent, his navy did lose at Lepanto. FTP name this Ottoman sultan, nicknamed “the Magnificent.”

A. Suleiman I (acc. “the Magnificent” on early buzz; they don’t have to say “the first”)

17) The author visited the title place in 1793 with his sister Dorothy, who is addressed in its closing passage. Written in blank verse, it describes the author=s love of the Acoarser pleasures@ of boyhood and the Aaching joys and dizzy raptures@ of young manhood. FTP what is this Wordsworth poem written a few miles above the title location?

A. “Tintern Abbey

18) Its natural oxidation state is +3 and its reduction potential is –1.66 Volts, so that it cannot be reduced by carbon or other chemical reducing agents. Large quantities of it are obtained from the Hall-Heroult process by removing iron impurities and water from its natural form. What is this element, FTP, which occurs naturally in the form of bauxite and has atomic number 13?

A. aluminum

19) Found about eight miles north of the Dead Sea, a permanent settlement began here around 8000 BCE. The lowest city on earth, this walled Canaanite settlement was beseiged by the Israelites with the help of a prostitute named Rahab. FTP name this city around which Joshua’s forces marched for six days, knocking down the walls on the seventh with a blast from trumpets.

A. Jericho

20) This royal family descended from Edynfed Fychan, a Welsh nobleman. Owen Glendower got the family close to royal power after his revolt when he married the widow of Henry V. Glendower’s grandson Henry, after exile in Brittany, landed on the Welsh coast to claim the throne in 1485. Coming to power after the death of Richard III, FTP name this British royal house whose first ruler was Henry VII.

A. Tudor

Round 1 Boni–VFI 2002
1) Name these films featuring Humphrey Bogart FTPE.

A. In this 1939 weepie starring Bette Davis, Bogart puts on a bad Irish accent as the head of the stables.

A. Dark Victory

B. Bogart won his only Oscar for best actor for his role as a crusty boat pilot in what 1949 classic co-starring Katherine Hepburn?

A. The African Queen

C. Bogie played Sam Spade in what 1941 picture also featuring Mary Astor and Peter Lorre?

A. The Maltese Falcon
2) Answer the following about the novel 1984 FTPE.

A. Winston Smith, the novel’s protagonist, is lured deeper into anti-government dealings by what double agent working for the Inner-Party?

A. O’Brien

B. In what country does Smith live?

A. Oceania

C. Smith and Julia are sent to what ironically named ministry for rehabilitation after they are arrested by the Inner-Party?

A. Ministry of Love
3) Answer the following about some crazy happenings on the Iberian Peninsula FTPE.

A. This tribunal began in Spain in the late 15th century, and contemporary estimates suggest that over 2,000 people were executed by it.

A. Inquisition

B. Meaning “act of faith,” this was the elaborate ritual at which prisoners of the Inquisition expressed repentance for their sins, after which they were often burned alive.

A. auto da fe

C. The confessor to Isabella I, this man led the Inquisition in Spain from 1483 till his death in 1498.

A. Tomas de Torquemada
4) Identify these items from Norse mythology FTPE.

A. Forged by dwarves, this is Thor’s hammer.

A. mjolnir (zhol-nur)

B. This is the Ash tree that holds up the cosmos.

A. Yggdrasil (ig-drah-zil)

C. This is the plant which didn’t promise not to harm Balder, leading indirectly to Ragnarok.

A. mistletoe
5) Name these electrical measurements from definitions FTPE.

A. It equals the quantity of a charge transferred by a steady current of one amp in one second.

A. coulomb

B. It equals the capacitance of a capacitor having a charge of one coulomb when a potential difference of one volt is applied.

A. farad

C. This is the resistance of a conductor in which a one-amp current is produced by a potential of one volt across its terminals.

A. ohm
6) Given a modern cinematic reinterpretation, name the Shakespeare play on which its based FTPE.

A. Strange Brew A. Hamlet

B. O A. Othello

C. Ten Things I Hate About You A. The Taming of the Shrew

7) Answer the following questions about a medieval pseudo-science 5-10-15.

A. (5 pts..) By what name is the effort to find a way to turn base metals into gold known?

A. alchemy

B. (10 pts.) This object was thought by alchemists to be needed in order to transmute metals.

A. Philosopher’s Stone

C. (15 pts.) This 16th-century German, born Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, dabbled in alchemy besides making strides in legitimate medicine.

A. Paracelsus
8) Given an early ruler from the middle east, name the empire he represented FTPE.

A. Tiglath-Pilaser III A. Assyrian

B. Sargon I A. Akkadian

C. Cambyses A. Achaemenid (acc. Persian)

9) Name these cell organelles FTPE.

A. This organelle comprises a number of flattened membranous sacs in which products of the endoplasmic reticulum are modified and stored.

A. Golgi apparatus (or body)

B. This organelle transfers hydrogen from various substrates to oxygen, prodcuing and then degrading hydrogen peroxide.

A. peroxisome

C. This sac of hydrolytic enzymes is used by the cell to digest macromolecules.

A. lysosome
10) Given a building, ID its famous architect FTPE.

A. Guggenheim Bilbao A. Frank Gehry

B. Casa Mila A. Antonio Gaudi

C. Imperial Hotel (Tokyo) A. Frank Lloyd Wright

11) Answer the following about Barry Bonds FTPE.

A. Before joining the Giants, Bonds played for what National League team?

A. Pittsburgh or Pirates (acc. either city or nickname)

B. Bonds has taken much heat from the press for having what furniture item in front of his spacious locker?

A. recliner (acc. leather reclining chair or other equivalents)

C. Bonds has had a tumultuous relationship with what motorcycle-riding teammate, even having a dugout shoving match with him this past season?

A. Jeff Kent

12) Answer the following about a certain psychologist FTPE.

A. What one-time colleague of Freud’s coined the term “synchronicity”?

A. Carl Jung

B. (10 pts. each) What two terms did Jung use to identify the inner masculine and feminine sides that exist in members of the opposite sexes?

A. animus and anima (any order)

13) Answer the following about a poet FTPE.

A. Born in Idaho, what author of The Cantos spent most of his adult life in Europe proselytizing modern art?

A. Ezra Pound

B. Eliot credited Pound’s editing with polishing what 1922 classic?

A. “The Waste Land

C. Which of Pound’s poems is quoted fully here: “The apparition of these faces in the crowd/Petals on a wet, black bough.”

A. “In a Station of the Metro

14) Watergate stuff FTPE.

A. The men arrested for burgling the headquarters of the Democratic Party at the Watergate were all employees of what organization?

A. CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President)

B. Perhaps the most famous of the burglars was this author of the autobiography Will and general right-wing nutso.

A. G. Gordon Liddy

C. The testimony of this author of the memoir Blind Ambition would have led to Nixon’s impeachment had he not resigned.

A. John Dean

15) Identify the class of organic compounds from its general formula FTPE.

A. R-OH A. alcohols

B. R-NH2 A. amines

C. R-C-O-R’ (read R, C, double bond O, R prime) A. esters

16) Name these Muslim sects, none of which is the Sunni, FTPE.

A. This group, prevalent in Iran, can be subdivided into Twelvers and Ismailis.

A. Shi’ite

B. This mystical sect is mostly concentrated in Turkey and believes in a direct relationship with god.

A. Sufi

C. This group, found mostly in Syria, does not accept converts. They consider the Imam Darazi to be their spiritual founder.

A. Druze

17) Name the sculptors of the following FTPE.

A. The Gates of Hell A. Auguste Rodin

B. Zuccone (aka Pumpkinhead) A. Donatello

C. Ecstacy of St. Teresa A. Gianlorenzo Bernini

18) 30-20-10-5 Name the author.

A. (30 pts.) “The Shortest Way with the Dissenters”; The Memoirs of Captain Carleton

B. (20 pts.) Roxana, or the Fortunate Mistress; A Journal of the Plague Year

C. (10 pts.) Moll Flanders

D. (5 pts.) Robinson Crusoe

A. Daniel Defoe

19) Show off your knowledge of the history of Brazil FTPE.

A. The first European to visit Brazil was this Portuguese explorer.

A. Pedro Cabral

B. This son of Dom Joao (jow) broke with his father and Portugal in 1819, establishing himself as first emperor of an independent Brazil.

A. Dom Pedro I

C. In 1989, this man became Brazil’s first-ever democratically elected leader, lasting for three years.

A. Fernando Collor de Mello

20) Answer the following about Mohandas K. Gandhi FTPE.

A. From 1893 till 1914 Gandhi worked as a lawyer against discrimination against Indians in what country?

A. South Africa

B. In 1930 he led what march to the sea in order to fight a government monopoly on the production of a required substance?

A. Salt march

C. Gandhi used what method of civil disobedience to shame Hindus and Muslims during their conflicts in 1947 before partition?

A. hunger strike (acc. reasonable variants)

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