1999 mlk invitational Tossups by Vanderbilt a

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1999 MLK Invitational

Tossups by Vanderbilt A (Matt Schneller and Doug Dawson)
1. The title character of this 1742 novel, its author's first, rejects the sexual advances of one distinctly unattractive Mrs. Booby to flee to his lover, Fanny Goodwill, before embarking upon a series of adventures with Parson Abraham Adams. FTP, name this work by Henry Fielding which began the parody finished in his short piece Shamela.

Answer: The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of His Friend Mr. Abraham Adams

2. He was born and died in the same years as Aristotle – 384-322 BC. The son of a successful early industrialist, he was born just outside Athens in the burgh of Paeonia. He overcame a speech impediment by talking with a mouth full of pebbles, and exercised his new talent with the moving speech On the Crown. FTP, name this orator of the original set of three "Philippics."

Answer: Demosthenes

3. Taunted by his schoolmates as "the miller's boy" for wearing a long gray smock, this musician would later compose a song cycle entitled The Miller's Beautiful Daughter. He studied under Antonio Salieri at the Imperial Chapel choir in Vienna. Salieri praised his pupil as a "genius" after seeing the long song Hagar's Lament. He went on to compose the opera The Devil's Pleasure Castle and the Tragic Symphony. FTP, name the composer of The Patricide, Erlkonig, and Gretchen and the Spinning Wheel, a few of his many lieder.

Answer: Franz Peter Schubert

4. Born in 1661, this mathematician served as a calvalry officer before being forced to resign because of nearsightedness. He was one of four men to independently solve the brachystochrone problem, and published the first ever calculus textbook. His most namesake "rule" was actually discovered by his teacher, Johann Bernoulli. FTP, name the man whose rule states that the limit of the quotient of functions of the form infinity over infinity equals the limit of the quotients of their derivatives.

Answer: Guillame Antoine, Marquis de l'Hospital

5. In 1873, this coin was omitted from the list of authorized domestic coins to be minted in the future. This decision was reversed by the 1878 Bland-Allison Act, but the coin remained a hot-button political issue beyond 1890 Sherman Act to McKinley's 1896 Presidential run. The original ban was undertaken primarily because of the "Great Bonanza" caused by the discovery of Nevada's Comstock Lode. FTP, name the coin whose partisans wanted "free" coinage.

Answer: silver dollar

6. This word can refer to a drinking competition, created at Yale University, in which a team of beer chuggers kneeling around a table must drink in order. Speed and cleanliness of drinking are factors in determining the winners. The word has a valid technical usage, referring to the "male" part of mating SRB sections of space stations. FTP, give the word that commonly refers to the powdered, orange-flavored Space-Age Drink.

Answer: Tang

7. Finished in 1545, this painting satirizes the "cloth of honor" often present in relgious depictions of the Virgin Mary, with a balding man holding up a blue cloth. Behind the cloth, a masklike figure with a crown of laurels stands impassively, and a young man tears out his hair in the agonies of syphilis. In the foreground, two putti stand to the right and a third fondles the breast of the seated Goddess of Love. FTP, name this "allegory" by Agnolo Bronzino.

Answer: Allegory of Lust or An Allegory with Venus and Cupid

8. Its radius is determined by the formula r = m + v(m2 – q2 – s/m2). In this equation, r is of course the radius, q the electric charge, s the angular momentum, and m the mass of a black hole. It is the radius that a spherical mass must be compressed to in order to form a black hole, and is the radius at which space and time become interchangeable. FTP, name the radius at which no particle can avoid hitting the singularity.

Answer: event horizon

9. This intellectual was taken on a tour of Europe by German Romantic historian A.W. von Schlegel, and his views would play an important role in shaping her thought. The daughter of Jacques Necker and husband of the Baron of Holstein, her colorful life saw her take political theorist and novelist Benjamin Constant as a lover and feud with Napoleon over the intellectual direction of the French nation. FTP, name this French intellectual and early Romantic whose best known works are the essay De l'Allemagne and the novels Delphine and Corinne.

Answer: Anne Louise Germaine, Mme de Staël

10. Born in 1878, this philosopher started his career by compiling Hasidic fables and legends. He soon moved to deeper philosophical waters, and would teach his ideas at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also founded the peace group Ichud. FTP, name the man best known for his "philosophy of dialogue," expressed in his famous essay I and Thou.

Answer: Martin Buber

11. According to those "in the know," its perpetrators included Père La Chaise and Don John of Austria. Lords Powys, Dellassis, Petre, Arundel, and Stafford were imprisoned, and Coleman, the confessor of the Dutchess of York, was executed. Unlike the legitimate "Rye House" conspiracy five years later, this story, broken in September of 1678 by Titus Oates, was quite false. FTP, name this alleged conspiracy that caused widespread reprisals against Catholics.

Answer: Popish Plot

12. The British owned this current nation from 1798, at least in part, until 1948. Its current leader, Chandrika Kumaratunga, appointed her mother to the post of Prime Minister! She won her 1994 election over the right-wing UNP, but she represents the liberal People's Alliance. Its currency is the rupee. FTP, name the island nation whose capital is Kotte but whose largest city is Colombo, home to the refugee rebel group the Tamil Tigers.

Answer: Sri Lanka

13. This economist created the "synaptic connection" model of the mind, but is better known for more mainstream economic thought. In fact, he is often credited with the 20th century revival of classic liberalism. For his work on money theory, he won the 1974 Nobel Prize in Economics. FTP, name this Austrian best known for his book The Road to Serfdom.

Answer: Friedrich August von Hayek

14. This poetry collection contains many of its author's minor works, such as "Mesmerism," the villanelle "The Psychological Hour," and "A Ballad of the Mulberry Road." First published in 1909, it also includes slightly longer, grouped pieces like "Moeurs Contemporaries" and "Homage to Sextus Propetrius." Later editions include "Hugh Selwyn Mauberly," as well as the first three "Cantos." FTP, name this second collection of short poems by Ezra Pound.

Answer: Personae

15. This political leader was born in 1778 in Yapeyú. With Carlos de Alvear and Bernardo Monteagudo, he formed the Sociedad Patriótica and later formed a temporary governmental triumverate. His rose to power while Governor of the province of Cuyo. His military might consisted of native soldiers as well as freelancers like the colorful Brit Lord Thomas Cochrane. Although his victory at Pisco was impressive, his most impressive military maneuver was the attack of Chacabuco, in which he led his army (and Bernardo O'Higgins) over the Andes to take Chile. FTP, name this leader of the Argentine, Chilean, and Peruvian revolutionary movements.

Answer: José de San Martin

16. He was the first player to intercept four passes in one game, and he led the NFL in punting four times. However, this TCU star was better known as a quarterback. From 1937-52, he threw 187 touchdowns and led the NFL in passing six times for the Washington Redskins. FTP, name #33, the first great passer in the National Football League.

Answer: Slingin' Sammy Baugh

17. Gerhard Herzberg won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his studies of this type of compound. In his experiments, Herzberg worked with a very simple example, methylene. They are always short lived, and typically serve as intermediates in chemical reactions. FTP, name these highly reactive compounds with at least one unpaired electron.

Answer: free radical

18. This Tennessee lawmaker was elected to four terms in the House of Representatives, but is better known for his accomplishments as a Senator. Excepting a hiatus for an unsuccessful run for the Vice-Presidency, he was a Senator 1948-66. He was the namesake of the last major antitrust act, drafted with Senator Celler in 1950. FTP, name the man whose name is forever linked with the committee he chaired in 1949, the Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce.

Answer: Estes Kefauver

19. The daughter of Gaia and Poseidon, this nymph attracted her father's wrath by repeatedly inundated a particular valley. Unhappy with her actions, he turned her into a hideous monster. She took up residence in the straights of Messina, where here sucking power killed many passing sailors. FTP, name this terror across from Scylla.

Answer: Charibdis (kar-ib'-dis)

20. A politician and an author, his first major book dealt with the conservative peasant insurrection during the French Revolution. Married to Polish countess Eveline Hanska, his minor works include The Ass's Skin and The Lily of the Valley. His major work, divided into sections like "Scenes of Parisian Life" and "Philosophical Studies," was a compendium of 95 novels and numerous short stories. FTP, name the author of the monumental series La Comédie Humaine.

Answer: Honaré de Balzac

21. This biological occurrence is an all-or-nothing, self-regenerating event. It is generated by the opening of voltage-gated Na+ channels and renewed by spreading depolarization that caused neighboring NA+ channels to open. It travels faster in axons of large diameter than small. FTP, name this biological event that allows neurons to convey information over long distances with no loss of the signal.

Answer: action potential

22. Invented in 1974 by Ralph Anspach, a University of San Francisco professor, it features draw cards like "You claimed to have invented an indigenous shovel you saw at an Aztec museum. Pay treasurer $75." In this game, the player takes one of two sides: the small-scale competitor or a wannabe J. P. Morgan. FTP, name this game, whose name and game play set it up as the opposite of the Parker Brothers classic.

Answer: Anti-Monopoly

23. This German, a native of Magdeburg, had his first successful play in The Burghers of Calais, but he is also known for The Fire in the Opera-House and The Silver Lake. An expressionist born in 1878, his best-known single work in From Morn Till Midnight. FTP, name the author of Amphytrion Retold, Pygmalion, and Bellerophon, which make up the trilogy Gas.

Answer: Georg Kaiser

24. The official criterion for determining this legal status include age, gender, and the physical state of the person in question, but the typical criterion is for a person of "average firmness." A person who has entered into a contract in such a state can legally terminate it within a reasonable amount of time. FTP, give the term for the illegal compulsion that forces a person to act in a way he or she would not otherwise have acted, often because of violence or the threat of violence.

Answer: duress

25. He was the first person to assume the title "Amir al-Mu'minin" (Prince of the Faithful.) He led the 636 AD victory over the Byzantines at Yarmuk, and, after suffering a setback at the Battle of the Bridge, defeated the Persians at Qadisiya. He received Egypt from Cyrus, patriarch of Constantinople, in 642. FTP, name the Islamic leader, assassinated in 644, who succeeded Abu Bakar.

Answer: Omar

26. This nation's rich musical history includes the inventive composers as Adjoran Atvos, who claimed that "no people on earth are as unmusical" as those from his native land. That said, the collection of such a dissonant folk tradition into a streamlined bunch of melodic keys was a major accomplishment finished by Zoltán Kodály. FTP, name the nation that produced its greatest musical star in Belá Bartók, despite the musical "handicap" of the Magyar people.

Answer: Hungary

1999 MLK Invitational

Bonuses by Vanderbilt A (Matt Schneller and Doug Dawson)
1. Identify the following parts of chloroplasts FTP each.

Analogous to the mitochondrial matrix, this is the fluid inside the chloroplast.

Answer: stroma

The membranous sacs are the site of photsynthesis.

Answer: thylakoid sacs

A stack of thylakoid sacs are known as what?

Answer: grana (singular: granum)
2. Name the realm of Norse myth from a description for five points per answer.

Land of the humans Answer: Midgard

Land of the fire giants Answer: Muspellheim

Land of the dead (two answers acceptable) Answer: Niflheim or Helheim

Land of the Aesir Answer: Asgard

Land of the dark elves (dwarves) Answer: Svartalfheim (accept: Nidavellir)

Land of the giants Answer: Jotunheim
3. Name the following enemies of Egypt FTP each.

King Snefru in the 4th Dynasty and Sesostris III of the 11th Dynasty were only a few of the many pharaohs to have trouble with this black African kingdom located to the south of the second cataract of the Nile.

Answer: Nubia (accept: Kush, prompt on: Ethiopia)

Taking advantage of the strife of the Second Intermediary Period, this Asian people established the 15th Dynasty at Avaris.

Answer: Hyksos

This people, whose name was taken by a present-day African nation, harassed the eastern borders of the Egyptian Empire before ruling during the 22th dynasty.

Answer: Lybians
4. Given a similarly titled pair of paintings, name both of the painters for five points per answer.

The Syndics of the Cloth Guild and Regentesses of the Old Men's Almshouse

Answers: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and Frans Hals

Yellow Christ and White Crucifixion

Answers: Paul Gaugin and Marc Chagall

Le Bal au Moulin de la Galette and Jane Avril Entering the Moulin Rouge

Answers: Jean Renoir and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

5. Answer the following related questions FTP each.

This 1823 unilateral pronouncement by the United States proclaimed that the whole of the Americas were off limits to European powers.

Answer: Monroe Doctrine

The timing of the proposal was crucial – Spain, backed by a quasi-religious and wholly reactionary coalition, was preparing to invade Latin America. Name that coalition.

Answer: Holy Alliance

The Monroe Doctrine was, of course, enforced by British naval power. The Americans irked the British by rejecting a joint proposal with very similar wording to the Monroe Doctrine just days before the unilateral declaration. Identify that proposal, named for the British Prime Minister.

Answer: (George) Canning Declaration

6. Answer the following related questions about American literature, 5-10-15.

5 – This author wrote Life on the Mississippi and The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg.

Answer: Mark Twain or Samuel Langhorne Clemens

10 – What 1916 work by Mark Twain, set in what translates to "Jackass Village," deals with Satan's successful attempts to crush a boy's idealism.

Answer: The Mysterious Stranger

15 – What is the name Satan takes in "The Mysterious Stranger"?

Answer: Philip Traum

7. Give the name of the early Portugese figures in the Age of Exploration for the stated number of points.

5 – General of the "Order of Christ," this Portuguese prince sponsored expeditions from 1418 until his death in 1460.

Answer: Prince Henry the Navigator

10 – After the uneventful rule of Alfonso V, this monarch acceeded to the throne. Ruling from 1481-1495, he financed most of the major Portuguese explorers.

Answer: João II or John II

5 – Before being obliged by his crew to return home in 1488, this explorer headed as far north as Mossel Bay and the Great Fish River on the east coast of Africa.

Answer: Bartolomeu Dias

10 – Sent in 1500 with thirteen ships, this explorer was given a mandate to establish trade with the east. He landed at Brazil and India, and returned to Lisbon the next year with a cargo full of spices.

Answer: Pedro Cabral
8. Give the term from organic chemistry from a description FTP each.

A molecule of this type, from the Greek for "hand," is not superimposable on its mirror image. Answer: chiral molecule

This type of stereoisomer has molecules that are mirror reflections of each other. Answer: enantiomer

This type of stereoisomer has molecules that are not mirror reflections of each other. Answer: diastereomer

9. Follow the saintly trail for the stated number of points.

10 – This saint was punctured by numerous arrows, but it took a trip into a bath of burning oil (or a good clubbing, depending on your source) to finish him off.

Answer: St. Sebastian

15 – This widowed saint nursed Sebastian back to health after his first martyrdom. Answer: St. Irene

5 – The primary chronicler of Sebastian's life was this 4th century Bishop of Milan and Doctor of the Church. Answer: St. Ambrose
10. Given the work of literature written by a foreigner in America, name the author FTP each.

The 1782 essay collection Letters from an American Farmer, actually by a Frenchman.

Answer: Michel Guillaume St. Jean de Crèveceur

This Frenchman is best known for what was intended to be a survey of U.S. prisons but ended up being the monumental 1839 Democracy in America.

Answer: Count Alexis de Tocqueville

This Swiss economist wrote An American Dilemma (aka The Negro in America) in 1944, condemning racism in the U.S.

Answer: Gunnar Myrdal

11. Name the doctoral characters of The Simpsons from descriptions for five points per answer.

The Simpson family doctor, he is one of the rare black characters.

Answer: Dr. Julius Hibbert

She truly believes that the Monkees were a symbol of rebellion, and calms Springfield natives.

Answer: Dr. Zweig

Just slightly unethical, this doctor uses cadavers so he can drive in carpool lanes and works in the Springfield Mall.

Answer: Dr. Nick Rivera

This media psychotherapist can be reached at "1-800-555-HUGS."

Answer: Dr. Marvin Monroe

This villainous cartoon character with a German accent wears huge boots.

Answer: Doctor Colossus

Ned Flander's childhood psychiatrist, this character's favorite line is "May God have mercy on us all!"

Answer: Dr. Foster

12. Give the terms from the astronomy of orbits FTP each.

This type of motion is backwards with respect to an orbit.

Answer: retrograde

This type of "point" is a stable area in the orbit of the primary body. Examples include the Trojan asteroids of Jupiter.

Answer: Lagrangian points

This is the lowest point in an orbit.

Answer: periapsis
13. Answer the following related anthropology questions FTP each.

This Krakow-born British functionalist visited the Oaxaca Valley in Mexico and the Trobriand Islands of New Guinea.

Answer: Bronislaw Malinowski

In his book Argonauts of the Western Pacific, Malinowski spends a great deal of time talking about this annual Trobriander ritual.

Answer: Kula Ring exchange

Malinowski decided on a career in anthropology after reading this book, the best-known work of Sir James Frazer.

Answer: The Golden Bough
14. Name the Claudio Monteverdi work from a few clues FTP each.

This 1607 opera, based on Greek myth, was the first major Italian opera.

Answer: Orfeo

This 1642 opera, completed the year before his death, is based on the life of the wife of Nero. Answer: The Coronation of Poppea

Again returning to mythological sources, this 1641 opera deals with the homeward voyage of a Greek hero. Answer: Ulysses's Return Home
15. Give the architectural term from a description FTP each. All start with the same letter.

This structural system uses two uprights to support a member that spans the space between them. Answer: post and lintel

This decorative device looks like the vertical section of a column extending from a wall. Answer: pilaster

This is the concave structural element used to support a circular dome above a square space. Answer: pendative

16. Given numerically titled works of literature, name their authors FTP each.

The Twelve, a 1918 poem set in St. Petersburg during the Russian Revolution

Answer: Aleksander Blok

Seven Against Thebes, a 467 BC drama about the war between Oedipus' sons

Answer: Aeschylus

The Four Million, a 1906 short-story collection

Answer: O. Henry or William Sydney Porter

17. Name the company that produced the following World War II-era planes for five points per answer.

America – A-26 "Invader," TDB "Devastator," SDB "Dauntless," DB-7

Answer: Douglas

Britain – Albacore, Barracuda, Firefly

Answer: Fairey

Japan – E13A1, E16A1 "Auspicious Cloud," B7A2 "Shooting Star"

Answer: Aichi

Germany – D21, G1

Answer: Fokker

Italy – BR20 "Stork," CR40 "Falcon," G50 "Arrow"

Answer: Fiat

Germany – Do17 "Flying Pencil," Do335 "Arrow"

Answer: Dornier
18. Name the physicist, 30-20-10.

30 – In addition to his work in designing sonar systems, this Cal-Berkeley physicist created improved particle accelerators in his post as director of that university's radiation lab.

20 – He was a codiscoverer, in 1940, of neptunium and plutonium.

10 – With Glen Seaborg, he discovered many transuranium elements. He shared the 1951 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Seaborg.

Answer: Edwin McMillan
19. Answer the related literature questions for the stated number of points.

FTP, this author focused on Southern grotesques, writing from her home in Milledgeville, Georgia, where she raised peacocks.

Answer: Flannery O'Connor

For five points each, name her two novels.

Answers: Wise Blood and The Violent Bear it Away

For five points each, name her two short story collections.

Answers: A Good Man is Hard to Find and Everything that Rises Must Converge
20. Identify these early colonists in the southern U.S. FTP each.

In 1521, this man tried to colonize Florida. He failed but will be forever remembered for his equally fruitless quest for the fountain of immortality.

Answer: Juan Ponce de León

He led a failed attempt to colonize Texas in 1528, and all but a few of his colonists died of disease or at the hands of Indians.

Answer: Pánfilo de Narváez

This man, with three companions, escaped captivity and trekked all the way to safety in Mexico, finally returning in 1536!

Answer: Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

21. Name the character from the entourage of Jabba the Hutt for five points each.

This is the name of the gigantic monster located in the dungeon beneath Jabba's throne. Answer: Rancor

This is the name of the graceful dancer who served as a tasty snack for the Rancor. Answer: Oola

This is the weaselly little animal that snickers about from the safety of Jabba's shoulder. Answer: Salacious B. Crumb

This is the sullen, ashen advisor to Jabba with really long, apparently immovable hair. Answer: Bib Fortuna

This elite unit is entrusted to guard Jabba's palace. Unfortunately for their credibility, they look like chubby pigs.

Answer: Gamorrean Guard

22. Name the philosopher, 30-20-10.

30 – Born in the Ukraine, she married young and nearly drowned, after which she turned to mysticism.

20 – Her major works, written while in England, are Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine.

10 – She founded the Theophistical Society and greatly influenced William Butler Yeats.

Answer: Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
23. Name the author from works, 30-20-10.

30 – The Call for the Dead and Our House

20 – The Little Drummer Girl and The Perfect Spy

10 – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Answer: John Le Carré (real name: David Cornwall)
24. Name these early natural historians from clues FTP each.

This Scottish geologist proposed the principle of uniformitarianism and suggested the current names of geologic time periods.

Answer: Sir Charles Lyell

Born in Edinburgh, this geologist was the first to mount a serious objection to catastrophism in his Theory of the Earth.

Answer: James Hutton

This Brit worked with Roderick Murchison at Cambridge and interpreted the introduction of new species to the Earth as a sign of divine intervention.

Answer: Adam Sedgwick
25. Name the related historical figures FTP each.

Known as "Stupor Mundi," this Holy Roman Emperor was victorious at the Battle of Bouvines and was the greatest of the Hohenstaufens.

Answer: Frederick II

A relative of Innocent III, this feisty old Pope pestered Frederick and canonized Francis of Assisi and Dominic.

Answer: Gregory IX

This 1302 conflict left Frederick II king of Naples, despite the attempts of Charles of Valois and Boniface VIII to dislodge him from power.

Answer: War of the Sicilian Vespers

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