1999 acf regionals

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1999 ACF Regionals

Questions by University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Charlie Steinhice, Alysia Vrailas, Vince Betro, & David Moore with special guest stars Stephen Taylor and Chris Borglum)

1. He began the tradition of the Delian League, a sort of Greek mafia, by demanding tribute of the Argives in return for protection. Playing a major role in Herodotus' Histories, he flaunted conventional strategy by informing the Persians of the Greek fleet's position, thus bringing the cumbersome Persian navy into an area where only Greek ships could maneuver. FTP name this Greek general who engineered the defeat of Xerxes at Salamis.

Answer: Themistocles

2. There are many stories of his childhood pranks, usually dealing with his habit of stealing butter. According to some legends the nephew of the evil King Kamsa, he killed Kamsa and became King of the Yadavas, and in the Bhagavad-Gita he appears as a charioteer to offer Arjuna his advice. FTP name this 8th avatar of Vishnu, whose name means “black.”

Answer: Krishna

3. Although he was a sometime Communist Party member, his early poetry collections were banned, as much for their eroticism as for their ironic tone. He followed his successful one-act play The Owners of the Keys with an acclaimed first novel, The Joke. But two years later in 1969 the authorities banned his second novel, Life Is Elsewhere. In 1975 he emigrated to France, but his novels weren’t published in his native Czechoslovakia till 1989. FTP name the author of The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Answer: Milan Kundera

4. He first gained note for his work with vernalization, which involves moistening seeds to force germination, then cooling the sprouts so they would develop quickly later when planted. Among his theories were the idea that viruses could transform themselves into bacteria and the doctrine of noncellular life forms. He also followed Lamarck’s notion of the inheritance of acquired characteristics and had those who disagreed accused of the crime of “Morganism.” FTP name this Soviet scientist, whose close ties to Stalin and Khrushchev kept him in power for 25 years as head of the USSR’s Institute of Genetics.

Answer: Trofim Lysenko

5. His reputation and popularity rose after his death, as did the fame of his 1826 book The Education of Man. Beginning in Blankenburg in 1840 he established many schools based on his view that children should be allowed to develop freely without adult constraints in an atmosphere of stimulating play. FTP name the founder of the first kindergarten.

Answer: Friedrich Froebel

6. He got his first break as a writer just out of high school, as a beat reporter for the Kansas City Star. In the early twenties he found his way to Paris where writers such as Ford Madox Ford, Ezra Pound, and Gertrude Stein helped him publish his first collection, Three Stories and Ten Poems. This was followed by the publication in 1926 of one of the most important novels to emerge from the American Expatriate community of the 20's. FTP name this author of The Sun Also Rises.

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

7. This dynasty was founded by Robert of Clermont, the sixth son of Louis IX of France. After the demise of the Valois dynasty, this family’s Henry IV became king of France. Philip V was the dynasty’s first Spanish ruler, and the dynasty lives on in Spain in King Juan Carlos I. Name this family which has included the kings Louis XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, and XVIII of France.

Answer: Bourbon

8. They were first proposed by physicist Arnold Sommerfield, who argued that on the basis of Maxwell's electromagnetic theory, particles must exist which speed up as they lose energy, unlike ordinary particles which speed up when they gain energy. He referred to these superluminal particles as B-matter, or meta-matter. FTP, name these theoretical particles which travel faster than light.

Answer: tachyons

9. When he died of a ruptured appendix in 1925, he was only 43, but he had already achieved great acclaim. In fact, he was memorialized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art less than a year after his death. A devotee of Robert Henri, he was noted for his dramatic interpretations of common life, especially in New York City, where he helped organize the Armory Show of 1913. FTP name the painter of Forty-Two Kids, Matinicus, and such prize-fighting scenes as Stag at Sharkey's.

Answer: George Bellows

10. A classic example of Federal cost overruns, it cost over 15 times the original appropriation, but its only fatality was appendicitis victim Sgt. Charles Floyd. Its leader let his company vote on perhaps its most critical choice; among those voting were a black slave, York, and an Indian woman, Sacagawea. FTP name this expedition, which was actually approved just before the Louisiana Purchase.

Answer: Lewis and Clark expedition
11. Talk about a cosmopolitan background: he was born in Russia, educated in Germany, and advised the Chinese government before emigrating to the U.S. and becoming a Harvard professor -- at age 25. An expert in national planning, he’s best known for developing the input-output theory of economic analysis. FTP name the author of The Structure of the American Economy, winner of the 1973 Nobel in Economics.

Answer: Wassily Leontief

12. He reigned for 50 years; according to legend, in his old age he died of the poisonous breath of a dragon he’d just slain with the help of the young chieftain Wiglaf. However, he’s best remembered for two earlier fights in the service of King Hrothgar of Denmark. FTP name this ruler of the Geats, who took out both Grendal and his mom.

Answer: Beowulf

13. A musical biography starring Gregory Hines as this man appeared on Broadway in 1992. Although his claim that he "invented jazz” in 1901 is a major overstatement, this pianist and composer was among the innovators of formal jazz in New Orleans. Later, in Chicago, he became perhaps the first important jazz recording artist, and formed the band “Red Hot Peppers” in 1926. FTP, name this composer of "King Porter Stomp," "London Rag," and "Jelly Roll Blues.”

Answer: Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton or Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe

14. He translated and popularized the work of Josiah Gibbs and proposed the use of the oxyacetylene torch for cutting and welding steel. To measure very high temperatures he devised both a platinum/rhodium thermocouple and an optical pyrometer. In 1884 he stated that a change in pressure on an equilibrium system results in a movement of the equilibrium in the direction that opposes the pressure change. FTP name this physical chemist, who later generalized his principle to apply to any constant applied to a chemical system.

Answer: Henri le Chatelier

15. In 1622 colonists from Jamestown reached the Anacostan Indian village of Tohoga. Whites did not settle there till 1703, but it was evidently Maryland’s #1 tobacco market by the time a town was officially established in 1791. In 1871 Congress abolished its town government and placed it under the control of the District of Columbia. FTP name this trendy Washington neighborhood, setting for The Exorcist and home of the Hoyas.

Answer: Georgetown

16. His book, Auto-Icon, or the Uses of the Dead to the Living, was in some ways typical of his more general philosophy of wasting as little as possible. Among other things, he suggested that “if all bodies were embalmed then every man might be his own statue.” As luck would have it, his preserved corpse thus stood--or more accurately, sat--as a reminder of the intellectual traditions of University College, London, where his behavior during meetings was recorded as “present, but not voting,” long after his 1832 death. FTP name this English Utilitarian philosopher and corpse, the author of Principles of Morals and Legislation.

Answer: Jeremy Bentham

17. In 1976 this gymnast won several pre-Olympic titles in North America, while often earning perfect scores for her routines. At the 1976 Olympics, she became the first gymnast to receive a perfect score from the judges, earning a 10.00 on the uneven bars. Her team won the silver medal, while she earned 3 individual gold medals. FTP name this gymnast who defected from Romania to the U.S. in 1989.

Answer: Nadia Comaneci

18. It stands 22 feet high and weighs 12,593 pounds. It is powered by three small nuclear generators powered by 73 pounds of plutonium fuel, and will swing by Earth around August 17th to slingshot toward its destination. What is this controversial NASA probe, FTP, named after the Italian discoverer of a division in the rings of Saturn, its destination?

Answer: Cassini Probe

19. The first monarch to bear this name and number ruled France during the Hundred Years' War, signing the Peace of Bretigny which temporarily ended hostilities with the British. His more famous namesake took the throne of Spain after the death of Ferdinand in 1516, but didn't take his more common title until his installation as Holy Roman Emperor in 1519. FTP give the common name and number of these monarchs, the latter of which founded the Habsburg Dynasty.

Answer: Charles V

20. Almost the only account of his existence is in the 16th book of Tacitus’ Annals, which describes how he arouses the jealousy of Tigellinus. He figures prominently in the Henryl Sienkiewicz novel Quo Vadis?, leaving a suicide note which insulted Nero’s singing; Tacitus simply says he killed himself to escape execution by Nero. FTP name this “arbiter of elegance,” believed to have written the Satyricon.

Answer: Petronius Arbiter or Gaius Petronius

21. He succeeded as much by research as by his own talent, combining painstaking ethnological research and a constant effort to keep up with the latest musical developments. His works include Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta, several acclaimed string quartets, and the ballet The Miraculous Mandarin. FTP name this composer born in modern-day Romania but credited with creating a truly Hungarian musical style, as in the opera Duke Bluebeard’s Castle.

Answer: Bela Bartok

22. Although by no means the sharpest of its author’s satires, it aroused enough controversy to prompt a book-length attack by Meredith Nicholson and a burlesque by Carolyn Wells. In the original, Carol Kennicott chafes at the dullness of her life as small-town doctor’s wife and tries to introduce culture and refinement to Gopher Prairie, Minnesota. FTP name this 1920 novel by Sinclair Lewis.

Answer: Main Street

23. This woman from Genesis was the cause of the first great "Helen of Troy"-like experience in the Bible. After

she was raped by the gentile Shechem, her father Jacob only agreed to allow Shechem to marry her and unite their peoples if they were all circumcised, after which he invaded their city and routed it. FTP name this Biblical figure, whose unfortunate encounter with Shechem presumably was not in the kitchen.

Answer: Dinah
24. He was the legendary chieftain of the Iroquois. He is credited with having brought about the union of the Five Nations of the Iroquois for their mutual protection against the Algonquins. He supposedly used amazing powers to protect his people from the evil forces of nature and instructed the Iroquois in the arts of medicine, agriculture, and navigation. FTP name this hero, immortalized in a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Answer: Hiawatha

25. He had his most important equation engraved on his tombstone. He determined a theoretical derivation for the law of black-body radiation, derived an exponential formula to describe the distribution of molecules, and mathematically supported the work of Maxwell. FTP name this pioneer in statistical mechanics, whose tombstone bears the inscription S = k log W.

Answer: Ludwig Boltzmann

26. He coined the term kinetic energy. He was also the first to describe the effect named for him, which deals with the apparent force on a moving object when observed from a noninertial, uniformly rotating system such as the earth. FTP name this French physicist.

Answer: Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis

27. Roger Fry, Clive Bell, Desmond MacCarthy, Vanessa Bell, and Duncan Grant were all devoted to artistic experimentation. So were Lytton Strachey and John Maynard Keynes. FTP give the popular collective designation for these English intellectuals prominent in the first quarter of the twentieth century, whose ranks also included E.M. Forster and Virginia Woolf.

Answer: Bloomsbury Group

28. What a family! Herbert invented a coupling device essential to World War II bombardiers. Julius wrote Many Happy Returns, a serious study of the American tax system, as well as an autobiography. Leonard was an accomplished pianist, and Arthur was even better known as a harpist. They also collaborated on such classics as At the Circus, The Big Store, Horse Feathers, Duck Soup, and A Night at the Opera. FTP name these masters of sibling revelry.

Answer: the Marx Brothers

29. His novels, such as Love in the Days of Rage and Her, are mostly forgotten today, though written in the last half of the twentieth century. The same is true of his plays, which include Routines and Unfair Arguments with Existence. It is his collections of poetry which have made this San Francisco bookstore owner famous; these include Pictures of the Gone World and A Coney Island of the Mind. FTP name this U.S. literary figure.

Answer: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

30. It is a large, coarse, unpleasant-smelling plant, all parts of which are poisonous. The poisonous principles in this plant are alkaloids that affect the nervous system and induce trembling, loss of coordination, and paralysis of respiration. FTP name this herb classified as Conium maculation, the cause of Socrates' death.

Answer: Hemlock or Poison Hemlock

31. Building on precedents first articulated in Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade, the defense argued in favor of the existence of a zone of privacy surrounding sexual relationships. The state argued that the sexual act for which the defendants were prosecuted was performed in full view of a police officer and therefore was not intended to be private. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court declared that there was “no constitutional right to engage in homosexual sodomy,” thus allowing a 1968 Georgia law to stand. FTP name this 1986 case.

Answer: Bowers v. Hardwick

1999 ACF Regionals

Questions by University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Charlie Steinhice, Alysia Vrailas, Vince Betro, & David Moore with special guest stars Stephen Taylor and Chris Borglum)


1. Are you ready for some field theory? Yeah boyee! Assume K is a field and answer these questions FTP each.

1. This subfield of K is defined of the intersection of all subfields of K.

Answer: prime subfield

2. If the prime subfield of K is isomorphic to Z mod p for some prime p, then this quantity is p; otherwise it is zero.

Answer: characteristic

3. If L is also a field, this is defined as a monomorphism from K to L. Examples include mappings from the rationals to the reals, and the reals to the complex numbers.

Answer: field extension

2. Long before Nicole Kidman gave Broadway audiences a brief mooning, there was Oh! Calcutta!, which even in 1992 had a long court battle before appearing in Chattanooga. Its dated text is a series of sketches from diverse authors. Given another work or works by one of those collaborators, name the author FTP each.

1. Waiting for Godot

Answer: Samuel Beckett

2. Buried Child

Answer: Sam Shepard

3. In His Own Write; Skywriting By Word of Mouth

Answer: John Lennon
3. Nobel Prize winners in Medicine in Physiology FTP each.

1. He won in 1904 not for his work on conditioned response, but “in recognition of his work on the physiology of digestion.”

Answer: Ivan Pavlov

2. The 1954 prize went to the team headed by John Enders that conducted the clinical trials of the first vaccine for poliomyelitis – but not to this man, who developed the vaccine.

Answer: Jonas Salk

3. The 1949 award was shared by Portugal’s Antonio Caetano de Abreu F. E. Moniz, the man who developed this now-discredited surgical procedure.

Answer: frontal lobotomy

4. Hmmm... how to sneak in some pop culture in a fine arts question... Name these music forms FTPE:

1. A lively Spanish dance in triple meter performed by one couple to the accompaniment of guitar and castanets, it’s also the title of a ZZ Top album.

Answer: fandango

2. A French dance in rapid tempo and duple meter with a single upbeat, used by J.S. Bach in his Orchestral Suite #1 and French Suite #6, it’s also the title of a Jethro Tull instrumental.

Answer: bourree

3. A popular song form originating in Trinidad, in 2/4 meter with lots of syncopation and words with deliberately misplaced accents, it’s also the title of a John Denver song about a ship beloved by environmentalists.

Answer: calypso

5. Hear me heathens and wizards and serpents of sin, all your dastardly doings are past. FTSNOP answer the following about the exploits of Don Quixote de la Mancha:

10. For 5 points each name the peasant girl he chooses as his lady love and the new name he bestows on her.

Answers: Aldonza Lorenzo and Dulcinea del Toboso

10. For 10 points name Don Quixote’s horse.

Answer: Rocinante

10. For a final 10 points, Don Quixote finds a shaving basin and mistakes it for the magic helmet of this pagan king from Orlando Furioso.

Answer: Mambrino
6. FTPE answer the following about a late 19th century plot that was thick in both senses of the word.

1. The plan for this was that skilled British workers in the Johannesburg mines, or Uitlanders, would revolt, and then the British South Africa Company police would invade to rescue them. The revolt never happened but the attempt to call off the invasion failed, leading to this debacle named for the chief of the police force.

Answer: the Jameson raid

2. The principal plotter was this adventurer, philanthroper, and diamond magnate, then Prime Minister of the Cape Colony.

Answer: Cecil Rhodes

3. The police invasion came not from the Cape Colony but from this protectorate, which has since become the nation of Botswana.

Answer: Bechuanaland
7. Name the dead white European male, 30-20-10:

30. As a consequence of Shaftersbury’s plotting for Monmouth he fled to Holland in 1683. In 1687 he joined the entourage of William of Orange at Rotterdam; after the Glorious Revolution William made him commissioner of appeals and put him on the Board of Trade.

20. His Vindications were in response to accusations of Socinianism, leveled at him by critics of his 1695 work The Reasonableness of Christianity.

10. His best-known works are Two Treatises Concerning Government and Essay Concerning Human Understanding.

Answer: John Locke
8. FTPE name these figures from early Colonial times:

1. When the first winter at Plimoth Plantation claimed the life of John Carver this man succeeded him as governor and held the post for 30 of the next 35 years. He negotiated peace with the Narragansetts, paid off the owners of the Mayflower, and kept the colony independent from the bigger, stronger Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Answer: William Bradford

2. Speaking of the bigger, stronger Massachusetts Bay Colony, he was its first Governor and served off and on from 1629 till his death in 1649, although he was rebuked by Puritan elders who thought his rule too lenient.

Answer: John Winthrop

3. Heeding the rebuke, Winthrop took a hard-line stance during the Antinomian controversy and had this woman and her supporters banished from Massachusetts Bay.

Answer: Anne Hutchinson
9. Name these plant responses to external stimuli FTPE:

1. The bending toward light

Answer: phototropism

2. The ability of a seedling to right itself so the shoot grows up and the root grows down

Answer: geotropism

3. The measuring of relative periods of light and darkness

Answer: photoperiodism
10. Name these Middle Eastern dynasties FTPE:

1. This Persian dynasty lasted from 1501 to 1736, when it was overthrown by the aptly-named Nadir Shah. At its peak under Abbas I this Shi’ite dynasty defeated Turkey and ended Portuguese encroachment.

Answer: Safavids

2. Following the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs, the caliph Hasan was deposed by Muawiya in 661; the dynasty thus founded ruled until 750, and an offshoot ruled in Spain for another 250 years.

Answer: Umayyads or Omayyads

3. Established by Abu Muslim’s revolt in 750, it ruled the Empire of the Caliphate until it fell to the Mongols in 1258. It moved the capital from Damascus to Baghdad; notable caliphs included al-Mamun and al-Rashid.

Answer: Abbasids
11. One of the unsung advantages of multiculturalism is that if it catches on big enough, we’ll all get more holidays. Name these candidates FTPE:

1.Obsevred on 15 Adar (somewhere between Feb. 25 and March 25), it celebrates Esther’s successful plea to King Ahasuerus that prevented a Persian plot to extermine the Hebrews.

Answer: Purim

2. Traffic fatalities would probably rise with the observance of this on the 2nd day of the waxing half of the month of Ashadua, sometime in June or July. The biggest celebration of this holiday features the procession of the chariot of Sri Jagranath to commemorate Krishna’s journey from Gokul to Mathura.

Answer: Ratha Yatra

3. Even livelier parades should follow observance of this day, the traditional Celtic New Year’s Eve and Festival of the Dead superseded in the Christian calendar by All Saints’ Day but now observed by neo-Pagans as one of the Greater Sabbats.

Answer: Samhain (pronounced “sow-in” or “sow-een,” [the swine kind of sow], but go ahead and take “sam-hane” too)
12. Answer the following questions about dams, FTPE.

1. The Owen Falls Reservoir in Uganda is listed by the New York Times Almanac as having a capacity more than fourteen times that of the next largest man-made lake. But it’s cheating, because part of the reservoir is this natural lake.

Answer: Lake Victoria

2. Once the highest dam in the world, this dam contains just over 58,000 cubic yards of concrete. Fears of cracking loom large, since the valley downstream contains more than ninety percent of the population of Egypt.

Answer: Aswan High Dam

3. Among this nation’s dams are the Oahe, the Cochiti, and the New Cornelia Tailings.

Answer: United States
13. FTPE name these Argentine leaders, none of whom have been portrayed by Madonna:

1. As President from 1981 to 1982 he gambled on gaining popular support for his junta by invading the Falkland Islands; it worked until he lost the war. Then the junta fell, democracy was restored, and this general got 12 years in the pokey.

Answer: Leopoldo Galtieri

2. When Galtieri was ousted, this former candidate reemerged from oblivion to take the presidency and served with distinction from 1983 to 1989, trying three of his predecessors for human rights abuses.

Answer: Raul Alfonsin

3. Alfonsin was succeeded in 1989 by this labor leader and former Peron Youth Group leader. In the U.S. he may be best known for his Elvis-style sideburns.

Answer: Carlos Menem
14. For the stated number of points, name the artist given one of his works.

5. Nighthawks

Answer: Edward Hopper

10. The Peasant Dance, 1568

Answer: Pieter Brueghel the elder

15. Madonna with the Long Neck

Answer: Il Parmiggianino or Francesco Mazzola
15. Saving Private Ryan has sparked a new wave of interest in the Normandy invasion. Name the following participants FTPE:

1. Nicknamed “the G.I. General,” he commanded the U.S. 1st Army. After intense fighting on Omaha Beach some British commanders questioned his tactical judgment, but historians blame his high casualties on the failure of air strikes to soften German defenses there.

Answer: Omar Bradley

2. The losses might have been worse had the Germans not been expecting that the invasion would be at Calais. An elaborate decoy, Operation Fortitude, involved the placement across from Calais of this man, the commander the Germans feared most, with his 3rd Army.

Answer: George S. Patton

3. He commanded the 82nd Airborne on D-Day and defied convention by parachuting behind enemy lines with his troops. He’s better known as the man who replaced Douglas MacArthur as UN Commander in Korea in 1951.

Answer: Matthew Ridgway
16. FTPE name these Yeats poems from the concluding lines:

1. “Now and in time to be/Wherever green is worn,/Are changed, changed utterly,/A terrible beauty is born.”

Answer: Easter 1916

2. “By his command these words are cut:/’Cast a cold eye/On life, on death/Horseman, pass by!’ “

Answer: Under Ben Bulben

3. “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,/Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?”

Answer The Second Coming
17. FTSNOP give the physics terms from definitions lifted off the same page of a textbook glossary:

5. The point of balance of a system

Answer: fulcrum

10. The rotation of the plane of polarization of polarized light by passing it through a transparent medium subjected to a transverse magnetic field

Answer: Faraday effect

15. This theory, put forward to account for the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiment, states that a material body moving through the ether contracts in the direction of motion by a factor involving the speed of light and the velocity of the body.

Answer: Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction or Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction
18. FTPE name the authors of these works in psychology:

1. On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy

Answer: Carl Rogers

2. The Trauma of Birth

Answer: Otto Rank

3. Motivation and Personality

Answer: Abraham Maslow
19. For 10 points each name the Playwright from a work or for 5 points if you need an additional work.

1. 10. The Adding Machine

5. Street Scene

Answer: Elmer Rice

2. 10 .Captain Brassbound’s Conversion

5. Arms and the Man

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

3. 10. The Sandbox

5 Seascape

Answer: Edward Albee

20. Your penalty for having answered all 20 questions is to endure some more TRAVELS WITH CHARLIE. Sigh. On a trip to Cincinnati last year Charlie noted streets or landmarks named for, or other references to, these famous Cincinnatians. Name them 30-20-10; each clue is about a different person, and you only get points for the first one you answer correctly.

30. The author of Orrie’s Story, Crazy in Berlin, Robert Crews, and Little Big Man

Answer: Thomas Berger

20. The star of such films as The Glass Bottom Boat, Caprice, Teacher’s Pet, and Pillow Talk

Answer: Doris Day

10. The only man to serve as both U.S. President and Chief Justice.

Answer: William Howard Taft
21. Between Bill Clinton's inauguration in January 1993 and Richard Nixon's death in April 1994, there were 5 living ex-presidents at one time, the most since 1861-1862. For 5 pts each and an extra 5 pts if all correct, name the 5 ex-presdents alive during 1861-1862.

Answer: Martin Van Buren, John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan.

22. Name the guy, 30-20-10:

30: Despondent for his last 32 years after his wife died, he asked that his tombstone read, “Tandem felix” (Happy at last.) He independently arrived at Avogadro’s hypothesis and suggested a method classifying elements similar to that used 30 years later.

20: He also established that chlorine and iodine were elements, but Sir Humphry Davy published first and thus got the credit. His own fame rests less on his own work than on his seeing the significance of Hans Oersted’s.

10: Credited with founding the science of electromagnetics, the unit of electric current is named for him.

Answer: Andre-Marie Ampere
23. FTPE name the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas from the lyrics provided:

1. “In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral/I am the very model of a modern Major General.”

Answer: The Pirates of Penzance

2. “For you dream you are crossing the Channel, and tossing about in a steamer from Harwich...”

Answer: Iolanthe

3. “When I was a lad I served a term/As office boy to an attorney’s firm/I cleaned the windows and swept the floor/And I polished up the handle of the big front door.”

Answer: H.M.S. Pinafore
24. There are ten elements that can really screw up any computerized application that alphabetizes. Seems their chemical symbols don’t start with the same letter as their names in English. Name these elements, You’ll get 5 pts for naming 2, 10 for naming 4, or 15 for naming 7, and 5 each for the last three to complete the set.

Answers: [accept either element names or abbreviations] sodium (Na), potassium (K), iron (Fe), silver(Ag), tin (Sn), antimony (Sb), tungsten (W), gold (Au), mercury (Hg), lead (Pb)

25. 5-10-15, given a brief description of a Norse deity, name the deity.

5. She was the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angurbod and was made goddess of the underworld by Odin

Answer: Hel

10. This god, the guardian of the rainbow bridge, never sleeps. (Must be in grad school.)

Answer: Heimdall

15. The god of battle and victory, he guarded the Fenris Wolf who bit off his right hand.

26. Name the nations with these parliamentary bodies FTPE:

1. Althing

Answer: Iceland

2. Diet

Answer: Japan

3. Knesset

Answer: Israel

27. If the Greeks--Herodotus, Thucydides, et al--invented history as we know it, then certainly the Romans were among their most self-conscious imitators. Identify the following Roman historians FTPE.

1.He was born in 59 B.C. 35 volumes of his 142-volume History of Rome survive, and the first ten sparked a famous set of commentaries by Niccolo Machiavelli.

Answer: Livy or Titus Livius

2. Born around 55 AD, he possessed the heart of a satirist, and in his Germania he seized the opportunity to turn an ethnographic study into a stunning commentary on the weaknesses of the Roman people.

Answer: Cornelius Tacitus

3. Working during the first century AD, he intended his greatest work to be a series of character studies comparable to the greatest Greek and Roman sculptures. The father of comparative history, he wrote Parallel Lives.

Answer: Plutarch
28. FTSNOP name these terms related to gemstones:

5. The trade uses this name for silicon carbide powder used for polishing gems.

Answer: carborundum

10. As opposed to faceted gems, these are rounded, polished stones.

Answer: cabochons

15. These coarsely grained granites, sometimes rich with rare elements like tantalum tungsten, and uranium, produce most of the world’s beryl, topaz, and tourmaline.

Answer: pegmatites
29. 5 pts each and a total of 30. Given an animal provide the term for the animal's young.

1. swan

Answer: cygnet

2. rabbit

Answer: bunny

3. eagle

Answer: eaglet

4. fox

Answer: kit

5. codfish

Answer: codling or sprag

6. rooster

Answer: cockerel
30. On a 5-10-15 basis, given an author's real name, provide his or her best known pen name.

5. Mary Ann Evans

Answer: George Eliot

`0. H.H. Munro

Answer: Saki

15. Elizabeth Gilmer

Answer: Dorothy Dix

31. Given an album name the artist for 10pts each or for 5pts if you need an additional album.

1. 10. Mechanical Animal

5. Antichrist Superstar

Answer: Marilyn Manson

2. 10. Gish

5. Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

Answer: The Smashing Pumpkins

3. 10. Sparkle and Fade

5. So Much for the Afterglow

Answer: Everclear

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